Hogwarts Part 25

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Find out in this quiz. Starting in your third year, you will get the opportunity to become friends and more with Neville Longbottom, Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, George Weasley, and Oliver Wood.

*Recap* Ron asked you to spend Christmas at the Burrow before term ended. You went to the last DA meeting before the holidays and saw Harry and Cho under the mistletoe briefly. Later that night, Mr. Weasley was attacked by a snake, which you found out the next morning. You rode back to King’s Cross Station on the Hogwarts Express, and just before you were to go to Grimmauld Place, Draco pulled you aside and gave you a miniature silver snake that morphed into a ring for a Christmas present. Oliver took you and Arianna to Grimmauld Place, but since you still hadn’t reconciled, it was a rather awkward experience. Finally, you visited St. Mungo’s Hospital to visit Mr. Weasley, but you also ran into Professor Lockhart, and in turn, Neville’s mentally unstable parents.

Created by: music826
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  1. As we left the hospital, I couldn’t stop thinking about Neville. I knew he had lived with his grandparents for most of his life, but I had never really questioned why. Though I still didn’t know the whole story, I started seeing Neville in an entirely new light. I knew he probably didn’t want me to know about his parents for that exact reason, but still, he wasn’t just the timid, friendly boy I had always seen him as. All the same, I pushed the thoughts aside for the moment. If he wanted to tell me anything, I would wait until he was ready.
  2. On the evening of Christmas, everyone was bustling around the kitchen, preparing a celebratory dinner upon Mr. Weasley’s arrival home. The doorbell rang and Mrs. Weasley ran out of the kitchen to go get the door. “Watch the food, dear,” she said to me before rushing out. Fred and George immediately pulled out their wands and started sending cutlery around the kitchen as if they were conducting some sort of culinary orchestra. A large knife scythed through the air inches from my neck and embedded itself in the wall behind me. Rather startled from the close call, I whirled around to glare at the twins. I reached for my wand before remembering that I couldn’t use magic outside of Hogwarts. I snatched up a nearby pan instead and brandished it above my head menacingly. “You’ll pay for that one,” I said with as serious a tone as I could manage. “I don’t think we can take her, George,” Fred said mockingly, adopting a worried expression. “Little witch like her? Not a chance,” George said, mimicking his brother. I lunged forward with the pan, not really intending to hit either of them, but the piece of pottery was jerked out of my grasp before I got anywhere near. A pair of arms wrapped around my waist and restrained me from reaching the pan that was now hovering just inches from my reach. Fred was levitating it with a lazy point of his wand. I attempted to escape half-heartedly, but George didn’t seem in any hurry to let me go. I sighed. “Fine. You win,” I conceded, and I stumbled out of George’s grip. The twins bowed exuberantly to the occupants of the kitchen as if to end the show. As they leaned over, I discreetly plucked their wands out of their pockets from behind and smiled. The twins weren’t so difficult to handle.
  3. Luckily, Mrs. Weasley soon returned to the kitchen and order was restored. “Put these on the table, dear,” she instructed, depositing a fistful of spoons into my hand. I maneuvered through the furniture and tried to edge around Ron to follow her instructions. A chorus of laughter erupted from the people seated at the table. I looked at them in confusion and then raised my eyebrows at Ron for an explanation. He was busy staring at the ceiling, so I followed his line of vision and groaned. Mistletoe. My face turned a light shade of pink, and Ron looked around uncertainly. “Well, go on then!” Ginny said impatiently. “Oh, bloody hell,” Ron said as if reaching a decision, and then leaned down and pressed his lips hard against mine, pulling my body tightly against his own. I had to tilt up onto my toes to meet his tall frame, and I could hear the twins catcalling distantly. A few claps reached my ears as well. Since Ron didn’t seem in any hurry to break it off, I pulled away and sat down as quickly as I could. My face was a vivid red, and a blush quickly crept across Ron’s features as well. I glanced over at those seated across from me and unintentionally locked eyes with Oliver. He immediately struck up a conversation with Sirius, but I could tell I had hurt him again.
  4. Other than that mortifying experience, dinner was quite enjoyable, though halfway through dessert, I was forced to give Fred and George their wands back when they found out I had stolen them. Later that night, after everyone had gone to bed, I found myself walking back downstairs from the bathroom. Voices drifted over to me from upstairs, and knowing I really shouldn’t be eavesdropping, I crept back up to the door the conversation was coming from. “I think you need to move on, mate,” came Fred’s (or was it George’s?) voice, sounding uncharacteristically sincere. “I know. I can’t,” Oliver’s anguished tone cut right through the door. It was all too clear to me who they were talking about. I willed myself to go back downstairs, but my legs stubbornly refused to move. “Go find some other girl. Preferably your age,” one of the twins suggested. “She’s different,” he insisted. “If you prefer someone more exotic, the Hog’s Head is chock full of old hags. If you’re lucky you might even meet a centaur,” came the twins’ voices again. “This isn’t funny,” Oliver grumbled. “We know, mate. You’re not the only one,” a twin said quietly. I was stricken. Even the twins had some sort of feelings for me. Well, at least one of them anyway. “You don’t know the half of it. I think…” I pressed my ear closer to the door. “I think I love her.”
