Hogwarts Love Story pt 27

(vulturemonem) Hi again! This is the longest edition I've posted in quite a while, and I've very pleased with myself for actually getting it out.

I hope you liked the slight change I made, and I hope you liked the edition itself. I'd love some feedback. I'll take love or hate. Of course, I'd prefer love...

Created by: vulturemonem
  1. (vulturemonem) I apologise for the duplicated results. This was due to my extreme impatience when my computer was being very slow, and I ended up clicking several times. Secondly, ive had enough of writing with '____' instead of a name. The main character's name will be Cailey. Originally, this was spelt 'Kayley', and was an Irish name, but it gradually changed. Apparently, it's a common English name, so I thought it fitted. I'll get on with it now... I'll 'see' you at the bottom!
  2. I woke up the following morning to bright sunshine streaming through the gap between the curtains. I let out a quiet groan at the thought of having to get up and go to lessons, and looked across at Hermione. She was still fast asleep in her bed, which caused me to roll my eyes. I stood up and freshened up, throwing on my robes and raking my fingers through my hair a few times. Just as I stooped to pick up my bag and head down to the common room, something soft and large hit me on the back of the head. Surprised, I spun round to see a pillow on the floor, and a dishevelled Lavender Brown glaring at me. I raised an eyebrow at her. "It's too early," she moaned, flopping back down. I couldn't contain my smirk. Honestly. Turning my back on the sleeping girls, I headed down the staircase to the common room. Harry and Ron were both down, muttering about something. "Morning," I greeted them. "Hi Cailey," Harry murmured, glancing down at what I assumed was his timetable. "What?" I asked. "Guess what we have today," Ron demanded. "Potions?" I asked. I had no idea. I'd yet to have a look at my own timetable. "Yes. And Defense Against the Dark Arts. Fun," Hermione said from the doorway, stifling a yawn. I let out a groan. "Why the hell did Dumbledore get her?" Ron asked. "Apparently if the headmaster fails to find someone for the job in time, the Ministry can choose someone. Obviously, Fudge has got it into his head that Dumbledore needs to be kept under observation," I said. "Great," Harry said, throwing his hands up in the air.
  3. After a rather painful morning, which consisted of A History of Magic with Professor Binns, an extremely boring subject. I found myself scrawling notes absent-mindedly, not taking in a word. Hermione and I then had Arithmacy, which was far less dull than Divination. I still couldn't believe Ron and Harry both listened to a word Percy had said during second year when he advised them about subjects, but there we are. During double potion, Snape decided to pick specifically on Harry's potion. I'd been expecting to see Draco for the first time in that lesson, as we'd become almost permanent partners, but he was nowhere to be seen. I noticed, as the day progressed, that Harry was having a very hard controlling his temper. He'd nearly snapped at Snape, not that I blamed him, and he was grinding his teeth together while Ron and Hermione bickered through lunch. Eventually, we all headed down to Defence Against the Dark Arts. I had a feeling that this would be an interesting lesson, to say the least. We took our seats, Harry and Ron together, and myself and Hermione. Harry and Ron had spent the five minute walk down discussing all the ways Umbridge could manage to mess up this class, and Hermione and myself had spoken quietly about Cho Chang and Harry. Umbridge was already seated at her desk, and the classroom was quiet. "Good afternoon class," she called, once all the seats were filled. She wore the fluffy pink cardigan from the day before, and a black bow on top of her head. A few 'good afternoon' s were uttered in response, but Umbridge wasn't satisfied. After making us chat back to her like we were five, she promptly wrote up on the board 'Defense Against the Dark Arts: A Return to the Basic Principles'. Hell, that sounded like such fun. I liked the toad-woman already. Note the sarcasm. "Quills out, wands away please," she said, "Well now, your teaching in this subject has been rather disrupted and fragmented, hasn't it? The constant changing of teachers, many of whom do not seem to have followed any Ministry approved curriculum, has unfortunately resulted in your being far below the standard we would expect to see in your OWL year. You will be pleased to know, however, that these problems are now to be rectified. We will be following a carefully structured, theory-centerd, Ministry-approved course of defensive magic this year. Copy down the following, please." The words 'theory-centred' were about all that registered in my brain. Feeling rather disgruntled, I looked up to copy the course aims she was writing on the board. 1. Understanding the principles underlying defensive magic. 2. Learning to recognize situations in which defensive magic can legally be used. 3. Placing the use of defensive magic in a context for practical use. I frowned, and exchanged a glance with Hermione, who looked equally confused. Umbridge told us to begin reading chapter one of her ridiculous book, and I pulled out my own copy with a slight sigh. I began to read, but found my eyes wandering over words and my brain not taking them in. It was all a load of utter rubbish. I was still puzzling over the course aims. Were we not going to use magic in her class? I noticed that Hermione hadn't even opened her book, a miracle in itself. Even more so was that she was positively glaring at the back of Umbridge's head. Umbridge had averted her eyes from Hermione, which had me mildly angry.
