Power Hungry [part 1]

Ok I really like the loved or hated quiz and I got boarded one night and created this. By the way At the end when it comes out with the answer can someone please tell me how to make so it just will tell the names. thx.

You're a sophomore at high school and your bother is a senior. But one day at school you sit alone reading a book when your friend Laurie comes over and sits with you. All of a sudden you notice the time and you had said you had to get to class. But in the progress tripped on the ground. Next thing you knew was that fangs were in your neck. When his two twins come to talk to their brother. You were blacking out in Laurie's arms and they took you out and all you remember after that was blackness

Created by: **vampire_Obssesed**
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  1. You wake up one morning wit a faint memory of the day before. ...VaMpIrE.... You put your hand to your neck is was a bit cold. Well you haven't started turning into a vampire yet. So Laurie wasn't a pure blood. Just a friend at your school. You get out of bed and put on a turquoise shirt, Denim mini skirt, and a black ribbon choker to hide the bite marks. You get book out and start to read. "______, get down here sis!" You go downs stairs book still in your hand. Your brother looks at you. "Hey sis what do you want to eat?" He asks from the fridge.
  2. "_____ John thanks." You look to your book and continue reading. You still wondered how Laurie could be a vampire. Ya he was a bit shy and didn't smile much. But he loved to be in Sunlight and he grinned alot plus he was very religious and loved garlic. But his twin siblings Kyle and Krystal knew the whole time. "Hey______! Will you stop spacing out and eat already!" You nod to him but keep thinking. All of a sudden the light turns off. You look up bu the light bulb was still on. You look to your book then to your brother then back at the light the it goes back on. Your brother continues to eat the oatmeal he made for himself at the same time.
  3. What just happened! You look around the light definitely was on now. But what has caused you to see that was unknown. You scarf up your food and then go to wait for the school bus. A teenager with bright blond hair that look almost white came over. He had on a black shirt with a black and white stylish jacket. "Hey, _____, dude whats up!" There stands Zach the fastest one in the sophomore year. He looks at you with his golden colored eyes. All of a sudden he has his arm over your shoulder. You put your head on his shoulder but he pulls you even closer his head an inch from yours. You push away just a bit for some breathing space but he sighs and takes it as if he had been rejected. You start to tell him something bu the bus pulls up and thats that.
  4. You get into Enlish class and two Japanese girls walk by. "Hello ____." The younger one in green says. You respond with a smile, "Hy Yuki hello Lili. How's it going?" Lili looks at you and turns her hat backwards. She smiles ands gives a smirk. You smirk with her but you smile at each other and give each other knuckles. "Miss Lili and Miss _____. Take your seats!" The teacher then stands at her desk. we have a late transfer student coming today. Everyone treat him with appropriate behavior. If that is..." A door opens a young black kid walks in. "Hello I'm ALex. This is enlish class correct?"
  5. Ok everyone thats it for now. This is my first story quiz. The one you like the most so far. Wait for part two of "Power Hungry"
  6. I am not quite ready for more yet so please just anser these questions so I can get it up
  7. Your favorite characteristic in a guy or girl
  8. What do you think so far of this quiz
  9. Would you read the second part when put up
  10. Is the name power hungry confusing? Well I'll tell you later and i will make another

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