Hogwarts Part 51

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Find out in this quiz. Starting in your third year, you will get the opportunity to become friends and more with Neville Longbottom, Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, George Weasley, and Oliver Wood.

*Recap* Last time life continued in your miserable dungeon basement. You reunited with Draco a bit, and the Gryffindor trio was finally captured and brought to the mansion as well. After being brought up for questioning, you were shoved back down in the basement when Hermione was about to be tortured.

Created by: music826
  1. Wormtail, coward that he was, simply urged us on with his wand and slammed the door behind us as soon as we were inside. Luna helped us out of the bonds with a nail we had found earlier. As soon as we were free, three orbs of light suddenly lit up the room. I looked at Ron, who grinned and held up a small cigarette lighter. "Deluminator." I looked at the two Gryffindors, suddenly filled with anger upon seeing them again. "You guys had me worrying for MONTHS! Leaving me like that at the wedding. What on earth have you been doing all this time?" I demanded, my eyes flashing dangerously. Ron shrugged sheepishly, but Harry stepped forward and took the blame. "We're doing something that Dumbledore left for us to do. We can't tell anyone what we're doing, but it could win the entire war," he said simply. I continued to glare, but a sudden scream broke off the argument. Everyone tensed up and looked at the door longingly. Hermione. Both Gryffindors looked rather furious, but there really wasn't anything we could do.
  2. Harry frantically reached for a small beaded bag and plunged his arm inside, pretty much emptying the entire contents on the basement floor. I didn't ask how he managed to fit so many items in one bag, as I did know that particular spell myself. I was a witch after all. Harry held up a shard of glass and asked it for help, but the glass clearly didn't listen. "Harry, are you all right?" I asked, concerned for his mental health. People normally didn't ask shards of glass for help. "How do we get out of here?" he asked in response to another scream from Hermione. I shrugged helplessly. "That door's the only way out. Without our wands, I don't see how...?" a large crack rang through the room. I jumped back with a muffled shriek on the appearance of a wide-eyed house elf. He had an assortment of clothing on; hats and socks and even a maroon Weasley sweater. "Dobby!" Harry exclaimed. "Dobby heard Harry Potter call for help," he said in his odd, squeaky tone. I didn't understand how the elf had possibly known we needed help and Apparated into the supposedly secure house, but I didn't question it. We needed to get out of that Manor, and fast.
  3. After some discussion, we had a plan figured out. Well, as well as we could plan anyway. From what we had heard, Griphook was going to be summoned to check if the sword was a fake. Harry had already discussed the matter with the goblin, so it was up to him to solve that particular problem. My father, Mr. Ollivander, Dean Thomas, Luna, and I would be Apparating with Dobby to Bill and Fleur's cottage while Harry and Ron went to get Hermione. "Wait," I interrupted. "Why am I leaving?" I asked, feeling oddly disappointed that I was being left out again. "Can't you just go along with it for once?" Harry asked exasperatedly. I flashed a grim smile. "Nope." Both Gryffindors looked rather annoyed, but relented. My father expressed some concern, but he was so exhausted and weak that he ran out of arguments after just a few words. "Dobby, come back here after you get them to the cottage. Get us out as soon as we get Hermione," Harry commanded the house elf. His little group disappeared with a crack, and in the ringing silence that followed, I heard a few concerned exclamations come from upstairs.
  4. Footsteps came thumping down the steps a moment later. Wormtail opened the door and appeared in the room, and Harry and Ron immediately pounced on him. I almost felt a bit sorry for the little man, but it was clearly unjustified. Since Wormtail had received a silver hand the night of Voldemort's resurrection, he had the upper hand. It reached up and grasped Harry's throat, slowly crushing the air out of his windpipe. For a few horrifying moments, Ron and I couldn't take our eyes off of our dying friend. "I saved your life," Harry gasped, managing to force out the sentence with the air he had left. Wormtail loosened his grip just a little in hesitation, and suddenly, the silver hand was choking its own master. We watched in horrified fascination as Wormtail died before our eyes, but didn't stay to watch. After snatching his wand, we crept upstairs, eager to vacate the area, and arrived just in time for Griphook to announce the so-called Sword of Gryffindor was a fake. Harry suddenly let out a slight hiss. "What? What is it?" I whispered, pushing between Harry and Ron to get a better look. "She's...she's summoned HIM," Ron said weakly. Bellatrix announced that she was done with Hermione and that the werewolf, Fenrir Greyback, could have her. "That's it," Ron muttered, and Harry and Ron burst up the stairs, instantly disarming Bellatrix and Stunning Lucius. I followed them in, but I was unarmed and weak from my weeks in the dungeon, so I edged over to where Draco was standing, hoping he might be so kind as to give me something to arm myself with.
