Are you Good, Evil, or just Neutral

So are you Good, Evil, Or just Neutral? Well find out if you don't Already know. This is a very short and simple test to find out if your Good, Evil, or Neutral.

If you are good you will choose happy nice stuff, Evil you will choose dark evil things, and if you are neutral you will choose things showing you just Don't care.

Created by: Sess

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  1. Your friend is crying you...
  2. You see a puppy walking around and it starts following you, you.....
  3. If there was one peice of cake left what would you do? (If you wanted it)
  4. You love which set of Heroes/Villain?
  5. You here a song you love but are around all of your friends, you....
  6. Which set of Bands do you like best?
  7. You promise someone something but have to break the promise, you....
  8. You love Which set of Instruments?
  9. You spill something on someones clothes you....
  10. Your drink of your eye is?
  11. Someone hands you a pencil and paper and tells you to write what you feel. You write?
  12. Someone starts dancing to something with a "Funky" Beat and asks you to come dance you....
  13. Someone shoves you and calls you a spoiled little brat, you...
  14. The teacher confronts you on a missing assignment, you...
  15. Your friend says that he had sex for the first time, you....
  16. There is a cat stuck in a tree and an old lady wants it down. What do you do?
  17. Someone Dares you to go in the opposite sex's bathroom and you accept. (pretend your in elementary school) You.....
  18. You find $50 on the ground in an envelope with a name and a phone number on it. You?
  19. Your Best friend is being picked on. You?
  20. Someone holds open a door for you. you?
  21. Someone spills a drink on you. What do you do?
  22. Someone sends you an email. You?
  23. A friend of yours needs some Help and they call you up. What do you do?
  24. Your grades are usually...(If your not in school then try and remeber what they were like.)
  25. What do you like best out of these.
  26. When you were young you like to...
  27. You took this test and you think.

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Quiz topic: Am I Good, Evil, or just Neutral