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  • Eh, forget about the essay and write 1.5, it's what I always do ;P kidding, kidding, I have to stop being a bad influence XD in case you're wondering, I always do get my essays done *eventually* , and you should too (being a good influence isn't as much fun =( ). Oh, you're going to do a Christmas special-like thing? Christmas with Hogwarts stories are always magical :3 looking forward to it!

  • Thanks, all of you, this really means a lot. And, hey- a great way to kick of the holiday- a Christmas Special! Try to expect around the 25th, 1.5 is at a roadblock. I will have it done before Christmas, though. Thanks again, for everything!

  • I just recently found your series, and let me tell you: I love them! You're extremely talented, and I adore this edition! Keep up the amazing work, because now I can't wait for the next one! :,D

  • Loved it as always! And wow, you're a really fast updater!


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