Love at Hogwarts Pt 27

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It's year 7! Harry, Ron and Hermoine have dissapeared after a magical night does this give you even more of a chance with the others? Draco misses you but do you miss him?

Hey guys I hope you are enjoying these quiz series! It's the last year!.NOOOO! Draco will try everything will you get him or someone else to love at Hogwarts

Created by: PeculiarGirl1

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  3. You stopped dancing there were death eaters everywhere. "Run!" Harry screamed and you sprinted. a death eater attacked you. Harry tried to save you but Ron and Hermoine grabbed him and they disappeared. The death eater that attacked you was noother than Lucious Malfoy.
  4. "CRUCIO!" You both shouted at the same time and you both fell to the floor in agony. Your vision went hazy as someone picked you up and ran to the house.
  5. Your vision came back into veiw it was George who saved you. He ran into his and Fred's room. The rest of the weasley's were in the room. Fred had a hole in his head and Mr weasley was using magic to clear it up. Which fortunately worked. You screamed in agony.
  6. Mrs Weasley had to get George to do the spell everything went black.
  7. You woke up the next morning and you were still in the twins room. You were able to move downstairs and everyone even bandaged up Fred was down there. "Ginny and Birdie can't go back to Hogwarts! They simply can't!" "Molly they'll have to we made an agreement for Ginny and I'm pretty sure that Birdie's parents had too. They'll have to....." "Whats going on?" The weasley's looked up. "Nice to see you out of bed Birdie..." Fred and George said in unision. "You and Ginny have to go back to Hogwarts...." Mrs Weasley mumbled. "It's Ok....I'll take care of Ginny and we'll be careful...." You said brightly even though you were scared out of your wits.
  8. The holidays ended quickly and Fred and George have mended the flying car again after blowing the engine. The 2nd time something went wrong with the car. Ginny got out first. You tried to get out but the twins pulled you back in the car. "Anything goes wrong you call us and we'll be over there in two seconds." you nodded they bothe kiseed you on the cheek and you walked out of the car blushing. Ginny was waiting for you.
  9. You ran through the barrier and were lucky to get a carriage to yourselves or that is what you thought. Draco Malfoy walked in at that exact minute.
  10. "Weasley get out!" "No""Imperio!" Ginny got up and left the room and Draco took her place. "Hi Bird..." he said gently. "What do you want?" "a second chance" "what? you broke up with me why do you want another chance?!" you said firmly. "you weren't suppose to find out what I was doing!" he screamed. You shrunked back with tears in your eyes. "You think I'm a monster now don't you.....he would have killed me Birdie!" he started to hsve tears down his cheek. "It's Ok.......can we start off as friends though?" you felt guilty if you kissed Harry, the twins kissed you then Draco thinks he's your only lover.

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