Hogwarts Part 30

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Find out in this quiz. Starting in your third year, you will get the opportunity to become friends and more with Neville Longbottom, Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, George Weasley, and Oliver Wood.

*Recap* Edward and Draco had a brief confrontation during breakfast. You managed to catch Arianna after her meeting with Umbridge. She wasn't hurt, but she did finally learn about the DA and wanted to join. She stormed off after your refusal to let her attend the meetings, and as you chased after her, you ran into Oliver, you gave you some rare advice that made you change your mind. So, with that matter settled, you spend a bit of time with Ron in the evening. A couple days later you ran into Neville after Quidditch practice. While talking, you heard a scream come from the Entrance Hall. When you got there you discovered Professor Trelawney had been fired and a centaur, Firenze, was taking her place.

Created by: music826
  1. I apologize. I am once again going to make terrible options. There will be actual results (determined by your answer in the first paragraph), but I am planning on putting out three editions tonight and I simply don't have the time to make options. I promise the following editions will have options as soon as I write them, though. Enjoy! :)
  2. I took a deep breath, holding my wand at the ready. I tried to grasp onto a new memory. One where I was genuinely happy. It was more difficult than I thought; all I could think of were all of the dull years at my grandparents' house and the various schools they had sent me to. Obviously, it would have to be about Hogwarts. After sifting through most of the important events in my life, I settled on my first day at the castle. Everything was so new and exciting then, and yet it felt like I finally belonged somewhere. I gathered those happy fragments of time and focused on only that. "Expecto Patronum!" I said confidently. A bright-white, translucent raven shot out of the tip of my wand and soared up to the high ceiling above. I stared it at it with a mixture of wonder and triumph. It had taken quite a few tries to succeed, but I had finally done it. "It's beautiful," Neville commented lightly, gazing up at my Patronus with me. I smiled as a couple other DA members congratulated me, and I spent awhile simply watching the various Patronuses move about the room.
  3. Arianna ran over to me after a bit, flushed with pride. "I did it!" she exclaimed excitedly. A silvery red fox was trotting at her side. I was impressed; even in her second year, she was catching onto everything remarkably well. Soon, the practice room was filled with all sorts of Patronuses. Everyone was laughing and generally having fun, and I was no exception. After some encouragement, Ron finally managed to produce his own corporeal Patronus in the form of a Jack Russell Terrier. "It suits you," I teased, laughing as it excitedly pranced around him. He just looked pleased that he had succeeded at last. Hermione had gone through just as much trouble, if not more, to produce the otter Patronus swimming about in the air. As time went on, almost everyone managed to produce at least some sort of Patronus, corporeal or not. Amid the noise, I heard the door slam open suddenly. I whirled around, expecting Umbridge to come barging in with a squadron of Slytherins.
  4. It turned out to be Dobby the house elf, but what he said didn't make me any more calm. Apparently, Umbridge really was on her way with a group of Slytherins for backup. The message was received with no questions asked. DA members started leaving in small groups as quickly as possible without causing suspicion, but it was far too late for everyone to make it out. As our adversaries came running at us, the rest of the DA scattered in every which direction, hurtling through the corridors with no thought but to escape. I grabbed Arianna's hand and pulled her along at a sprint. She wasn't going to make it to her own common room, but one night in Ravenclaw Tower wasn't going to kill her. I pushed her through a concealed entryway and then leaped through myself. I risked a look back and saw Draco trip Harry and hand him over to Umbridge. I hesitated at the doorway, longing to go to Harry, but I knew I was no Gryffindor. So, with the knowledge that I probably could've helped one of my best friends, I disappeared off to Ravenclaw Tower with a nagging feeling of guilt.
  5. I didn't dare leave my common room that night. Padma, Arianna, and I spent most of the evening discussing theories as to how Umbridge found out about the DA. Terry Boot and a couple other Ravenclaw DA members joined us as well, but I noticed Cho was once again crying on a couch, looking quite dreadful. Her friend Marietta was oddly absent, but I shrugged it off, figuring she had probably been caught while everyone else was running. But then again, I didn't remember seeing her at all that day. As I was talking with my friends, I constantly fought down the urge to sneak off to the Gryffindor common room to see what had happened to Harry and everyone else. After a long night of worrying, I eventually fell into an uneasy sleep.
  6. I could hardly wait to get to breakfast that morning. Arianna looked more than ready to go anyway, seeing as she was an intruder in yet another common room. I headed straight to the Gryffindor table, though I tried to be as inconspicuous as possible. I moved to slip into the seat next to Ron, but then I noticed who was sitting in the Headmaster's, or rather Headmistress's, chair. Umbridge. My eyes widened in alarm. That couldn't be good. "What happened?" I asked Ron, knowing that whenever something wasn't right at Hogwarts, he had to know what was behind it. He was the best friend of Harry Potter after all, despite their recent differences. "Tried to arrest Dumbledore. Escaped," Ron tried to say with a mouth full of food. I wrinkled my nose. "Swallow first. Then talk," I prompted, and he did so with a loud gulp. "Harry was captured last night by Malfoy," he said with a disgusted look at Draco from across the Great Hall. "He was taken to Dumbledore's office by Umbridge, but Dumbledore took the blame for the DA, saying that this was supposed to be our first meeting and he organized the whole thing. The Ministry tried to arrest him, but he escaped." "Did you find out who betrayed us to Umbridge?" I asked. "Marietta Edgecombe. Some friend of Cho Chang's," he said with a shrug. So I was right after all. "But did you see what happened to her face? Hermione jinxed the parchment we all signed in the Hog's Head against snitches. She's got "˜sneak' written on her face in boils," he laughed. "Since you know all of this, I'm guessing you and Harry are speaking again?" I inquired, perhaps with the tiniest shade of jealousy. "Yeah," he answered sheepishly. He seemed to understand my silence, surprisingly enough. Maybe having a girlfriend had actually made him a bit more observant. "Don't worry about him. I'm sure he isn't holding any grudges, and if he is, he'll come "˜round soon enough," he reassured me, squeezing me against him with one arm. I gave him a weak smile, quite surprised by how understanding he was being. But that vanished a moment later. "You going to eat that?" he asked me, pointing to a piece of toast lying on the plate in front of me. I rolled my eyes. "Go for it."