  5. I bumped my head on the doorframe noisily and yelped. “What was that?” Oliver asked sharply. I took off running. I didn’t care; I just wanted to escape those words. It was as if the guilt that had been hounding me because of him just doubled as soon as he uttered that one simple statement. With hardly a sound, I streaked through a couple of landings and into an open door. I closed the door behind me and leaned against it, heart pounding with adrenaline. I listened for the sound of Oliver’s pursuing footsteps, but I heard nothing. I sank down and hugged my knees to my chest. A few tears had already stained my cheeks without my knowledge, and I wiped them away angrily. It was his fault. If he hadn’t asked me to Hogsmeade, hadn’t gone off to Puddlemere, hadn’t fallen in love with me…I wouldn’t be in this mess. But, I reminded myself, it really wasn’t his fault. I was the one at the center of it all, playing everyone like fools. Harry, Ron, Neville, Oliver, Fred, George, and even Draco at times. They were all turning into mush at my hands and I didn’t even realize it. I couldn’t even fathom how it had happened, but nevertheless, I found myself in quite the love…octagon.
  6. I sighed and got to my feet, taking in my surroundings for the first time since I had entered the room. I recognized the room from the thorough cleaning we had done in the past summer, but a shaft of moonlight fell over a tapestry I hadn’t noticed before. It was a sprawling family tree, containing the innumerable names of Black family members from centuries back. As I leaned closer, I noticed some names were removed with small, circular burn marks. I recognized some of the titles, mostly because they were infamous Dark wizards from years past. Once, I even passed over the Malfoys. No wonder Draco had such a terrible family. I brushed my fingers over each of the names I read, and then stopped suddenly, recognizing yet another name. It was Cecilia Reynolds. My mother.
  7. It took a moment for the information to register. I was a member of the Black family. Me, a semi-orphaned Ravenclaw who had two uncaring grandparents and a half-sister for a family. I traced down the line and saw my own name among the countless murderers and Death Eaters on that wall. My throat caught at the sight and I moved over to the name beside my mother’s. To my disappointment, it was burned out, so I was unable to see his name. However, I felt a faint sense of pride a moment later. Clearly the House of Black didn’t favor my father. My family couldn’t be all that bad. My gaze lingered on the small cluster of names for a moment or two before I heard soft footsteps behind me. “I thought I heard someone up here.”
  8. I let out a strangled gasp and whirled around. “Sirius!” I exclaimed, making out the figure in the darkness. I hadn’t had a lot of interaction with Harry’s gloomy godfather. He didn’t seem too angry, though. “I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean to come up here…” I trailed off, realizing how ridiculous I sounded as I uttered the words. He gave me an almost kindly smile and waved it off. “I come up here to think on occasion,” he remarked quietly, and then gestured at the wall, “I see you’ve found the most noble House of Black.” I could tell he didn’t harbor any sort of fondness for the name. “I think…I think I’m on here,” I said hesitantly, pointing at my name. He adopted an expression of surprise, and then he moved closer and squinted down at the names to see for himself. He drew back a moment later rather suddenly. “Cecilia Reynolds is your mother?” he asked. I nodded. “Did you know her?” I questioned, picking up on his familiarity with the name. He nodded warily. “Most brilliant witch in our year.” “And she was in Slytherin?” I asked in surprise. “Ravenclaw,” he said shortly. “Oh.” Maybe the other houses weren’t so innocent after all.
  9. Sirius coughed uncomfortably. “I suppose I’ll just leave you to your thoughts then,” he said, turning to leave. “Wait,” I stopped him. “Did you know my father too?” I asked urgently. He seemed to contemplate telling me and then nodded, a slight grin lighting his dark features. “The only Slytherin I ever liked.” “Where is he?” I pressed, desperate to know more. “He’s, er, well, he’s working with the Order,” he allowed. “Then why-?” I started again, but he just shook his head. “I can’t tell you anymore. Molly might kill me as it is,” he said, running a hand through his hair a bit worriedly. “Can I ask you one more question? Please?” I pleaded. He gestured for me to continue. “What’s he like?” I asked, blushing at how stupid it sounded. “He’s a good man. A bit more cautious than when we went to Hogwarts, but considering whom he had for a wife…” he lost his train of thought and then looked down at my eager expression. “Ah, well, that’s enough. Good night,” he said, and left me alone to sort out everything I had learned that day.
  10. *music826* Well, I hope you enjoyed! I'd like to send a special shout-out to @hp4evr for giving me the idea to make Cassandra an extended member of the Black family. So, thank you! A giant ice/snow storm is wreaking havoc where I live, so I have a few extra days to write (no school! :D). The new characters should be coming in soon after the return to Hogwarts if I can manage it. I just realized that my results aren’t perfectly alphabetized by last name like usual. *bangs head on wall* Oh, well, I’m probably the only one who really cares about it. Thanks for reading! :)

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