Hogwarts Romance pt 2

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I hate writing these things, but anyway...This is the whole feast scene with a little extra scene too :) The next part will be your first day back...so yeah

Well, I hope you enjoy it just as much or more than the first part I tried to add some description and I'll keep working on that. Have fun taking this quiz!

Created by: coconinama
  1. You sit between Arien and Chazz and across from a couple of girls from your year at the hufflepuff table in the Great Hall. It seems louder than platform 9 3/4 and you can barely hear the person next to you, but you and Arien point up to the ceiling to show Chazz. Tonight the sky is blanketed with thousands of twinkling stars, a perfect view for the first meal back at Hogwarts. "Is it real?" asks Chazz. "That's what's really outside, but we are under a roof." you reply. "Cool!" he yells back. Soon, the room becomes quiet as a line of nervous first years comes in, lead by Headmistress Mirigal.
  2. She leads them down the middle aisle between the Hufflepuff and Gryphindor tables. A stool with the raggedy, old sorting hat sitting on top of it is brought in and set down in front of them by Mr. Wilkins, the groundskeeper. Mirigal stands next to it and clears her throat after a second. Miss. Dewhurst, the looney, old charms teacher quickly hurried forward and handed her a thick scroll, which Mirigal quickly unrolled and began reading off names.
  3. "Lydon, Allyson." (Gryphindor) "Malatesta, Nita." (Slytherin) "Syeber, Dustin" (Gryphindor) Then, the first Hufflepuff: "Varona, Kelsey." You all clapped and cheered as she came and sat near the end of the table. Several names later "Mckillip, Caitlin." was called and you whispered: "That's Cicely's sister." Soon, "Freedmin, Hugh." was called and Chazz whispered: "That's my brother." You could easily tell that it was his brother as they had the same staight, blond hair and thin build, but Hugh got Ravenclaw.
  4. Once all of the first years are finally sitting with their houses, Mr. Wilkins and Miss. Dewhurst hurry forward once again and take away the scroll and sorting hat. Then, Headmistress Mirigal steps behind the owl podium and clears her throat. "Boys and Girls! Welcome, and welcome back, to a new year at Hogwarts!" There is a moment of awkward silence before everyone remembers to clap after Mirigals dissaproving glare scans the room. "I don't want to keep you waiting too long to eat-" There are several eye rolls all around the room, "However, I do have a few announcements to make. First of all the basic rules for the first years, and as a reminder for all returning students. No one is allowed in the forbidden forest under ANY circumstances, hence the name. Also, no it allowed out of their common rooms after 9 o'clock pm, sharp. No one is to enter my office, or even knock on the door, unless invited specifically by me. Now, I have two more announcements. We have a new potions proffessor, Proffessor Heacock, as Proffessor Postel retired at the end of last year. Finally, all students who are not playing Quidditch MUST take at least 10 flying classes throughout the year, as I realized that our standards were not at all sufficient. Now, Have a great feast and Welcome back!"
  5. As soon as Headmistress Mirigal sat down in the center of the professors' table, food and dishes magically appeared on the tables. Chazz looks a bit surprised. "Well, at least that's finally over with." says Arien. "I'll say." says Violet, a girl you remember from last year. As you spoon some ________ onto your plate, you ask her how her summer was. "Oh, pretty good. I spent most of it with Therese." she motions to the brown haired girl next to her who adds: "Yeah, it was a lot of fun." "That's cool." you say. "So, who are you?" Violet asks Chazz. "Chazz. I just transferred, I'm a fourth year." he says. "Oh, cool! That's a great name. Let me know if you need any help getting around school." "Ummm, okay." he replies
  6. You're technically supposed to sit with your house, but the proffessors don't really care. So, when Headmistress Mirigal leaves after a quick dinner, it gets a little crazy. Cicely and Ender make their way over quickly with their plates and take Violet and Therese's spots. They'd gone off to see some of their Gryphindor friends. "So how do you like the food so far?" Cicely asks Chazz. "It's really good!" He says with a mouth full of chicken. "I see." she says with a smile.
  7. You make small talk for a while. Talking about teachers, the food, people, ect. You look over Ender's spiked brown hair to Jake's wavy, lighter hair and see him smiling at a friends joke. For a second you think about going over there, but then realize that Arien would be mad, and besides you were with your friends. Chazz looks at you with his dark, blue eyes and says your name. "Oh, sorry. what was that?" you quickly ask. "I was just asking who your favorite teacher is." he says. "Oh, I like Proffessor Dewhurst, she's the one that brought out the scroll. She's a bit crazy, but nice and an easy grader." you reply. "Cool." he says.
  8. You've been done eating for a while when the deserts replace the dinner foods, but Chazz was still mid-bite. "Awww, come on!" he says. "If you're still hungry there's plenty of desserts!" teases Arien. "I'll say." he says looking over the array of pies, cakes, cookies, candies and puddings in front of him. "You better grab some while it's still here!" you say as people start dishing up and he immediately digs in. Ender sits with a clear plate, not partaking in the sugary food. Cicely tries to convince him to eat just one little cookie, but he refuses. Pleading with you with his amber eyes. Finally, Cicely gives up as the deserts begin to disappear and Proffessor Seagle steps up to the podium.
  9. "Well, that is the end of what I'd call a successful feast!" We all clap. "Now, I won't keep you long, I know your all anxious to get to bed-" you all laugh. "make sure you follow your prefects to your common rooms- especially first years. And, Welcome Back!" You all clap and begin standing up. Prefects yelling to get the first years up front. It's chaos and you loose Chazz, Ender, Cicely and Arien as soon as your out of the Great Hall. You do, however find Jacob who yells "hey!" and grabs your hand so that you're not separated. Then heleads you down a corridor to a quiet, empty alcove. "Hey" he says again, 'I wanted to talk to you earlier, but there were too many people around and, well I didn't really get a chance." There's a moment of silence and then you say: "So, what did you want to talk to me about?" "Well, I was wondering if you would help me with something." "What is it?" "I want to get rid of Headmistress Mirigal, without killing her or getting in trouble." There's another minute of silence before you ask: "Why me? and how are you planning to do that?" "Well, I don't exactly have the details yet, but I know you're going to be useful and I know you're trustworthy." "Umm, okay." you reply. "Well, we should probably get going." he says and you agree, realizing that everyone will be looking for you.
  10. When you got to your common room you deflected all the questions about where you'd been and hurried into bed. You are roommates with Arien, Violet, Therese and I quiet girl with long, blond hair whose name you could never remember.
  11. Well, that's it! I know I didn't quite get in as much description as you probably wanted, but there's a bit more in the results and I'll keep working on it!

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