Fangs (part:1)

If you are a fan of my other series 'Fairy' Much in Love parts 1-7 I'm sorry but I've decided to take a break from them because I'm having trouble thinking of a date Jake can take you on!

So please comment and tell me if you have any ideas you wouldn't mind sharing with me please! I hope that in the time being you like this quiz! Thanks for being so understanding!

Created by: Sunny101
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  1. You are among the last to walk out of the double doors, you don't look back. Not once, not twice, never. You just keep walking, on and on. You can't go home, not now. There is nothing left now that school is over, your parents are always fighting but refuse to devorce because of the pain it will cause you. Little do they know their fighting is worse. So you keep walking, you pass your neighborhood but don't give it a second glance. Before you left that morning you had taken 500 bucks out of your dads wallet, and left a note on your bed saying 'I can't live with your fighting anymore, and sense you won't leave eachother I'm leaving you both. Forever.'
  2. You keep walking and move your back protecively up on your shoulder, hearing footsteps behind you. You quicken your pace and pull out your phone to look at the reflection and see who's behind you. But nobody is there. You no longer hear anyone, it was probably just your imagination or something like that. You get to the end of the sidewalk and see a sign for a bed-n-breakfast 2 miles north. Not realizing how hungry you really are you continue towards the bed-n-breakfast.
  3. By the time you finally reach the bed-n-breakfast you are starving and it's almost 10:00 o'clock. You open the door and the lobby is old fashioned and smells like maple syrup. An old lady at the counter says sweetly as if her voice is dripping with sugar "Oh you poor doll! You must be starving walking all the way here! Here come sit down." she says coming out from behind the counter and letting you follow her to a dinning room then patting an old chair as if to get the dust out. You were about to ask her how she knew you had walked here, but she interrupted your thlights. "I could see you from a mile back down that road. Here, would you like some pie? 'fraid that's all we've got for now." she says looking at you closely, it's like she's studying you. You nod and she scurries off to some kitchen some place. When she returns she is holding a plate with a huge slice of pie on it and a huge pile of whipped cream on top. She hands you a fork, and runs to answer the phone. Strange. She started running then the phone started ringing. You decide to ignore it and shrug digging into your pie.
  4. She shows you to an empty room (actually you think they're all empty, but don't press on the matter.) and hands you the key. Once you are in the room you shut the door, fall on the bed, and then fall to sleep. In that order.
  5. You wake up the next morning and slip out the door leaving the keys and money on the counter, before anyone else gets up. You walk for a couple of hours until you see someone running on the other side of the road and figure civilization must be close. After another half our you see lights in the distance and hope stirs in your stomach. (or are you just hungry?) after you 'climb' over a hill you see a small town and stop at a public restroom. You fix yourself up and rent a bike from some guy promising to get it back to him even though your not to sure you will.
  6. You stop in a town that looks like where you used to live and stay the night in a hotel, ditching the bike. As you are walking through the forest right outside of the town you hear footsteps behind you and turn around to be face to face witha pair of black eyes. You gasp and try to back away, but to strong arms pull you closer and you feel to long fangs pierce your neck. At first it's a small sharp pain and you gasp but find no air. You start to relax and soon are in a small coma like sleep. You are aware of everything, yet you are asleep. You can feel yourself being carried somewhere. A door slams shut and you feel like you are in a car, bouncing along a very windy road. You make a sharp turn and then the car stops and a door opens. You are lifted up and the door slams. You are carried up a few steps you think, then another door opens and closes and you are carried up even more stairs and layed gently onto a super soft and comfy bed. Soon you are asleep for real and everything resolves into your dream.
  7. *You are looking at you, then the back of a guy. You watch as he pulls you closer and grips your neck. Then he picks you up and carries you away. It's like you are watching what happened, only from a different angle. The scene changes and you see your parents in your room. Your mom is crumpled on the ground shaking and your dad is holding the note you left them with a grim look on his face. Your mom slowly stands up and folds herself into your dad still shaking and saying "It's all my fault. All my fault." 'Oh shiz muffins! What have I done?!' you think but then the scene changes again. You are watching a women handing a baby girl to a couple crying. The couple look so familiar it's creepy. Your parents. The couple is you parents when they were younger, the baby must be you sense you are an only child. But who is the women, and why is she giving me to them?then everything is white except for a pair of black eyes.* You gasp and sit up gasping for air your eyes shooting open.
  8. But your not at home, or anywhere you've been before for that matter. The door opens and you see... CLIFFHANGER!
  9. I hope you liked my quiz!
  10. Will you come back for part two?

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