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I saw a lot of people making shout out quizzes and wanted to give all the users I’ve talked to a shout-out! Sorry I made this a test quiz on accident I just copy pasted the results so everyone gets the same message

I hope you get a shout-out comment if you do I added a little message for everyone I gave a shoutout to so that they now why they got a shoutout! I hope you have a great day or night!

Created by: BoldNotCold
  1. Okay so the first shoutout is for @BiscuitBear37! Thanks for always listening to me!
  2. Okay so the next one goes to @LittleNerd! Thx for joining our convo in the Bullying thread I love seeing yours and @BiscuitBear37’s comments!
  3. The next one goes to @quizmaster12345! Thx for joining the Bullying thread with your amazing story of how you spin kicked a bully very entertaining! 😂
  4. The next one goes to @Eggaly! Thx for sharing your story! (And for reminding me of my best friend when I was away from her with your username!)
  5. The next one goes to @AlexFierrro! Thx for that fact about Maggie Smith I’m so glad she beat breast cancer!
  6. The next one if for P4ND4_L0V3R! I hope we can RP in the forums soon!
  7. The next one goes to @Zimswife! Thx for being the first (and only) person to comment on my first quiz! It meant the world to me
  8. Ok so the next one I don’t think I’ve interacted with but I love their work! @TheDorkWhoWrites! Your user reminds me of my crush a bit, I hope we can interact in the forums
  9. Next goes to @SprinkledSpice! I love your thread “A Dash of Spice” it is amazing! Luv your personality as well!
  10. The next goes to @June_Roses! Thx for showing up in my thread that I wrote at like 2am!
  11. I don’t want to make this quiz too long so im going to give shout outs to threads and anyone else I can think of hope that’s ok!
  12. Ok so this is going to the thread that I made on the “wine cellar” forum and I’m not going to say it’s name because, well anyone who has been on it knows why. Anyways, shout outs to all my girlys who are one that thread your users are listed below:@LittleNerd.@Marv_Magnificent.@BiscuitBear37.@AlexFierrro.@RavangerThe44th.@June_Roses.
  13. Next is everyone on the bullying thread! Your names are listed below:@BiscuitBear37.@LittleNerd.@Mina_Ashido.@Eggaly.@quizmaster12345.And anyone I didn’t get I tried to look at all the people who commented but I was quickly glancing at the thread while I listed these users.
  14. I know I have a lot of shoutouts to @BiscuitBear37 and @LittleNerd I was just scrolling through forums that I am on a lot and am give ing shout outs to the people who are on those forums and the people I talk to a lot and that kind of stuff! Sorry if this quiz was long! I hope that I gave everyone a shoutout that I want to give a shout out if not I’ll make a part 2 to this quiz and give shout outs to the people who I want to give shoutouts to. I hope everyone has a great day! Comment if you got a shout out!

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