Hogwarts Romance pt 1

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You are a fourth year at Hogwarts (It is after HP, if you wanted to know). So far there are 3 guys to choose from, Jake, Chazz and Ender. It goes through your seventh year.

I like quizzes like this a lot, so I thought I'd give it a try. Hopefully it's not too bad. So far it's been pretty fun to write and plan. Hope you like it!

Created by: coconinama
  1. It's time for 4th year, and boy, are you excited! Last year ended on a good note and you've had a fun summer, but are excited to see your friends again. As soon as you walk through the brick wall to platform 9 3/4 you are crushed by the massive force of your two, screaming best friends. "Cicely, Arien!" you yell, just as excited as they are. When they finally pull away, you quickly say "bye" to your parents, before rushing away with Cicely and Arien to find your other friend, Ender.
  2. It's hard to find anyone in the thick crowd, so you finally decide to board the train and wait for him in a compartment, he probably had the same idea anyway. The train is a bit quieter, but it's hard to keep several hundred teenagers, who are seeing their friends for the first time in months, quiet. As you walk with them down the thin corridor, looking for Ender or an empty compartment, Jacob Blake walked past with a couple of his friends. Recognizing you from potions the year before, he gave you a little wave, which you, as well as Arien, returned. "He is SO hot!" she said once he was gone. Cicely and you roll your eyes, she's had a crush on him since first year. Finally, you found Ender sitting alone in a compartment. "Hey!" you and your friends yell, crowding in and giving him high-fives. "Hi guys!" he says, glad to finally have some company.
  3. "So, how was everyone's summer?" you ask once everyone is sitting down. "Good." Is the response given by Arien and Cicely. "Pretty good. Was that essay for charms confusing for you guys?" says Ender. "That was an IMPOSSIBLE essay!" says Arien. You all laugh, charms has always been her worst class. "It was a bit difficult...especially if you waited until the last few days, like I did." says Cicely. Just as the train starts to pull out of the station a blond head pokes in. "Hey, can I sit with you guys?" it asks. "Sure, whats your name?" replies Arien. He sits down and says: "Chazz, Chazz Freedmin." "Not to be nosy or anything, but what year are you?" asks Cicely. "It's cool. I'm a fourth year, just transferred from another wizzarding school. How 'bout you guys?" "We're all fourth years. I'm Arien." She gestures for us to say our names. "I'm ________" you say. "Cicely." "Ender." "Hey, cool name bro. So, which one's your girlfriend?" Chazz winks at Ender, who blushes. "Oh, none of them... we're just friends." "Mhhhhm..."
  4. You talk for awhile, just catching up with Ender, Arien and Cicely and getting to know Chazz. "So, how do you know what house your in, Chazz?" asks Arien. "I'm not exactly sure how they figured it out, but I'm a Hufflepuff." He says. "Cool! Me too!" you and Arien say. (yes, you are a Hufflepuff.) "We're Ravenclaws." says Cicely, motioning to herself and Ender. "Cool." says Chazz, "So, are they really strict here?" "Depends on the teacher." you say. "Anyone I should look out for?" "Mr. Reagis if your trying to put makeup on or pass notes in class." says Arien. You roll your eyes "Just the headmistress, Miss. Mirigal. You're in big trouble if she catches you doing anything even slightly against the rules. But, since she mostly just sits in her office..." "You really, don't have to worry about her." finishes Ender.
  5. You're sitting, eating every flavor beans, pretty much out of conversation ideas when you hear the familiar 10-minute warning announcement. Since Arien and you aren't wearing our robes yet, you quickly put them on. Chazz looks excited (or maybe nervous) and you don't blame him. As soon as the train stops there's a stampede to get off. You join the throng, just as Jacob and his friends are passing your compartment. You end up being shoved along right next to him, with a slightly jealous Arien right in front.
  6. Once you are finnaly off the train and there's a little more space he says "Hi, how was your summer?" "Fine. How was yours?" you reply. "Oh, pretty good. Hopefully we can hang out a bit this year." "Yeah, maybe we'll have potions together again." you say, smiling. He laughs, "Well, I'd better go catch up to Matt and Tull." He says, running off with a wave. You wave and turn to see a scowling Arien right behind you. "Don't even try to invite me into the conversation." she says sourly. you roll your eyes. "I'm sorry, we were just saying hi. I didn't even have had time to invite you in." you say. "Ugh, I guess." "Come on, we don't want to miss the carriages."
  7. You quickly find Chazz, Ender and Cicely sitting with a quiet second year girl. "Hey! Where'd you guys go?" says Cicely with a smile. "Haha." you say drily. "She was just flirting with MY future boyfriend." says a still jealous Arien. Cicely and you roll your eyes. "And who would that be?" asks an oblivious Chazz. "Jacob Blake, only the hottest boy here!" replies Arien. "I don't know weather to laugh or be offended.." jokes Chazz. Arien crosses her arms and sighs. You all laugh.
  8. Soon you get our first look at Hogwarts, which you immediately point out to Chazz. He looks awed. "Wow, this is a lot more impressive at first sight than my old school!" He comments, "How do you find your way around?" "Well, it can be a bit tricky, but you get used to it and we'll all help you." says Ender. The carriage slows down slightly as the first couple of carriages stop infront of the school, we'll have to wait awhile though since we got one of the last carriages.
  9. Your carriage pulls up to the school and you all hurry inside the great doors. A big 'Welcome Back' banner is stretched across the entrance of the dining hall. Chazz stops inside the doorway and we wait for him as he looks around in awe. "I could fit my entire house in here." he mutters. You nod, that's everyone's first impression. "Well, come on! The food's in there, that's even more impressive than this!" says Arien, finished with her sulking.
  10. Well, that's it for my first installment! Hopefully it wasn't too terrible and you'll read the next ones. For those of you interested I will be posting at least once a week! (hopefully)

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