Hogwarts Romance pt 3

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So, here is the third installment of my series, I hope it isn't too bad. Trying to get you more scenes with the boys, so yeah...working on that! yeah...

Well, this is your first day back at Hogwarts! Exciting! I don't want to give too much away, but yeah, please comment/rate! I love criticism and ideas!

Created by: coconinama

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  1. You wake up right on time, sit up and stretch. It's the first day back, both exciting and well, school. "Good Morning" says a sleepy Arien from the bed right next to yours. "Good Morning." you reply, getting out of bed. She quickly does the same. You notice that Violet and Therese are already sitting in front of mirrors and curling their hair. You open your big, brown trunk, take out a neatly folded uniform and put it on. Then you apply a minimal amount of makeup and brush your hair. As you are doing all of this you chat with Arien and the blond haired girl (whose name is Bailey). Arien is straitening her wavy, black hair while you apply eye makeup and Bailey puts her waist length, blond hair in a side braid. "So, are you guys excited?" you ask. "Definitely!" replies Arien. "Oh, a little bit. I'm happy to see my boyfriend again, but I hate doing school work. So, do you guys have boyfriends?" says Bailey. "I wish." says Arien, regretfully. "No." you say simply. "So, who's your crush, Arien?" asks Bailey. "Jake Blake." she says. You and Bailey laugh. "What?!" she asks, annoyed. "Nothing, nothing." says Bailey, through her laughter, "Just his name! Who would name their son that?" "Well, his real name is Jacob." She says defensively. You go on about little stuff like that until you are all ready and all head down to your common room together. Bailey immediately goes over to Jason and gives him a big hug, while you and Arien sit in comfy chairs to wait for Chazz, like you'd agreed the night before.
  2. A couple of minutes later he comes down with a boy in your year and walks right over to you guys. "Good morning." you say. "Hey, this is Brent." he says, motioning to the boy. "Hi." Arien says to him. "Hi." says Brent. There's a minute of silence. "So, let's go eat." you say quickly to dispose of the awkward silence. The four of you leave the common room and walk down the painting covered halls to the great hall, discussing your first day back.
  3. When you walk into the Great Hall, you immediately see Ender and Cicely waving to you as you receive your schedule. You, Chazz and Arien make your way over to them after saying goodbye to Brent as he joined some of his other friends. You enjoy________(your favorite breakfast) while comparing your schedules. First hour you all have Defense against the dark arts together. Then you have transfiguration with Chazz ad Arien. Next you have potions, while Chazz and Cicely have care of magical creatures, Arien has muggle studies and Ender has ancient runes. And so on and so forth.
  4. When you are done eating, you walk together to DADA and sit together. You are sitting between Chazz and Ender, with Arien and Cicely right in front of you. You talk about quiditch while you wait for the teacher. Chazz is trying out for beater, that's what he was at his old school. The rest of us would rather watch the games. When the teacher finally comes in, he walks straight to the board at the front of the classroom and writes his name and today's lesson, which is Werewolves.
  5. You think it's creepy how he says nothing. Finally, after shuffling around some papers on his desk, he says: "Welcome to defense against the dark arts. I believe you all know me, but just in case you don't, my name is on the board." He was dressed in his typical black robes and extra-shiny black shoes with his graying hair slicked back. "As you can see we will be studying werewolves today. Please open your books to page 43." He proceeded to read from the book, stopping every few paragraphs to give a little lecture, boring as his classes usually were. Halfway through the class a note appeared on your desk. Checking to make sure that Professor Pestana wasn't looking, you open it. It's from Chazz. 'Is he always this boring?' you glance at Mr. Pestana again, but his nose is in the text book, as always. 'Yes' you write back and slip it on to Chazz's desk. 'We should skip together sometime.' is his response. 'Maybe.' you write back, almost getting caught as the professor looked up for one of his lectures.
  6. When DADA is finally over, you, Chazz and Arien make your way to transfiguration. On the way you tell Chazz that the transfiguration teacher is much better. "I love her! She's the best!" adds Arien, enthusiastically. "Oh good." says Chazz as we walk into her spotlessly clean classroom. We find seats on the right of the room, opposite a group of Slytherins. Ms. Kolter is sitting calmly behind her desk in light blue robes with her curly, blond hair down as always. Her wrinkly, old face smiles as Arien waves to her.
  7. Once everyone is sitting down, Ms. Kolter stands up and walks around to the front of her desk. "Hello, children! and welcome back! I know that most of you know each other already, but I thought we'd start of by getting to know one another." "Great." mutters a boy behind me. "Now," she continues, "Please arrange your desks in a circle around the classroom." There's a scuffling of desks and a few "move over!"s before we're in a successful-ish circle. Ms. Kolter stands between two of the desks in the front of classroom to explain what we would be doing. "We're going to go around in a circle and say our names and what we would like to transfigure someday! I'll start. I am Ms. Kolter and I would like to transfigure a dragon into a kitten. Let's go to the right." A Hufflepuff boy with short, black hair says: "Sam, ummm, a table into a chair?" There are few gigles before a Hufflepuff girl named Chelsea goes. A couple of minutes later it's your turn. "I'm _______ and I'd like to transfigure..."
  8. Once that is done, you are instructed to put the desks back EXACTLY where they were before and then the rest of class is spent discussing what you will be doing this year. It's kind of boring, but better than DADA. When that class is over, you say goodbye to Arien and Chazz, giving him a vague description of where to go for his next class. Then you head to the dungeons for potions and on the way you meet up with Jake. "Hey!" He says, running up behind you, "Looks like we really do have potions together!" "Yeah, I guess so." you say. "Would you like to be my partner again?" he asks. "Sure. Maybe you won't spill anything on me this year." you joke and you both laugh. When you arrive at the class there is a huddle of students outside of the door. Mr. Heacock was running late, as always.
  9. The rest of your day goes by quickly. Your classes are fine, though pretty boring. You say 'hi' to people you've met throughout the years. Dinner is amazing as always, but dessert was fun. You, Arien and Cicely honored your annual tradition of grabbing a cake and stuffing it in Ender's face as celebration for the first day of classes. Chazz laughs and kids around you clap and cheer. You tell Chazz the story of Arien and you accidentely dropping a cake on his head as first years. Since then it had simply been a joke that Ender put up with. As you told the story, he washed his pale face off with a towel and then digs in to the mostly ruined cake with a fork. You also take a bite. Can't let a perfectly good cake go to waste, can you?
  10. Well, that is all for this installment! I will explain the whole 'getting rid of Mirigal' thing soon, I promise! If you want me to go into more detail about the rest of your classes in a special '3.5' comment and I will consider it.

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