Hogwarts Forever Part 1.4

Hi! I'm sorry if I'm late. i don't think I am...Anyway, I hope that this installment Exceeds your Expectations. I've spent a couple hours on these last few questions, making them perfect. At least, not a T on the report card ;) oh, how I love the World of Harry Potter!

Now, if you haven't taken the first four, you should. You won't find the first one on my account, because i didn't have my account yet, and I can't link it to my account, so it's the Hogwarts Forever series. Enjoy!

Created by: liz_king97

  1. "Why couldn't you have just stayed put, _____?" Surprisingly, your whole house was up, waiting for you. "I don't know, Quinn, maybe because they're my friends?" You snapped. Hailey, a first year like yourself, stood by you. "Quinn, if _____ hadn't followed after Ron and Harry, they could've been killed! Not to mention Hermione, who was in the bathroom with the troll." Quinn glared at Hailey, who shrank into the crowd. "_____, can't you for once do what you're told?" You snorted. "Nobody told me that I couldn't go after Ron and Harry. Not one person said I had to go straight to my dormitory." Stella took her place behind me. "Quinn, she was doing what she thought was best. In the end, it was the right thing to do. And, in her efforts, we gained five points. I'd say ______ did the right thing." Others nodded. "Three cheers for _____!" Someone shouted. "Hurrah!" Hailey pumped her hand into the air.
  2. You finally push through the crowd, up the stairs, and into your rooms. You are out cold as soon as your head hits the pillow, and have a few interesting dreams. Who are you dreaming about?
  3. "I don't know; she's their best friend, almost. But I don't think it'd be a good idea. She'd never talk to you again!" You felt yourself waking up, and heard the voices of several of your classmates, Terry, Hailey, Elixa, and Belinda. "I don't care, Eli. _____ won't be hanging around with them once she realizes they're not interested in her." Terry spoke next. "Lind, Harry has Hermione Granger for a friend; she'll recognize the effects of a love potion in a jiffy." Your eyes snap open. LOVE POTION?! You toss around, and mumble a little, and even a nice yawn to the mix. "Shhhh! She's waking up!" You rub your eyes, and prop yourself up on your elbows. "Morning," you yawn, this time for real. "Buenos Dias," Belinda greets you, a fake smile plastered on her face. "Hey, ____ how was your night?" You blush, recalling last night's dream (whatever you chose to dream about). "Um, it went well. Not a single nightmare." Elixa helped you up. "Must've been nice; I barely slept a wink last night. Old memories resurfacing..." she shivered. "I don't have a pleasant past." Linda tossed her hair. "Well, I don't know about you four, but I'm starved." Terry nodded. "I'm going down now. ____, do you want me to wait for you?" you shook your head. "No thanks, Ter. I'm sure Elixa and Hailey won't mind to, since they also have to change into their robes also." Terry smiled. "All right then, if that's what you want." Terry and Belinda walked out, talking amiably. "You all right, _____? You don't look so well." You bite your lip. "Why were you talking about using a love potion?" Elixa immediately burst into tears. "I told her it would be a bad idea!" She cried. "I tried to tell Linny not to, but she wouldn't listen!" Hailey murmured soothingly, and rubbed Elixa's back. "Belinda was thinking about whether or not to slip a love potion into Harry's pumpkin juice. Elixa tried to talk her out of it, but..." Hailey shrugged. You frantically began to get dressed. Elixa glanced at you, and scurried down the stairs. "Where's the fire?" Hailey muttered.
  4. "What are you talking about?" Ron said, annoyed that you interrupted him and Belinda. You snapped your fingers in his face; he didn't even look away from Belinda. "What did you do to him?" You shout angrily. Belinda steps back, confused. "But, it was supposed to be Harry..." she mumbled. "What?" Harry snapped his head around to glare at her. "You mean that you were going to make me fall in love with you?" Belinda shook her head. "No!" she cried. "I just- I- you- ______- I don't know!" Belinda shouted. You took Ron by the arm, and dragged him away from Belinda and Harry. "Where are you taking me?" Ron demanded. "Someplace that you and Belinda can be without any interruptions." You arrived in Professor McGonagall's classroom, but it was empty. "Drat," You muttered. "What do you need?" You turned around, and your face lit up. "Professor McGonagall, oh thank Merlin we found you! Ron was fed a love potion by mistake; Belinda, in my house, made it, I think, but it was meant for Harry, and so now Ron thinks he's in love with Belinda Calvin." Professor McGonagall nodded. "Yes, well, we'd better get him to the Hospital Wing; hopefully, Poppy has a something for him."
  5. "Ron?" You gently touched his hand, and closed your eyes. You wrapped his hand in yours, and let your tears fall onto his shirt. "I'm so sorry I let Belinda do this to you." You cried. "I wis I had stopped her when I could," You leaned your head on his chest, and and traced the Hogwarts logo on his robe with your finger. "I thik I love you," You whispered. "I think I realized that when I saw the way you stared at Belinda. I know the emotion wasn't real, but I felt like my heart was breaking. I...I need you, Ronald." You ran your fingers through his orange- red hair, and smiled sadly. You saw his eyes flutter, and your heart skipped a beat. "R-Ron?" You laughed with delight when Ron groaned. "Ron!" You threw your arms around his neck, and cried into his shirt. "You're all right," You mumbled. Ron squirmed, and pushed you away. "I'm glad that you're here, but you don't have to act so happy." "Why not?" "Because...well, because I hurt your feelings." He stared at the bedsheets, not meeting your eyes. "It wasn't you, Ron, who hurt my feelings, it was Belinda." Ron looked up, and glanced back down quickly. "_____, I heard every word you spoke. Even while I thought I was dead, your voice guided me back. Love is a srtong magic. I know that's true." You hugged him tightly, and whispered, "Don't mention this to Harry," "Why not?" "I...I don't want for you two to get into a fight over me." Ron grinned. "_____, don't worry. I wan't planning on telling Harry anyway." You pulled back. "You're my best friend," you told him." He stared at you. "Yeah, I guess I am."
