Which In the Neutral Zone Character are you?

In the Neutral Zone is a story about a young teenager with trust issues. In her school, she is stuck with two fighting girls, one generous teacher and one overly strict teacher.

Each protagonist is quirky in their own way. There is Mardley, Edit, Zulice, Fulio and Fliodano. Life is hard being neutral. But, you can understand the character's feelings by taking this quiz.

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your favorite color
  2. What is your allignment
  3. When is your birthday
  4. What are your grades like
  5. Are you sarcastic
  6. What are your favorite subjects
  7. What are you seen doing
  8. Do you have a younger sister
  9. How many friends do you have
  10. What do you dream of.

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Quiz topic: Which In the Neutral Zone Character am I?