  4. "Yes dear?" Professor Umbridge asked at last, "Do you have a question about the chapter?" "Not about the chapter, no," Hermione said, "I have a question about your course aims." Ah. Go Hermione. "I think they're perfectly clear if you-" "I don't," Hermione replied bluntly, "There's nothing there about using defensive magic." "And your name is?" Umbridge asked, focusing coldly on Hermione. "Miss Granger." "Using defensive spells?" Professor Umbridge repeated with a little laugh. "Why, I can't imagine any situation arising in my classroom that would require you to use a defensive spell, Miss Granger. You surely aren't expecting to be attacked during class?" "We aren't going to use magic?" Ron asked, aghast. "Students will raise their hands while they speak," Umbridge declared. Ron flung his hand into the air. "Yes Mr..." "Weasley." In the classroom, students everywhere were stating their outrage about Umbridge's course aims. I stayed quiet for the most part, but I agreed with everything that my fellows said. Dean Thomas defended Remus well, and I stated my agreement loudly. Umbridge turned her beady eyes on me. "And you are?" "Miss Rivers," I stated coldly. She'd already taken away numerous house points, and I had a feeling she'd happily take away more. Who cared though, really? This was a whole lot bigger than a house cup. Suddenly, without my permission, I felt hot, raw anger bubble up inside of me. I could see that Harry had opened his mouth to speak, but I opened my mouth quicker. I didn't even think about what I said. "So are you telling me," I began, standing up with my friends, who had all Rosen in anger, "That Cedric Diggory's near-death experience was caused by an accident?" Everyone froze, including Umbridge. "Who's word do we have for that, Miss Rivers? We were not in that graveyard. For all we knew, Cedric Dig-" "Cedric Diggory was nearly murdered by Lord Voldermort!" Harry roared suddenly. "Detension Mr. Potter!" Umbridge crowed. She sent Harry on his way to Professor McGonnagle, and Hermione tugged me back down in my seats s she continued the lesson. It was a complete waste of our time, and she knew it. My mind was still reeling about what I'd said, and her response. So she didn't realise that myself, Hermione and Ron were also in the graveyard that night? Well that needed rectifying...
  5. During dinner, we sat huddled together along with Neville and Ginny. The rumours about Harry and Dumbledore were flying, and Harry was becoming increasingly angry, snapping at every little thing. Eventually, Hermione stalked out, tugging the rest of us with her until she reached the common room. We sat down in the over-stuffed armchairs, and I tried my best not to listen to Hermione while she threatened Fred and George. To be fair, they were testing their sweets on innocent first-years. I couldn't really blame Hermione for trying, but I thought that her threat to write to Mrs. Weasley was a bit of a low blow. Ron and Hermione refused to talk all evening, and I could tell that Harry was continuing to get agitated by their constant bickering. "Harry," I murmured as we pulled out our homework, "Calm down." Harry shot me a glare, but I ignored it. I knew he didn't mean it personally, but he was almost certainly angry that it was only he being called a liar. Somehow, the rest of us had stayed out of the whole thing, even though we all landed on the grass together. "Moonstones... Their properties in Potions," Ron muttered as he scribbled down a title, underlining it. He looked up at Hermione, who merely glared at him. Heaven, tempers were high and we were just a day into term. "Oh this is no good. I'm going to bed," Hermione snapped, before promptly piling all her books into her bag and stomping upstairs.
  6. With a sigh, I opened the book that I'd had the initiative to pick up from the library over lunch, and flicked through it until I found some things about moonstones. I groaned at what I found. The list was long, boring and complicated. As I began to attempt to decipher what it meant, Ron tapped his quill on the table impatiently. "You know Ron," I snapped suddenly, looking up, "You could use your own brain once in a while. What if Hermione and I refused to let you use our notes?" Ron looked horrified. "We'd fail our OWLs," he stated. I raised an eyebrow. "Find your own bloody information for moonstones. I'm not Hermione, I don't store pointless information in my brain becuase I read every book in existence, but I do use my brain. Go to the library," I said irritably. Ron's jaw dropped open, and he looked offended. Maybe I had gone a little far. "Well if that's how you feel..." "Look, Ron, I'm sorry," I said with a sigh, "I don't mean to sound rude. Here, see if you can make any sense of that," I said, tossing him the book. He caught it immediately. He had good reflexes... "Oh yeah, Cailey? Angelina says that the Quidditch trials for keeper will be on Friday," Harry said. "You have a Dentention on Friday," I reminded him. He let out a stream of profanities, so I turned back to Ron. "Why don't you try out? You have decent reflexes," I said with a nod to the book still held in his hand. After a conversation about Quidditch, grumbling through Snape's essay, and myself going through my Arithmacy essay, we headed to bed. I dreamt of evil, toad-like woman with pink flies on their head.
  7. The following morning began with double Charms and transfiguration. Ron and Hermione weren't on speaking terms, which was, in some ways, a huge relief for both Harry and myself. Flitwick and McGonnagle both spent the first fifteen minutes of the lesson lecturing us on OWLs. Their speeches were far less controversial and excruciating that Umbridge's, but it was tiresome nonetheless. Eventually, we found ourselves heading down to Care of Magical Creatures, with Grubbly-Plank.