  5. But I didn't need to worry about not having a wand. Bellatrix pressed her knife against Hermione's throat. "Drop them," she commanded Harry and Ron, who obeyed within seconds. Draco picked up the fallen wands. Without saying a word, he handed me one when Bellatrix wasn't looking. I noticed it was my own, taken from me what seemed like decades ago. I looked up at him in thanks, but he seemed rather petrified that he had done that much in the presence of so many of Voldemort's servants. I kept my wand out, but didn't do anything for fear that Bellatrix would kill Hermione before the spell even got to her, provided I even hit the target. I heard a small creak, and looked up. No one else seemed to be paying much attention, but suddenly, the huge chandelier in the center of the room began freefalling to the floor, with Dobby touching ground near the Gryffindor trio. Harry lunged over in our direction and pried the wands out of Draco's hands before starting to tug me over to the other two. I held my hand out to Draco. "Come with us," I pleaded. He shook his head. "I can't," he said in a pained voice. "We've got to leave. Now," Harry insisted, and I had no choice but to run after him. We all joined hands with Dobby and Disapparated with hardly a second to spare.
  6. I collapsed onto the sandy beach, and smiled slightly, reveling in the freedom. I let some sand run through my fingers and got up to make sure everyone else had gotten there safely. Ron, Hermione, and Griphook all seemed fine, but Harry was knelt down on the beach. I ran over to see if he was okay. "Harry, are you all right?" I asked, putting a hand on his shoulder to see his face. Then I noticed who was lying in front of him, covered in blood. "No, that's not...?" I gasped. Dobby, in all his heroism, was the only one who hadn't made it out alive. Bellatrix's knife had evidently stabbed him in the back just as we had vanished into thin air. By the time I made it over, he had already stopped breathing. "I'm sorry, Harry," I said, kneeling beside him to say a silent goodbye to Dobby. After a few moments, I stood up and brushed off my jeans. "Just come up when you're ready, okay? Harry?" He nodded slightly, and I joined everyone else up at the cottage. Bill and Fleur immediately handed me some blankets and insisted that I needed rest. I didn't want to fall asleep until I made sure everyone was okay, but I couldn't help it. After sleeping on a dungeon floor for the last few weeks, I was out in seconds.
  7. I woke up rather confused. I was in a bed, my dungeon mates were gone, and I seemed to be in some sort of cottage. Then everything came flooding back to me. The Gryffindor Trio's arrival, the escape, Dobby's death. It was hard to feel happy about being out of the basement when someone had died. I just stayed where I was for a few moments, just enjoying the calm that followed my long ordeal. But it didn't last long. I heard a soft knock at the door and Fleur slipped in, carrying a small breakfast for me. She insisted that I stayed in bed until I regained my strength when I tried to get up, and bustled off to attend to her new household residents. Compared to Mr. Ollivander and even my father, I was quite healthy. In their older age and larger size, they were much more affected by the small portions of food and sleep conditions. So unlike them, Luna, Dean, and I were up and going within just a few days. By then, Harry had already decided to dig a grave for Dobby, so we all paid our last respects to the house elf and sealed him up forever by the peaceful cottage.
  8. After that, life at the cottage went on rather normally. Lupin visited one day, bearing the news of the birth of his son with Tonks. I helped Fleur out with taking care of Griphook, Mr. Ollivander, and my father, and Harry, Ron, and Hermione continued to make secret plots that I apparently wasn't allowed to be part of. I had to admit it to myself after the disaster at Malfoy Manor; as much as I wanted to feel included and useful, I was mostly just getting in the way when I tagged along. Maybe it was better that they were leaving me out, even though I couldn't stand not knowing about their plans. But still, on the day they told me they were leaving the next morning, I couldn't help but plead for them to stay.
  9. "You barely escaped You-Know-Who just awhile ago. Now you're going to jump right back in? It's safe here. Why not stay a little longer?" "You've been around us for years now, Cassandra. It's what we do," Ron said with a shrug. "I promise that when all of this is done, we'll come back. But we can't stay here if we're going to win the war. It's bad enough I'm dragging Hermione and Ron into this. I can't involve you, too," Harry said a bit more sympathetically. I could tell the three had been through quite a bit while I was back at Hogwarts, and yet they were continuing with their mission. It was hard to except that they were leaving me again, though. I thought if I stayed there with Bill and Fleur until the war was over I might just go mad. They were good company for a while, but the cottage was meant for maybe four people at most. It was getting a bit too hard to live in such a crowded space. "So you'll come back when this is all over?" I asked the trio. They nodded. I smiled a bit ruefully. "Promise?" Harry smiled grimly, never the optimist. "If we can."
  10. *music826* Until next time. Maybe I should just stop writing author's notes if I have nothing to say...oh, well. :)

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