What Sweet Love Song Are You?

Thanks for taking my quiz. So what kind of love song are you? There are quite a few resaults and I hope you are content with yours. Enjoy! Have fun. Awenser truthfully. Please comment or rate or both.

These are the artists of the songs in the resaults: Justin Beiber, Chris Brown, Bruno Mars(I love him!), Demi Lovato, Seleana Gomez, Taylor Swift. Enjoy! =)

Created by: FireSoul
  1. What colour expresses you?
  2. What would you say in a midnight text?
  3. Witch is best?
  4. Are you...
  5. What would you do on a first date?
  6. Choose one
  7. Whitch lyric do you like best?
  8. Whitch artist do you like best?
  9. How was the quiz?
  10. How was the quiz?
  11. Will you try out my other quizes?

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Quiz topic: What Sweet Love Song am I?