Love at Hogwarts Pt 26

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It's year 7! Harry, Ron and Hermoine have dissapeared after a magical night does this give you even more of a chance with the others? Draco misses you but do you miss him?

Hey guys I hope you are enjoying these quiz series! It's the last year!.NOOOO! Draco will tryh everything will you get him or someone else to love? :)

Created by: PeculiarGirl1
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  3. It was the night before the wedding and you were helping Mrs Weasley with cooking. When Harry and Ron came inside with red faces. "God! Is Mr Weasley doing to crucio curse on you?" "No Bird...putting tent magic" ron panted. "Birdie can you be a dear and help the others?" "Sur Mrs weasley..." you followed Ron and Harry outside.
  4. It took a whole hour to get the tent up but you finally did it. "How on earth do muggles survive without magic?!" exclaimed Mr weasley who has an obsession with muggles. "They probably don't need to put up a tent this size...." you panted. Ms Weasley had fallen asleep by the time you walked in. "For once....I don't want to eat..." you gave a quiet chuckle and walked up stairs to bed. Harry stopped you out the front of your room.
  5. "Hey what'sup?" "nothing...." "O...k....night harry!" "wait actually..." you paused and spun around to face him."I-I...." "Harry" "y-yes?" "why don't you tell me tommorrow?" he nodded and walked off sheepishly.
  6. Fleur woke you up at three in the morning. "c'mon Birdie I'm to excited to sleep!" "if you don't sleep I'll put you in a coma!" she laughed. "fine!" she slept for three more hours.
  7. "your hairs to short bird!" fleur exclaimed. "what are you going to do abot it?" she muttered a spell you'd never heard of and your hair was long and straightened. "screw you" you grumbeled. she did your makeup nice and dark and dressed you into a tight raven purple dress with her younger sister into a flowy midnight blue dress.
  8. the wedding was short and you were in tears after Fleur and Bill said their vowels. Fleur hugged you and she was in tearss of joy. "looks like I'll see you more often." you both laughed. you fixed up your makeup and went to meet Harry who was stalkerishly waitng for you outside your bedroom.
  9. he escorted you to the tent and it was magnificent there was a dance floor and lots of food that you and Mrs Weasley prepared. "Wow" you said stunned. "Birdie?" "yeah Harry..." "can I have" you eyed him "thought you'd never ask"
  10. he grined. you took his hand and started to waltz. It was magical. Everything was insink. All of a sudden there was pressure on your lips. You opened your eyes and closed them again. The there was screams.

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