Hogwarts Part 31

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Find out in this quiz. Starting in your third year, you will get the opportunity to become friends and more with Neville Longbottom, Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, George Weasley, and Oliver Wood.

*Recap* Dumbledore’s Army was finally discovered by Umbridge, you managed to make up with Harry, and you ran into Draco on the Hogwarts grounds while with the Gryffindor trio. At the very end, Draco told Harry, Ron, and Hermione your mother was a Death Eater.

Created by: music826
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  1. Everything went dead silent. Even the wind seemed to stop howling as if to add to the drama of it all. Tears involuntarily sprang to my eyes as Hermione and Ron developed equally horrified and betrayed looks on their faces. Harry just looked at me helplessly. My mouth opened and closed as I tried to decide what to say. Then I decided to do what I normally did when things got complicated – I ran. But I couldn’t just leave without a word. I stopped beside Draco. “That was too far, Draco. I thought you were different,” I said in a low, quiet voice so only he could hear, and then pushed past him and up towards the castle. I ran straight into the castle and leaned against the stone wall of the corridor, feeling too weak to go any farther. I slid down to the floor and pulled my knees up to my chest, already feeling the all-too-familiar tears running down my cheeks. I heard footsteps running in my direction. I lifted my head slowly, unwilling to explain exactly what had just happened. But Ron was never very patient. “Why didn’t you tell me your mum was a Death Eater?” he demanded angrily. “I…I…” I tried to start, but the words caught in my throat. Nothing I said would make him any happier. “Well?” he said impatiently. “Would it have made a difference?” I asked exasperatedly. “Well, yeah!” he exclaimed as if it were completely obvious. “Why? Do you think I’m going to turn out just like her?” I asked, getting rather angry as well. “Well, maybe you will! You hang out around those Slytherins all the time and you apparently don’t mind telling Malfoy all your secrets either!” he replied, his voice quickly rising in volume. “I never told Draco anything. Only Harry knew, and he promised not to tell anyone,” I defended myself. “Of course, it’s always about Harry, isn’t it? But still, you apparently don’t trust me enough to know about anything, do you?” he said. I stayed silent. He wasn’t right, but he wasn’t exactly wrong either. “I think we’re done, then,” he said dully. I tried to avoid his pleading gaze and nodded. He just shook his head in disgust and left without another word. I didn’t watch him go.
  2. At breakfast the next day, I ate rather dejectedly, avoiding the gazes of other students. Most just seemed to accept it, but I soon had company at my lonely spot at the Ravenclaw table. Sabrina firmly planted herself on the seat across from me. “Okay, you’re moping around, you’re not talking to anyone, and you’re not even studying like you normally do whenever you have even a second of free time. What’s wrong?” she asked bluntly. Trust Sabrina to get straight to the point. “Nothing. I’m fine,” I mumbled. She wasn’t having it. “It’s something with Ron, isn’t it?” she asked. “Something like that.” “Well, are you going to tell me or not?” she asked impatiently. “No.” I promptly pulled out a book and pretended to study, hoping she’d leave. “Fine!” she huffed and stormed away from the table dramatically.
  3. As soon as she was out of sight, I got up to go to class, hoping to dodge any more concerned friends. Instead of successfully making my way to class like any other student might be able to do, someone covered my mouth from behind and dragged me to the side, out of sight of any passerby. I stiffened up in surprise, but I had pretty much gotten used to getting dragged around unexpectedly. It was easier to just go along with it. Not surprisingly, George Weasley was the one who had kidnapped me from the corridor. His ever-present brother was grinning at me from a broom cupboard. I squeezed in with the two Weasleys. I fidgeted uncomfortably at the close proximity to George. “Uncomfortable?” George asked with a grin. He knew exactly why I was uncomfortable, too. Unlike his brother Ron, he was quite observant. “Just a bit,” I said with a grimace. “So why am I getting dragged off into the unknown this time?” I asked. “Just a little experiment. As our occasional assistant, we thought you might like to help,” Fred said mischievously. “Will this ‘little experiment’ get me into trouble?” I asked skeptically. “Probably. If we get caught, that is,” he replied with a shrug. Normally, I would have turned them down, but I could use a little cheering up. A walk on the wild side was exactly what I needed. I smiled at the Weasleys. “I’m in.”
