Love at Hogwarts Pt31

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It's the end of year 7 and Harry, Ron and Hermoine have come out of hiding to take a stand. Who will you stand with in the wizarding war part 2?! Enjoy

It's year 7! Harry, Ron and Hermoine have dissapeared after a magical night does this give you even more of a chance with the others? Draco misses you but do you miss him?

Created by: PeculiarGirl1

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  3. They decided a plan. Harry was to distract Snape and the deatheaters. "Ron'll knock him out. Hermoine and will alert the parents and Mad eye Moddey about the battle." "How can Mad eye Moodey help? He tried to kill me!" "That was his son....jealousy.....betrayal you know all that stuff and he has a gang. We also have another helper. Be lucky it's a full moon tonight!" "No way! Lupins coming?!" "Yes Birdie. We all set?" Seamus Finnigan came up and shook Harry's hand. "We are Gryffindors...and we treat eachother like family....we're in!" Harry smiled the plan was set. Harry gave you and Hermoine his invisibility cloak. You made your way up to the owlery. "I'll get the weasleys. Remeber Birds arent like horses you dont kick em you give them a shove." She nodded and you flew off.
  4. You went as fast as you could go. It was only a couple of minutes until you spotted the house. Fred and George were gazing out the window. You went eve faster. "Mum!!!! COME LOOK!" The rest of the weasleys were there in a jiffy and you flew in. "Birdie?" you transformed. "" They all looked confused. "Birdie we need you to breathe" Mrs Weasley said. "Harry, Ron and Hermoine are back. They are defeating voldemort. All wizardig parents of Hogwarts are being alerted to help. Can you come?" they looked at eachother than nodded. "Everyone in the car!" Mr weasley shouted. "Fred can you take Birdie on your broomstick?" Fred nodded and got his old broomstick out. You were out into the sunset.
  5. By the time you got to Hogwarts it was nightfall. There was no trace of snape or his deatheaters. Mcgonagal was out. "Professor?" "Oh, Birdie and the Weasley's...Do come in we are preparing for battle." You went inside. Ginny was crying. "Ginny?" she looked up. She ran and hugged you. I thought you were dead!" "Well I didn't! Dry your eyes and get your game face on its time to kick evils but!" she laughed. Fred and George tapped you on the shoulder. "Hey Birdie!" "Hi whatsup?" "We wanted to tell you something incase we die....."
  6. They sighed. "Ever since you were in grade three we sort of.....might of.....had a crush on you......" their face was as red as their hair. "W-we like you Bird!" "Fred, George......I....." you were cut off. "BIRDIE!" You turned around. It Harry he ran up to you and hugged you. You stumbled back and fell. The twins caught your fall. "Thanks guys!" you said as you got up onto your feet. "We need help making plans. Hermoine and Ron are fighting non-stop!" "Coming Harry!" he walked ahead of you. You turned around and hugged the twins. "Don't die.The world will be alot duller!" they smiled you kissed them on their cheeks and flew to catch up to Harry.
  7. Hermoine and Ron were bickering. "No Birdie and I need to go down to the chamber of secrets!" "No Hermoine how many time-" "First of all we don't decide our rolls before the others!" Hermoine and Ron turned around. "Bird!" "listen up get everyone to the hall I have a plan."
  8. Just before everyone was in the hall you pulled Harry aside. "How do you know they are going to attack?" "After the plan the gryffindors started screaming. Voldemort was in their head getting them to tell me to prepare for death" everyone was in the hall. "Listen up! We don't have much time left! Everyone hide in the castle! Neville!" everyone turned to him and he was shocked. "You are going to wait at the bridge. If the barriers fail run back to the castle! Dumbeldore's old pheonix fawkes! you make him fly on fire! While everyones hiding, one by one they will go down as we will give them I can't believe I'm saying this but the unforgettable curses! Imerior! to control them! Crucio! to bring them torture and avardakadavra we all know how that ends! Everyone got it?" they nodded. "I hope I see you after this mess. Now SCAT!" They all ran with wands at the ready. "Hermoine Ron! you two the chamber!" they nodded and started to run!" "Where's the slytherin's?" "locked up!" Professor Mcgonagal was behind you. "We don't want any allies" you nodded and went into hiding
  9. its almost the end
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