How controlling/perfectionist are you?

Control freaks and perfectionists are often one and the same. If you feel a need to control your environment, you often also feel a need to perfect it. People like these often feel lonely and isolated. We all feel tendencies towards being submissive or dominant.

I know you're just dieing to know how controlling you are. Everyone's personality is unique, and there is no one like you. Are you a perfectionist? Take this quiz to find out, you may learn something you never thought you would know!

Created by: katia

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  1. Would you let someone else clean your room?
  2. Does it bother you when other people touch your stuff?
  3. Do you argue with other people over the validity of their opinions?
  4. Do you like surprises?
  5. How do you feel when you see someone else wearing the same outfit as you?
  6. What about an outfit that simply looks your style?
  7. When someone's hair is out of place you:
  8. If someone you don't know sits in a place that is not their usual spot, you feel:
  9. When you see someone reading a book you:
  10. In a group project you assume the position of:
  11. Does it bug you when there are grammar/spelling mistakes in a sentence?
  12. Do you edit books as you read?
  13. How long does it take you to write an essay?
  14. What kind of tests do you do the worst on?
  15. Does it bug you when colors clash?
  16. Would you rather listen to someone speak fast, medium, or slow?
  17. Does it take you awhile to get used to a new sleeping arrangement?
  18. When someone else is driving you:

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Quiz topic: How controlling/perfectionist am I?