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  • "Oh umm...thanks anyway :) could someone maybe bump this for me at a time when GTQ Guy is around then? Does he need a specific reason to dele..."
  • "So erm...whoever I'm supposed to direct this to, would it be possible to delete my account?"
  • Peter Pan Returns.
  • Peter Pan Returns.
    "Bella waved her hand dismissingly, "Nevermind". The girl crossed her feet and sunk her toes into the soft sand. She gazed up at the red head..."
  • Soap? :3
    "(Oh...yeah and to top it off, I find out this guy I really liked turned out to be a total arse)"
  • Soap? :3
    ""Umm...umm, I don't know. Sir, we really have other matters to discuss. The fa-", the King raised his hand, "I have no time for the babbling..."
  • FireSoul
    "Same here :P I considered you as a friend, I think we even did one or two soaps together"
  • Peter Pan Returns.
    "She opened her eyes, and looked at her surroundings. Seems normal enough, Bella flopped onto the white sand and removed her shoes, "The appl..."
  • FireSoul
    "I do :o hey, I didn't know you were back. Yes, I remember clearly."
  • Soap? :3
    "(How about Good old captain finds Cujo on the deck? And Ara missing?) Though it was too late, a swarm of guards surrounded th"
  • Peter Pan Returns.
    "She peaked an eye open to glance at the red-head, "I'll open my eyes when we land, Ginger"."
  • Soap? :3
    ""No of course not", answered the red head, shaking her head in confusion. A frown upon her face, "Wh-" "Listen, just...go. Okay? I saw you g..."
  • Peter Pan Returns.
    ""No I'm fine, the shadows behind my lids are quite entertaining", she replied. Truth be told, the girl feared heights."
  • "One is me practicing my Zulu accent by reading out loud a scene that I'm going to do for my Drama prac. Note: Play is based in aparth"
  • Peter Pan Returns.
    "She held onto his arm with both hands, eyes squeezed tight. Wendy, even though terrified was enjoying herself. The girl rarely experienced s..."

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