  7. "Come on, you know me. Just let me in," I pleaded with the portrait of the Fat Lady. I was desperate to get in. The password to the Gryffindor common room had changed and I was no longer able to get through. "You're that young Ravenclaw girl always coming to Gryffindor Tower. In my day, students stayed in their own common rooms," she said with a disapprovingly look. I snorted, wondering if she had ever had a "day". She was a portrait for Merlin's sake! "Open up!" I said, a bit louder than I had intended. It was a bad move, as she only looked more offended. Before I did something drastic, like threaten her with magic, I heard a call from the staircase below. "Cassandra? What are you doing here? It's nearly midnight," Neville said a bit anxiously, looking around for professors that could potentially give me detention. Security had tightened since Umbridge had taken charge. "I don't have the new password. I have to finish my homework before tomorrow and Cho's damn sniffling won't let me concentrate!" I muttered irritably. Neville looked a bit alarmed at my current state. "I, uh, I'll open it for you. Just calm down," he said. "But don't you always forget the passwords?" I asked bluntly. He blushed. "I wrote this one down. Just in case," he said, pulling a small slip of parchment from his pocket. A moment later, the Fat Lady reluctantly swung aside to let us in. "See? Neville doesn't mind letting me in," I said pointedly to the Fat Lady as I clambered through the portrait hole.
  8. He raised his eyebrows at me. "Something bothering you?" he asked lightly. "Oh, not much. Just O.W.L.s, and Quidditch, and Umbridge, and the fact that Harry won't speak to me. Oh, and Voldemort," I added at the end for good measure. "Well, I'm sure you'll do brilliant on the O.W.L.s. Even Hermione says you'll probably do better than her," Neville said, predictably starting with the easiest problem. "Hermione said that?" I asked in disbelief, but then moved on to the more important problem at hand. "Never mind. Thanks, Neville, but I really need to get started on my homework," I said. "Well, just find me when you want to talk," he said helpfully. I started to feel a little guilty about my earlier behavior. "I will. But really, thanks, Neville," I said more calmly. He smiled and left me with a bag full of books. I sat down on a couch and sighed. I had a lot of work to do.
  9. I felt someone sit next to me on the couch as I was finishing up my last assignment, already feeling a weight lift off of my shoulders. I looked up, and my eyes widened slightly. It was Harry. A tired-looking Harry, but Harry nevertheless. My eyes shifted down slightly, noticing something in his hand. It was a box of Bertie's Botts Every Flavor Beans. "Thank you, but why...?" I asked in confusion. "It's for being a git," he said, smiling wryly. "But you haven't been a-" "Yes, I have. I just didn't like that my best friend went and started dating, well, you know. You. Part of it's because of him" – he pointed to his head –"but most of it was me. I didn't mean to treat you like that," he said quietly. I sat in silence for a moment, but then smiled. "It's all right, Harry. I know you've been put through a lot this year. But next time, try to tell me all of this BEFORE you start shutting me out," I said sternly, but then hugged him gratefully, glad that though order at Hogwarts was quickly disappearing, all of my friends were back again. And hopefully it stayed that way this time. As Harry and I broke apart again, Ron wedged himself between us. The message was quite clear, but neither of us really minded.
  10. "What is that git doing out here?" Ron looked distinctly displeased. Harry, Hermione, Ron, and I were all walking across the Hogwarts grounds to Hagrid's, and my heart sank as I noticed Draco's tall, pale figure sauntering towards us with all the arrogance of a Malfoy. As always, a smirk adorned his face and his wand was held casually in his fingers. I wasn't necessarily displeased by his presence, but by the fact that the Gryffindors and Draco together could only mean trouble. Whatever was going to happen, I didn't want to play any part in it. "If it isn't Potter and his friends," he greeted us with a sneer. His gaze shifted over to me, but I returned it with a suspicious glare. "What do you want, Malfoy?" Harry demanded irritably, also grasping his wand unconsciously in the pockets of his robes. "I don't like your tone, Potter. Ten points from Gryffindor," Draco said, causing the trio to bristle simultaneously. "And ten points from you, Weasel, just because I don't like you. Oh, and I don't want you to feel left out, Granger, so ten for being a Mudblood," he added, clearly relishing the experience. "You can't take points away from other prefects," Hermione protested. "Members of the Inquisitorial Squad can," he said with a malicious smile, pointing to his new badge. I held the back of Ron's robes as he started to take a step forward. "Don't," I hissed in his ear. "You might want to think about joining, Levell," Draco told me. Despite the accompanying smirk, I could tell he was dead serious. "Why would Cassandra want to be part of the Inquisitorial Squad?" Ron spat at Draco, putting an arm around my shoulders. I shrugged it off impatiently. "Cassandra can speak for herself, thanks," I muttered. No one really paid any attention to me. "She's better than the likes of you, Malfoy," Harry added. "She's more like me than any of you Gryffindors." "Right," Hermione scoffed. Draco smiled slightly and looked me directly in the eyes. "You see, her mum's a Death Eater."
  11. *music826* Cliffhanger! Well, kind of. I've already written the next two editions, so they should be coming soon. Until next time :)

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