What is your teaching style?

As teachers, we all develop our own unique styles in the classroom. People of all different personality types can be great teachers, as long as they are willing to put forth some effort and dedication.

So what kind of teacher are you? Are you entertaining and enthusiastic? Relaxed and empathetic? A self-controlled perfectionist? Or an innovative go-getter? This quiz, based on the AEL Teaching Style Inventory, will tell you which of the Four Teaching Style Quadrants you belong to!

Created by: Michelle of Positive Action, Purpose Driven
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  1. When explaining an idea or concept, I am
  2. In my classroom, I
  3. It is important for teachers to
  4. I like to
  5. I tend to
  6. I am known as
  7. In times of doubt or lack of specific information, I am
  8. I am admired by staff and students for
  9. In times of conflict with students or differing viewpoints with staff, I am
  10. When I learn about a new teaching technique, I prefer to
  11. If students are having trouble, I usually
  12. I teach more by
  13. I take pride in
  14. My daily instruction is
  15. I believe that children need to
  16. As a teacher, I must be
  17. My students need an adult role-model who
  18. At the beginning of each day, I like to spend time
  19. I take pride in
  20. I am better at
  21. My best work has resulted from
  22. Homework should be
  23. I feel most rewarded when
  24. It is better when

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Quiz topic: What is my teaching style?