Love at Hogwarts Pt29

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It's year 7! Harry, Ron and Hermoine have dissapeared after a magical night does this give you even more of a chance with the others? Draco misses you but do you miss him?

Hey guys I hope you are enjoying these quiz series! It's the last year!.NOOOO! Draco will tryh everything will you get him or someone else to steal your heart

Created by: PeculiarGirl1
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  3. Pansey and Astoria left cursing you. " alright? Bird?" you didn't want to get up. You just wanted to cry. Draco helped you up. "Bird I need you to answer me....I want to help you.....What happened? Did Pansey give you all those bruises?" "N-no....D-deatheaters." "I'm going to take you to the hospital" He helped you walk. You all of a sudden passed out.
  4. You woke up. Draco was sitting there. "Glad to see you me a little" "Draco...I-I'm sorry about the train......I didn't mean it......I was jus" "It's Ok...I didn't mean to frighten you little Bird.....Can you meet me at ten?" "Where?" "Outside your window" "Why?" "Trust me..." "Fine" In the next couple of hours madame Pomfrey let you out.
  5. You walked all the way to the Gryffindor girls dormitory to rest up. Ginny and Neville sprinted into the room. "There you are!" "Birdie you need to read this!!!" Neville exclaimed. You grabbed two letters you read the first one it was the twins saying Deatheaters raided their shop and Mr and Mrs Weasley wouldn't let them out of the house.
  6. You opened the next one, It was from Harry and Ron! " OMG!" "Bird you have to read it!" Ginny said. "Dear Birdie,If you get this before Deatheaters I want you to know Hermoine, Ron and I are Ok.....Ron, Hermoine and I miss your company ( more Ron and I more than Hermoine wants another girl of the team if you ever need anything just owl mail. We can't give you our location incase we don't get this first. Just know if you escape the full dark forest isn't the best place to go. I hope you understand what this means. Keep safe. Love, Harry, Ron and Hermoine."
  7. "Do you know what this means?" Neville asked. "They're-they're alive!" you said and hugged Neville and Ginny jumping up and down.
  8. Nothing ruined your mood that day. Even the deatheaters interrigation. You got into your singlet and tracksuit pants and went straight to sleep.
  9. You woke up that night to a tapping noise on your window. You walked slowly to the window. Draco was on his broom waiting for you. "Forget about me did ya?"
  10. "What's the surprise?" "You'll have to get on my broom to findout!" "I don't have good experiences..""You'll be with me....there's nothing to worry about!" "Fine" you got on his broom and flew off into the darkness.

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