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  • never have i ever
    "(My friend Olivia is helping me trick my friend Lucy into thinking I have a secret admirer bc no one likes me at school lmao) I have n"
  • Rizz the user above you
    "Are you the French? Bc I’d fall for you. (My little brother came up with that on the spot somehow)"
  • "BiscuitRawr (idk bears go rawr 🤷🏻‍♀️)"
  • "“Tay yay yay I ugh the chick the gay” 💀💀💀💀💀💀 I didn’t do it lol"
  • Bullying
    "My parents are out for dinner so my older brother and I have been running around the house with our phones and texting our friends… or at le"
  • Bullying
    "Thx @BiscuitBear37! I’m not supposed to have my phone but I’m going to school so I’m going to try and post a tiny bit. I got grounded for ca"
  • Bullying
    "@BiscuitBear37 my grades were really low last year and I want to be a better student this year. It is the first week of school for me. I am ..."
  • Rizz the user above you
    "*I fall over and you help me up* Sorry I just fell head over heels for you"
  • "Sweet"
  • "Idk who that is Cordell Walker (specifically from the newest “Walker” you would hopefully be able to identify him lol)"
  • never have i ever
    "I have. Never have I ever had one of my friends pretend to be a secret admirer to play at another friend. (Thank you Olivia 🤫)"
  • "Ariana Grande"
  • Book plots
    "Ofc! Everyone is welcome to!"
  • Bullying
    "Hey sorry I haven’t been responding lately, I’ve just had a bit on my plate I have to deal with. I am also taking a small break from GTQ to "
  • Rizz the user above you
    "(Omg that’s is amazing 😆) Are you Taylor Swift? Because I may just be a die hard swiftie. (I’m basically saying t"

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