Harry Potter - Seven Minutes In Heaven

It's about time you all get together and play a little friendly game of Seven Minutes In Heaven; you know how it's done in Hogwarts but the twist it that, there's a new guy. Will you get him or someone else?

You have seven guys; who will you get? Your ex-boyfriend Oliver, the charming Cedric, the sweet and sincere Neville, one the pranking twins Fred or George Weasley, the jealous git Ron, the secretly compassionate Draco or the chosen one Harry? Let's find out

Created by: natuhleegayle
  1. It's been a while since you all came together and the first thing you decide to do is play a little game; it'll be interesting now that Cedric's here. Yup, Oliver was the first to call it. "SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN! C'MON!" He was overly excited as he ran in the middle of the deserted corridor. The rest stared at him oddly but they did not object, only you because it was a disadvantage. Seven guys and one girl, you played it a little differently; you were matched up with someone based on how compatible you are with questions. You all gathered in a circle, some sat on the ledge, some leaned against the wall or sat on the floor. "Ready?" You gave a nervous sigh, there were eyes fixated on you. "Ready." They replied in unisons, you out a breath "Let's begin."
  2. "Can we do different questions? Something unexpected because last time, it was too obvious" Ron blurted out, Oliver disagreed but after that disagreement everyone else agreed. "I haven't seen any of you for two years and this is the welcome I get?" Oliver mumbled as he ran his fingers through his messy hair; it was similar to Harry's hair in Year 3 and One Direction's Louis Tomlinson. You couldn't help but to laugh "Okay, new questions then..."
  3. Are you a very confident person?
  4. Where do you see yourself in the future?
  5. How do you deal with your problems?
  6. What type of atmosphere do you love the most?
  7. How are you with expressing your feelings?
  8. You're in the middle of an important meeting when you received news that something has happened in your family, do you go?
  9. If something doesn't go your way, how do you handle it?
  10. Do you regret things you've done in your life?
  11. If something involving the best for the other person were to in case, hurt them in some way, would you still go through with it?
  12. Your friend is hurt and there's a chance if you safe them; it will cost you, your life. Will you accept it?
  13. "Wow, you guys really think of sentimental questions." You laughed as you finished reading some of the question; you filled them out and looked around. The faces of the people you grew to love and occasionally hate eyed you with hopeful faces. You don't know who you're compatible with at this point but you were hoping for...
  14. Okay, I messed up with Ron's result, so if you got him as a result; then come back and read this because GTQ won't let me change it...
  15. You called out Ron's name and he thought you were joking with him. Eventually, you grabbed him and took him to a secluded place; it was awkward at first, you remember that whenever you and him talk, you end up yelling and screaming until one of you decides to shut the other person up. "I know, I'm not Oliver..." Ron had a thing for speaking his mind "What does he have to do with any of this?" He shifted his eyes from you to the floor "I don't know, I thought you'd prefer him more...I mean, he is more of YOUR taste." He started to get irritable. How in the world are you compatiable with him? "And beside, you and him-" You placed your lips on his and realized that this kiss was different than the first one you shared. You slowly pulled away and smiled, he was surprised and speechless "You talk too much..." You shyly said, his ears turned pink

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