what Song Describes Your Feelings/Mood?

Hey;) how are ya? I'm good a few facts bout me is that I'm nice funny and yes a little crazy I'm in high school I love the show tosh.o I'm love the The Veronicas. Their awesome right?!

My favorite song by The Veronicas is Untouched and Hook me up and I love the song Jar Of Hearts omg its so touching and awesome I just love music but anyways lol back to the main part just enjoy the quiz :)

Created by: LittleMadison
  1. Hey hey hey ;) madi here I am a newbie so don't judge me I'm just trying sorry I don't accept bad comments I am really nice once you get to know and funny and a little crazy.. Not to crazy but normal kinda funny crazy like sam from icarly crazy ;) my real name is madison but everyone calls me madi or mad you can call me either one.
  2. This quiz is just base on how are you feeling right now? Or what's your mood
  3. Or just to chat or you talk to me what your going through don't worry ill understand :)
  4. Always ill try to help you with some problems to be a good friend ya know and if I can't I know who can...
  5. Nikki_Knox just go to then search bar and type in Nikki_Knox go to her quiz have anything on your mind anything at all click here. Trust me she'll help you like she help me
  6. I just wanna say: Take your time during life, family comes first before friends, listen to your heart, talk to someone you feel comfortable talking to to explain
  7. So don't worry what people who "dislike you" say you ignore them and keep hasing your dreams like there's no tomorrow!
  8. Good question if they do keep bothering you you rather tell a adult or stick up for your self and say LIsten I'm tried getting push around by you you rather leave me or alone or live your stupid life as a bully I'm against bulling so I think you should stop before you get in some serious trouble
  9. Just like I'm against bulling rather is online or not I hope you are to :) don't worry I will and trust me I will understand I get bullied by people.
  10. So what are you waiting for? * points at you* go ahead take a chance and post your thoughts/mood/feelings/problems and ill see what I can do don't forget keep your head high and you'll succeed!

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Quiz topic: What Song Describes my Feelings/Mood?