  4. I cautiously looked around the corner, and seeing that the area was clear, I crept out into the open again, trying to stay as quiet as possible. Fred and George walked around with the crate of fireworks with a series of loud thumps. To me they sounded like explosions. “Shh!” I scolded them. George laughed. “It’s fine, Cassandra. If anyone asks, you were trying to stop us,” he reassured me. I calmed down a bit. The entire operation had me on edge; the twins were used to getting into trouble, but I certainly wasn’t. I had gotten out of Charms class with an excuse of going to the Hospital Wing, but I didn’t really have an excuse for sneaking around with the Weasleys. “All right, we’ll set off the fireworks. You’re lookout,” Fred told me. I stood off to the side a bit, listening to the loud bangs and cracks coming from just outside the Great Hall. I kept my eyes glued to the corridors, but the twins finally lit the last of the firecrackers and I joined them by the doors. I had never seen anything so brilliant and chaotic. The students and professors were all caught completely off guard. “And you two always do things like this?” I asked in disbelief, turning to the twins. “It’s a lifestyle choice,” George replied with a grin.
  5. The fireworks caused quite a stir throughout the castle, but Professor Umbridge seemed to be the only one making an effort to get rid of them. Fred and George had jinxed them so the fireworks were virtually indestructible. It was always entertaining to have an enormous dragon swoop its way into the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. Eventually, the fireworks fizzled out, but not before it had driven Umbridge to the brink of insanity. And even better, I had played a part in it.
  6. My visits to Gryffindor Tower were few and far between after my break-up with Ron. I still did visit, though, as my other friends were still ready and willing to talk to me. Harry had known all along about my little secret, so that was no problem, and Hermione had accepted it without any trouble by the next time I talked to her. On Sabrina’s insistence, I told her that I had broken up with Ron, but my other secret was going to stay secret as long as I could help it. Neville was perhaps the most helpful of all, though. O.W.L.s were only a few weeks away and all fifth years were required to go to a meeting with their Head of House to discuss career options. In addition to that, I was training every night for the final Quidditch match against Gryffindor that would determine who would receive the Quidditch Cup. He was the one that kept me from going positively crazy from stress. If he felt I needed it, he would almost force me down to talk by the Black Lake. One day, he did just that. He took my books away and pulled me all the way there. We sat down together and talked for a while, and ended up on the topic of Ron somehow.
  7. “So what happened with you two?” he asked gently. “It’s nothing,” I dodged the question. After a moment or two of silence, I changed my mind. “Can I tell you something, Neville?” He gestured for me to go on. “Earlier this year you told me about your parents. You were completely honest with me, and I guess I’d like to return the favor.” I took a deep breath. “My mum is a Death Eater.” I waited for his response. And waited. “Neville?” I asked anxiously. I had thought he might be more understanding than some, but I could’ve been mistaken. He looked at my worried expression and smiled softly. “I know you, Cassandra. Who your parents are isn’t going to change my opinion of you,” he said steadily. I couldn’t help but smile. “Is that why you and Ron, you know…?” he prompted. The smile vanished and I nodded. “It probably wasn’t going to last anyway,” I said truthfully. We were just too different. “Well, he’ll come around. They always do,” he said comfortingly, getting to his feet and helping me up as well. I smiled half-heartedly. He was probably right, but breaking and mending friendships was getting all too repetitive lately.
  8. My career consultation came and went without incident within the next few days. I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do in the future, but I simply told Professor Flitwick I was thinking about being a part of the Ministry. With that out of the way and no longer having to worry about visiting the Gryffindor common room every night, I focused solely on my O.W.L. exams and the upcoming Quidditch Final. However, there was one last distraction in my way.
  9. I was walking along the corridor as usual when I suddenly heard a small splash and looked down to see the floor was covered in water. Hearing the excited buzz of students talking, I continued on to see what the commotion was. I stopped dead. The entire corridor had been transformed into a swamp, and as one might expect, the Weasleys were clearly the culprits. Professor Umbridge, looking furious, started making threats at once in her girlish, sickly sweet voice. “I think we’re finished at Hogwarts. What do you think, George?” Fred asked his twin with a wide smile. His brother agreed with an identical grin. They simultaneously lifted their wands, and their confiscated brooms came zooming towards them, free from their dungeon prison at last. Fred and George mounted up, but as George climbed higher into the air, he suddenly noticed me standing at the back. He touched down in front of me, and without a word, pressed his lips against mine. He didn’t look remotely embarrassed. “Stop by the shop anytime,” he said with a wink, and flew up into the air again. Thankfully, I was saved from any further attention as he joined his brother and saluted Peeves before flying off into their new future.
  10. *music826* I finally got George in for once! However, the twins won’t be appearing again until the beginning of sixth year unless I come up with something before then. I’m estimating there will only be two or three more editions to finish up fifth year at this point. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed, though you Ron fans might not be too happy. Until next time :)

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