how you feel about yourself

Do you show feelings is all about what type of person you are in relation to feelings. it covers whether you can openly discus feelings and show them, or whether you are more conserved with feelings.

in just a few minutes you will find out whether you are confortable with feelings or whether you would rather hide under a bush. so go on take the feelings test and see what your outcome is.

Created by: nat of boonashnash
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  1. Can you remeber the last time you felt stressed?
  2. do you show you feelings?
  3. do you show anger often?
  4. is it ok for men to cry?
  5. do you feel self consious?
  6. do you lack confidence?
  7. how do you deal with your feelings?
  8. how do you best express your feelings?
  9. where do you feel the most comfortable?
  10. do you often feel depresed?

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Quiz topic: How you feel about myself