Hogwarts Love Story

Find out who your dream guy is on this quiz series, featuring all your favourite guys: Harry, Draco, Ron, Fred/George, and Neville. Hope you do well, and get the guy you like!

This is my first ever quiz. Please forgive me if it is a complete flop. Leave a rating and a comment, so I know what you thought. Also check out my shout-outs, their quizzes are amazing!

Created by: Bethany Clearwater
  1. Two cold paws pad the side of your face, jerking you awake. "Tylilah! Please stop doing that!" you yelled, far too tired to get up. Tylilah just looked at you with her big, pale green eyes. You frowned. "What?" She hopped over to your desk, sat by your calander and mewed.
  2. You dragged yourself out of bed. I'm going to kill her... You thought, stretching lazily. When you looked at the calander, however, you quickly changed your mind...
  3. Today was the day you went back to Hogwarts! You were looking forward to your third year, as you were going to see all your friends again.
  4. You hugged Tylilah, and began preparing as she just sat there, licking her paws. As you got out of the car at Kings Cross Station, a familiar buzz swept over you. You dashed through the crowds of people to platforms nine and ten. You waited a moment for your parents, then you all dived through the barrier.
  5. No matter how many times you saw the train, it still amazed you. You turned to say goodbye to your parents. "Bye, love. See you soon. Remember to send an owl!" your mum told you, pecking your cheek. Your dad ruffled your hair and gave you a hug. "You stay out of trouble. Alright _____?" he chuckled. You waved goodbye and made your way onto the train. You find an empty compartment at the back of the train, and you flopped down on on of the seats.
  6. After about half an hour, you decided to get changed. You dug your robes out your bag and made your way down the train. Suddenly, it lurched to one side, throwing you into someone making their way back to their compartment.
  7. "Why ______, it's sooo lovely to see you again!" said a cool, smooth toned voice. Sure enough, when you looked up, you saw the platinum blonde locks and silvery grey eyes of Draco Malfoy. "Get a life!" you said, pushing him away. No sooner had you done that, than the train lurched again, sending the both of you into an empty compartment, before stopping completely. "My, my! I never knew you liked me so much!" Draco mocked. You were utterly flabberghasted! "I do not!" you spluttered. Draco smirked. "Then why are you still holding onto me?"
  8. You shoved Malfoy, and tried to get up. Your feet got tangled up in his legs, and you tripped, falling on top of him. The lights went out, and the train was plunged into almost total darkness. You shrank back into the corner of the compartment. You hated the dark, ever since you were five. Draco shifted closer to you. Even in the dark, you could see his face draining of what little colour it had.
  9. Something was outside the compartment door. You moved closer to Draco, starting to panic. It floated down the corridor, and suddenly everything changed. It went cold. REALLY cold. You didn't feel happy anymore. You couldn't even remember how to BE happy. As the thing drew closer you could see the frost appear on the door. A shadow was cast across the compartment as it reached the door. A long, boney, scabby hand with blackened nails slid open the door. The thing was covered in a ragged cloak, stained with what looked like blood. You were holding Draco now, too pertrified to care. The thing came closer, drawing back it's hood. You felt it sucking the hope, joy and laughter from your body. Suddenly, you heard shouting, and there was a flash of bright light. The life returned to you. That was the last thing you remembered before blacking out...
  10. Sorry guys! I'm gonna end it there, but I'll get on with writing the second part IMMEDIATELY!! This is my first quiz, so please rate and leave a comment on how I did! Thanks! And sorry, the results are a bit weird, but it's nothing major.
  11. Also, Shout-Outs. Thanks to Jessica Lestrange, Natuhleegayle and Vulturemonem! Your quizzes are truly insparational! Love you guys!

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