  6. "He's alive," you told Harry and Hermione happily. "He said...he knew he was almost dead, but I...I was talking to him, and he said I brought him back." Harry smiled, relieved. "I'm glad he's all right. I was worried, when you didn't come back with him. I thought he was gone." Hermione wiped a tear from her eye. "Thanks, _____. I wasn't sure if he'd make it, either. He is only eleven, after all." You didn't say anything, just sat there, thinking about what Ron had said. 'I heard every word you spoke', 'your voice guided me back', and 'Love is a strong magic. i know that now.' You barely heard a word that Harry was telling you. "_____? Are- are you all right?" Hermione touched your shoulder. "I...I just a moment to myself, please." You ran to the Hospital Wing, just as Draco stepped out the doors. "What are you doing here?" You tried to move past him, but he stopped you. "_____, I don't want you to get hurt." Draco said slowly. You glared at him, and shoved your way around him. "Draco, let me past!" He stepped aside, his feelings hurt. "Just like the Griffindor lot," he muttered. "You think you're the center of the universe, but you're not." You stiffened. "What did you say?" Draco glared at you. "I said, you think you're the center of the universe. You believe that everyone is in love with you." You clenched your fist, and swung your arm. "Owwww!" Draco screamed. "What was that for?!" "I can't believe I decided that I ever wanted to be your friend. At least Harry and Ron don't tell me that I'm a stuck up git for spending time with a Slytherin." you pused open the doors, and sat by Ron's bed. You dropped your head into your hands and began to cry. "Oi, what's with you?" Ron sits up, and awkwardly pats your back. "H-he hates me!"You sobbed.
  7. "So, what happened? Who hates you?" You stared at your right hand, which had several spots of blood. You couldn't look Ron in the eye. "D-Draco." You mumbled. "I met him outside the doors, and he said...he said he didn't want me to get hurt." Ron's face darkened. "He just left from telling me i was wrong about you," Ron muttered. "Malfoy said Harry and I weren't the only ones who were your mates." You cried some more, and Ron scowled at you. "But, you didn't tell me why he hates you. Or why you think he hates you." You sniffed. "Well, outside, he told me that I was just like the Gryffindors, and, quote, "Just like the Gryffindor lot; you think you're the center of the universe."" Ron face turned red with rage. "When I get out of here, I'm gonna beat him up so badly, his kids will be bleeding from it!" You laughed, tears still streaming down your face. "Too bad; I already punched him in the face." Ron looked at you in awe. "You...did?" you nodded, and showed him your hand. "I couldn't let him talk about you that way." You blushed, and Ron took your hand in his. "I- you know what?" you looke dinto his eyes. "What?" "I think I love you too." "What the bloody-?" You turned around quickly, startled. "Harry!"
  8. Harry stares, pained, at you and Ron. "I've got to go," he muttered angrily. You stood up quickly, and had to sit back down from the lightheadedness. "Harry, wait," Ron called, and swore under his breath. "_____, go after him." you face ROn, new tears shining in your eyes. "But-" "GO!" You ran after Harry, after a short glance back at Ron. "Harry, stop it!" You catch up to him, and pull on his sleeve. "Stop running," you said, out of breath. "What do you need me for? Go back to Ron. I saw the way he looked at you. I didn't need to see your face to know you felt the same way." You glared at Harry. "I'm only eleven, Harry Potter. You really think that just because one of my bast mates said he THINKS he loves me, that I'm not going to need my other friends?" Harry looked down, ashamed. "You have Ron. Go back. You don't need me anymore." "That is not true!" You threw your arms around his neck, like you did to Ron this morning, and hugged him. "I need you, Harry. You're my best friend, next to Hermione and Ron. Don't EVER think that I don't need you." Harry hugged you back, and cried into your shoulder. "I know what yesterday was," he cried. "I had loads of strange dreams, but one stuck out to me," He looked you in the eyes. "My parents died ten years ago, on Halloween."
  9. Harry's words shocked you back to your letter to your father. "Harry, I need to tell you something." Harry nodded. "Okay," You breathed in deeply, and closed your eyes. "My mum and dad knew your parents." Harry stared at you. "And we used to play together, before you had to go into hiding." Harry stared at you in open shock. "Oh, I guess you didn't know that part," you mumbled. Harry stared at the ground. "I...remembered you," he muttered. "When we met on the train, I saw you, but as a baby, with small tufts of hair." You blinked, trying to send back the tears that were gathering there. "Thank you," Harry whispered. "Any-anytime,"
  10. Okay! That's it for part 1.4, I'll be starting 1.5 asap, probably right after this one is out, like alwyas. Or maybe after I write that essay for Honors English...

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