Hogwarts Romance pt 4

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Hey! so, this is pt.4, obviously. This is all about you and Jake, but there will be future parts with just Ender and just Chazz, I promise! Read the next paragraph too please!

For questions 9-11 you can listen to Kiss you by 1D (/watch?v=XAXE3JANcsU). o know it's kind of up beat for the part, but I thought the lyrics went well!

Created by: coconinama

  1. You are walking to potions after a successful transfiguration lesson. You are a bit tired because you woke up early to crimp your hair, but are still having a good day.
  2. You meet Jake in the mob outside the door to the classroom. "Hey!" he says. "Hi, how's your day going?" "Not bad, I'm looking forward to this class, though!"Oh? and why is that?" you tease him. "Well, you know we're making that cool potion today..." "The one that cures jungle sickness?" you ask. "Yeah, professor told me that it was a bit complicated" "I see." Finally, Professor Heacock rushed to the door and unlocked it, holding it open for everyone while catching his breath a bit and running a hand through his thin, messy, brown hair.
  3. You and Jake sit down next to each other on the left side of the dim classroom, as always and unpack your stuff. Professor Heacock clapped twice to get everyone's attention. "Today you will be making an interesting potion that will cure jungle sickness, as those of you who were paying attention at the end of yesterday's lesson would know." He doles out a few death glares and then continues, "You can find it on page 67 of your books and you know where to find any ingredients that you do not have."
  4. The class is enveloped in noise once the professor goes into his office to let us work. You and Jake open your books to the correct page, turn on the heater for your cauldron and collect the ingredients. You are the second one's done, so you clean up and put some in a vile to show professor Heacock. When you're all done with that you sit down at your seats. The classroom is still very loud.
  5. "So when is your free period?" He asks. "Right after lunch." you say. "Cool, so is mine. Do you want to hang out some time?" "Sure, would today work for you?" you reply. "Yeah, today would be great!" he says enthusiastically.
  6. You eat a quick lunch and then hurry up to your room to 'touch up'. You apply another coat of mascara and re-crimp a few sections of your hair. Make sure there aren't any stains or obvious wrinkles on your uniform and then hurry into the common room where you bump into Arien. "Hey! Where are you going to so fast?" she asks. You are about to tell her the truth, but realize that she would get mad or want to come along. "Ummm, just going to study, big test in, uhh, divination. Don't want to waste any studying time!" You smile. "Then why don't you have your bag?" she asks. "Oh! I, uhh, must have forgotten it. You run up to your room, grab it and give Arien a smile.
  7. You meet Jake in a quiet place by the black lake so that no one would start any rumors. "Hey!" he says excitedly. "Hi, how are you?" you reply. "Pretty good." there's a pause and then he says, "So, how've your first few weeks back been?" "Pretty good, I always love coming back here and seeing my friends." "Yeah." He agrees, "So do you want to go sit down?" You agree and he points to a bench a little ways away.
  8. As you are walking over there you feel Jake's hand slip into yours, but you quickly pull away. "Sorry." He says awkwardly. "I- I'm sorry too. I just... wasn't expecting it." "So is it okay?" he asks hopefully. You almost say yes, but something stops you. "I-I can't. I mean, Arien has had the biggest crush on you since, like, forever and I can't betray her like that." By now you are sitting on the stone bench. You stand up and begin to walk away, not wanting to hurt him more, but he grabs your hand just as you are standing up.
  9. He looks straight into your eyes and says: "_________, I think that that is a very loyal and good thing to do and I will support you if that is your decision, but I want you to know that I will never love her more than I love you." He stands up and for a second you are standing there with one hand clasped. Then he kisses your cheek, lets your hand go and walks away. You stand there shocked until he is well out of sight. Part of you wants to run after him and tell him that you love him too. Another is telling you to stay true to Arien and there's another part of you simply in shock of being told that someone loves you.
  10. You sit down on the bench again and think with your chin resting on your hands. After a while you realize that you'd better hurry to divination because you would be late otherwise. You grab your bag and start speed walking across the grounds. Once you are closer to the castle, you hear footsteps behind you, you look behind you and see...
  11. Hey! so, that's it! As always, I hope you liked it! I think all the info. I wanted to tell you guys is in the description and stuff....so yeah. See you later! Part 5 out later this week!

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