how succesful would you be as an evil genius

evil genii have goten a lot of bad press throughout history but there are groups of academics that believe that if some of them had succedded (not hitler, but maybe napoeleon) the world would be a better place.

so are you up to the task. are you smart enough and posive of the right thought patterns to be the next gengis khan. then take the test but be herefore warned that not all questions are suitable for the feeble minded.

Created by: amazon

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  1. how tall are you
  2. you have taken two children hostage from a rich man. He says he will give you nothing unless you realease the youngest then he will give you the money.
  3. you have the ability to end many innocent american lives what demands to you make of the us. government
  4. if u made demands how long do they get
  5. is there ever a situation you cannot get out of
  6. which of these would you find most useful, if it was possible
  7. what is your opinion on being vegetarian
  8. you are
  9. how can you beat a keystroke saver that could be used to key your password
  10. what is your natural hair colour

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