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  • Hmm! Another exciting edition, but as I see the next two parts out I'm not going to leave a long comment. I have a feeling there may be a little drama with Cassandra's 'secret' out in the open at last... And certainly some guy trouble sooner or later, related to or not related to her mother being a death eater. Trust Draco to ruin it all!


  • Ehn. B-bu-but......I HATE DRACO MALFOY!!!!! *panting heavily* *glaring at Draco*

    Malfoy: what have i done to you?!
    Me: *glaring continues*

    Malfoy: *shifts umcomfortably* umm, can i go now?

    Me: *mutters*clearly:* fine.

  • I know, right? Draco Malfoy will be below the ground when I get to him.


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