are you nice or evil

you know there are many evil people but there is nice ones too. but if you are not sure this quiz is perfect. you can find out if you are a daredevil or just plain nice. so take the quiz and find out...nice...evil...or both even you may never know unless you take the quiz...enjoy

ARE YOU EVIL or just plain nice your friends might be a little worried about either because if your too nice watch out same with you evil people...if you think your nice and you score evil you might want to rethink things over or somthing to that matter

Created by: megan
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. when someone falls in puplic what do you do??
  2. what do you look like
  3. what is your favorite color??
  4. waht do you think of when you see somthing shiny??
  5. what color is your bedroom painted??
  6. this question does not count sooo....just pick one
  7. just a random question that does not count
  8. ok last question did you like the quiz
  9. ok never mind that was not the last question there are two more
  10. k i think this is the last one but pick an answer...this is a boring quiz isnt it!!

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Quiz topic: Am I nice or evil