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  • Quadrant 1 86%

    You are entertaining, stimulating, dramatic, enthusiastic, flexible, persuasive, and expressive. Students in your class feel inspired, motivated, enthusiastic, welcome, challenged, and engaged. At times you may talk too much, gloss over certain points, lose objectivity, and want to be popular. Be sure you control your talking and time, are factual and objective, and spend time checking, specifying, and organizing!

    86% Quadrant 2

    Sws 221
  • All teachers, whether a novice or veteran, should undertake this type of quiz every few years so they can determine their own teaching styles and monitor if their preferences or modes of teaching are changing. The goal should be to continue to improve their skills and behavior for the benefit of the students.

  • spot on about me. Very good. I appreciate the suggestions to incorporate in my style because they match what I've started to do anyway and am seeing positive results.

  • I think, done honestly, this quiz can serve as a guidance in identifying and evaluating our teaching style.

  • Useful quiz for teachers to guide themselves.Also it is a way of showing new ideas for us.


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