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  • I'm really liz, I just keep forgetting to write down my password. So I can't access it.

    *glares at Ron*
    R: What?
    Me: I hate you.
    R: What?

    Me*continues glaring*cries* You are such a vlacas(Greek for moron)! I hate you!

    R: No, you don't. You know you don't hate me.

    Me: Well, not YOU exactly...a different you. But he's still you.

    I'm more furious with Ron than anything at the moment. At some point, it'll finally register that he broke up with me...and I'll make his life miserable. >:) Hahahaha, evil Liz returns! Oh, it is sooo good to be back!

  • *sigh* I was right. Boy trouble, specifically of the Weasley type, the Ronald Bilius Weasley type. Ok, I'll stop being weird! I have a feeling @liz_king97 will have something to say about that break-up.

    Honest ly, is there a worse way to break up with someone? ' "I guess we're done then." '? Seriously Ron? Seriously? Poor Cassandra, I really feel for her. I connect with your characters perfectly, and I think you have the characterisation spot on. Also, you make the relationships between characters clear, and I love the way you make them change; sometimes smoothly, sometimes unexpectedly, sometimes abruptly. Fantastic!



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