Which country should you live in?

Do you want to move away from your country? Well, this is the quiz to take to narrow out the choices. I narrowed it down to China, America, England, and Mexico.

So do you want to start a better life? huh? yes good. You are at the right place. Note: it is kinda funny too. I am sorry for a slight bit of racizm hey email me racist stuff if you want @ gerbphant@gmail.com

Created by: Declan Edwardsen

  1. Are you lazy?
  2. Do you Discriminate girls?
  3. What is your favorite beverage?
  4. How do you love your grandma/elder
  5. Are you rebelious?
  6. Are you gay?
  7. Do you like to be free
  8. Do you like my quiz?
  9. Do you like your current country?
  10. Do you concider yourself political?

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Quiz topic: Which country should I live in?