Which ice cream are you REALLY

Yah, this is a quiz. You'll like it. I promise. Cheesy, somewhat, it is. Whether you're Democrat or Republican, Black or White, we know you'll like this quiz. And I'm not being racist. I mean in the yin-yang sense. Damn teachers and environmentalists.

So, what is this quiz about, you ask? Ice cream. Ice cream, cause, I mean, who DOESN'T like Ice cream? It's cold, and Icey, and, uh, creamy. It's pretty nice. Gosh, why ya reading this stupid thing bout Ice Cream? Find out which one's you.

Created by: abby/bubblegumpunk012
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your favorite music genre, out of these;
  2. Favorite music genre, out of these;
  3. Trapped in a well, what would you do?
  4. Crush much? Lust much? Love much?
  5. Aliens have come to earth, and you have 20 minutes till they blow it up.
  6. Movie genre baby!
  7. Do you have a secret identity
  8. I'm tired of making this quiz.
  9. Who are you?
  10. 1-10 Niceness rating. Why do you say so?
  11. Favorite color?
  12. Decade time...
  13. Black or white
  14. Democrat or Republican?
  15. Love, angel, music, baby

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Quiz topic: Which ice cream am I REALLY