Racism isn't always bad but is never good! Discriminating can complicate things, and cause damage. Racism is when someone discriminates against people of a specific race (this can even be their own race)! Its not something fun to go do now! It's the what drove hitler to kill millions, and is responsible for the death of a human every day!

You may not know if you are racist or not, or you may also know very well. BUT, whether or not you do, this quiz will let you know! Take it and find your percentage racism! This quiz can be for fun or for seriousness!

Created by: Me, Myself and I
  1. Do you have someone of a different race working for you?
  2. Do you have any friends of a different race
  3. Do use any derogative names for people of another race
  4. Would you ever date a person of another race?
  5. Would you adopt someone of another race?
  6. Would you be in the same vehicle with someone else of another race?
  7. If you were adopted by parents of a different race would you run away?
  8. Do you discriminate against racist people?
  9. How close are you willing to come to a person of another race?
  10. Are you offended by this quiz?
  11. Do you consider yourself racist?

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Quiz topic: Am I RACIST?