Love at Hogwarts 32

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It's year 7! Harry, Ron and Hermoine have dissapeared after a magical night does this give you even more of a chance with the others? Draco misses you but do you miss him?

Its year 7! Everyone is batteling but will the recent events take a change the course of the wizarding world war 2?! This is the second last quiz so make the last one for your responses count!

Created by: PeculiarGirl1

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  3. You could hear the muffle screams but did not know if it was deatheaters or your fellow rebellions. You had the hardest choice, guard the Slytherins. Harry knew that the death eaters will need as much help as they could.
  4. Memories flashed forward before you went hiding. Luna has alerted Harry of a secret weapon that he, Hermoine and Ron were trying to get their hands on. You kept on counting the Slytherins. Draco, Goyle and this kid called blaze had escaped before you got that job.
  5. You heard the foot steps closing in. You raised you wand. Right on que death eaters came in. You tried to hold him off until someone cursed you from behind. No one took Pansey Parkinsons wand. "STUPEFY!" You were stunned. Your head banged on the floor and you were knocked out.
  6. You woke up a few chains covered you. "Birdie?" you looked to the left. "HAGRID!" You said. He was thinner. "What happened?" "So the little bird is awake?" you turned around. It was no other than Voldemort
  7. He looked at you menacing. "Potter's going to be here any minute to rescue his loved ones!" he said in a shrill cold voice. At that exact moment Harry came.
  8. "Fred's gone....." The world froze. You felt you were going to puke. Fred was gone.....How was that possible. Tears were streaming down your face. You found it hard to breath.
  9. "Let them go!" Voldemort cackled at Harry's demand. "Harry! No! No! Harry What're Yeh-" "Silence!" a death eater bellowed. "Harry RUN!" You begged him knowing Voldemort was going to take any chance to kill the boy that lived. "A vardakedavra!"
  10. Everything happened in slow motion. Harry was already dead before he hit the ground. Someone was screaming. Your senses regained and it was you. You were weeping and couldn't breath. "You will carry him to his supporters to show that I have won!" Hagrid couldn't cry. He picked Harry's limpe body and started walking. You couldn't look at his dolling head as it bobbed up and down. You arrived at the castle grounds. They took the changes off you. You saw George and ran to him crying. "Harry Potter is DEAD!" The deatheaters laughed. Hermoine looked like she ought to be sick. Then the unthinkable happened.......

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