How Much Like Hitler Are You?

People are always comparing other folks to Nazi dictator Adolph Hitler. Invoking Godwin's Law just isn't enough to stop people from doing it in this politically polarized age.

That's why I've created a scientific method to finally stop the often inaccurate accusations. Take this test and find out just how much you have in common with one of history's nastiest mass murdering dictators.

Created by: Remulak MoxArgon of The MoxArgon Group
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  1. Do you oppose the existence of large department stores like Wal-Mart?
  2. Are you a vegetarian or vegan?
  3. Are you into organic food?
  4. Do you support the socialization of important industries, like energy?
  5. Do you believe that Israel has the right to exist?
  6. Who do you hate the most?
  7. Do you believe political speech should be regulated by the state to curb "hate"?
  8. Should the government regulate heat and electricity usage in individual homes to save the environment?
  9. Do you believe in the rule of law?
  10. Do you consider Christianity a force of evil?
  11. Do you consider Judeo-Christian culture the foundation of western civilization?
  12. Do you support abortion as a means to improve humanity's gene pool?
  13. Do you believe a single enlightened leader can solve the world's problems?
  14. Do you consider capitalism a terrible evil?
  15. Do you consider yourself a socialist?
  16. Do you support the end of child labour?
  17. Have you ever invaded Poland?
  18. Do you believe that terrorist acts against civilians can be justified if they belong to an "oppressor state"?

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Quiz topic: How Much Like Hitler am I?