Hogwarts is the New Paris Pt5

IF YOU HAVE NOT TAKEN PART FOUR YET I RECOMEND THAT YOU DO. Aloha! Beunos dias? Sawubona! Namaste! Salam! Ola fellow chicas, how you guys doing? So I know, I know its been a long, very long time so I kind of did this in a rush, not my best.

But.....I have a feeling you guys might like it, I've realised that with most Hogwarts series Draco is very, very popular. He usually has a bunch of fan girls, I'm hoping in this series my Draco might earn a few, this scene with him is actually quite cute

Created by: FireSoul

  1. I sat under the blankets of my bed, hidden behind them. But yet I have no need to hide since the rest of my dorm mates are fast asleep. But still I could not risk letting them see what I held in my hands. Inside my hands was the small package. Who would give me a package? I have no one left, and yet here in my hands is a package. I carefully and gently tear off the brown wrapping paper. Underneath the paper beheld a little black box.
  2. I slid my finger to the latch of the box....then hesitated, it could be a prank? I have no family, those muggles wouldn't send me anything, they are probably glad to have me out the house but....what if I do have a family? Maybe this could be a clue! I smiled happily, I quickly unlatched the box and opened it to behold....a velvet, emerald cushion with a sharp dagger lying ontop of it
  3. I held the dagger and turned it slowly, on the blade words that I could not understand were engraved, and a snake was engraved on the handle. I looked back at the box and noticed a little note I picked it up carefuly, it said: "My daughter _______ I'm relieved to see that you are safe and well, I appologise for leaving you at such a young age but I need you to know that I love you, I always have and I always will Love Jane Warren (mum)"
  4. "Hey ______, Dumbledores looking for you!" You were startled and quickly hid the letter, the box, and the dagger in your pockets, "Hmm...sorry, what?" You said looking at the short 11yr old girl standing at your door, "Dumbledore is looking for you" she said, "Oh..well umm...thanks...?" She looked at you and smiled, "I'm Cassandra, call me Cass" She said skipping out the door. She reminded you a bit of a deer, innocent, and light on her feet, she seemed quite graceful for an 11 yr old girl. But it was quite strange how she knew you yet you didn't know her.
  5. You stood up slowly,and started walking towards Dubledores office. Thoughts were swimming through your head. Why would my mum send me a dagger? She says she loves me but why did she leave me? Is my father dead? What do the words on the blade mean? Why does Dumbledore need to- You suddenly snapped back into reality when a passerbyer had bumped you, HARD, while walking, you fell backwards landing on your back "Ow!" The passerbyer looked at you, it was Draco, "Oh, hey ______, I'm so sorry" He extended his hand but you ignored it, you stared hard at him and he gave you a puzzeled look, "What?" he said, "I'm not used to nice Draco" He smiled "Well.nice Draco is here to stay whether you like it or not" You stared at him unconvinced, "You can trust me" you looked at his hand and grabbed it letting him pull you up
  6. "Jeez _____ your hands are freezing!" He took both of your hands and held them in between his, his hands were warm, soft, gentle not like how you thought they would be, he rubbed his hands in a fast movement to warm up your hands, you felt butterflies fluttering in your stomach as his hands held yours. "Are you warm?" he asked with a charming smile, "Yeah..thanks Draco" you said blushing, you never saw this side of Draco, you never knew it existed. He rubbed his fingers against yours softly
  7. You leaned closer to him and spoke in a soft whisper, "I think I like nice Draco better" He grinned, "Then I promise you'll see nice Draco more often. So where your headed to?" "Dumbledore, he wanted to see me" Draco raised his eyebrows playfully, "Good girls gone bad?" He said mockingly "Shut up!" You said while laughing. You punched his shoulder lightly
  8. "Ow! That actually hurt" He said holding on to his shoulder, "Uh-huh, sure it did" You said sarcaticly, "I'm not lying" He started walking you to Dumbledores office. "Serious?" You asked questionly, "No not really" He said letting out a laugh. You couldn't help laughing with him, "Drama queen" you said, "Well...actually I'm a guy so wouldn't I be a king?" "Nah, your more of a queen" "Hey!" But he couldn't help laughing with you
  9. "Well...we're here" Draco said stopping outside of Dumbledores office. "Goodluck!" He said slowly letting go of your hand. Was he holding it the whole time? "Wait! Draco!" You called after him, "Yeah?" He turned around to look at you, "Thanks" He gave you a puzzeled look, "For what?" "For warming my hand" He grinned, "My pleasure" and with that being said he turned around started walking away
  10. *ANNOUNCEMENT* Guys I'm thinking of having another competition, I'm starting to think that I should change the name of this series so...if you have any good names for this please do enter, best name will be used for the rest of the series

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