  8. We stood around Grubbly-Plank, who was watching twig-like creatures in front of her. Hermione named them as 'Bowtruckles', earning a few points for Griffendor. I spotted Draco standing near the back, mocking Hermione as her hand shot into the air again. I shot him a fierce glare, and to my surprise, he stopped. Draco watched me carefully from his position behind me, and feeling uncomfortable, I turned back to the front. The lesson progressed, and Grubbly-Plank set us to drawing the little things. It was, to be frank, a far higher class of lesson than those Hagrid taught. That didn't mean that I didn't want Hagrid back. Harry and Draco seemed to be arguing up by the front, and Harry walked over to Ron and Hermione, who were standing a little way away from myself. I'd forgotten how difficult it was to listen to Ron and Hermione for long, and I needed a break. Seeing that Draco wasn't surrounded by Crabbe and Goyal, or Pansy Parkinson, I walked up to him. "Draco?" I asked tentatively. I wasn't sure why I was so nervous about approaching him again, but I was. "Hello Cailey," he said, looking up at me. His eyes pierced right through mine, causing me to blush lightly. I was a blusher, no doubt about it. "Missing the old oaf?" he asked. "Cut it," I ordered sharply. Draco's faí§ade slipped a little, and I saw Pansy shooting me daggers. I couldn't have cared less. "Your girlfriend doesn't like me much," I observed as I sat down by Draco, crossing one leg over the other. "Pansy? Cailey that's so wrong for so many reasons," he said, with a slight smirk. I rolled my eyes at him. We kept up a stream of conversation throu the rest of the lesson, and Draco seemed perfectly normal, except for the moments he had to slip back into bully-mode for the sake of his friends. I really didn't understand Draco. He was such a double-sided figure. There was the Slytherin bully, constantly picking a fight with Harry, and there was the slightly cocky and arrogant, though perfectly nice boy he became when not surrounded by his parents or fellow Slyhterins. In some ways, I found myself missing Draco if I didn't see him much. Not that it was possible to avoid him for long, once back at Hogwarts.
  9. When the lesson finished, Harry was told by both Luna Lovegood and Ernie Macmillan that they were supporting him, and didn't believe the Prophet said. Though Harry was almost certainly thankful for what they said, he seemed to have other things on his mind. Angelina Johnson had a go at him for landing himself a detention when there were Quidditch trials, and by the time we reached the common room, I was more than ready to flop down on my bed and skip dinner all together. Unfortunately, Ron wouldn't allow that, and then, done with food, we had piles upon piles of homework to do. Fabulous. Having forced myself through as much homework as I could, without falling asleep on the couch, I was just going to head up to bed, when I realised that I hadn't seen Cedric since he left to the prefects' compartment on the Hogwarts Express. Stifling a yawn, I told the Golden Trio where I was going. Harry and Hermione both nodded absent-mindedly, stifling yawns of their own, but Ron frowned. "Don't you want to go to bed now you've done all your homework?" he asked. "Yes," I replied shortly. I was tired, frustrated, stressed and angry. Who better to speak to than Cedric, who always seemed to have a calming effect on me?
  10. Yawning all the while, I ducked out of the common room and checked the Quidditch pitch. I knew that Hufflepuff had, ridiculously, started training that evening, so I had no doubt that Cedric would be out there too, despite the drizzle. I was right. Throwing on a coat, I darted through the corridors and headed outside, my hood obscuring my face. I sat down in the stands, watching them play and practise for a while. I could make out Cedric in the dark, mainly as it was he who was hollering to the rest of his team, and because he was taller than anyone else flying. Eventually, when the rain began to pour down hard, hammering in the roof of the castle, Cedric told his team to get in and warm up. He didn't seem to have noticed that someone was sitting there watching until he glanced up at the moon, which was just behind me in the sky. He couldn't see who it was frm where he stood, so I called to him. "Cedric!" "Cailey? What're you doing here?" he asked as I walked down to meet him. "Coming to see my boyfriend," I replied. Cedric chuckled. "In the rain? You should've waited inside. Or we're you stealing our training secrets?" he teased. I hit him gently. "I couldn't hear a word you said," I replied truthfully. The wind had been too strong, and his voice had carried away. "I still need to shower and change. Wait for me inside," he said, squeezing my wet hand with his. He was freezing. True to my word, I headed inside the castle, pulling off my wet raincoat and shaking it off. Not ten minutes later, Cedric was heading my way, his damp hair perfectly dishevelled. He smiled and took my hand, and I was glad to feel that he'd warmed up considerably. As we walked further into the castle's warmth, a shiver ran down his body, and it didn't escape my notice. "You should have had a longer shower," I admonished him softly. Cedric rolled his eyes at me. "That would. It short my time with you," he said with a grin. It was my turn to roll my eyes. We walked round the castle for a while, hands clasped as we talked about our very busy first two days at Hogwarts. Cedric too had had a lesson with Umbridge, and I was glad to hear that he hadn't been arguing with her. Somehow, I guessed that it was a pointless thing to do. It wouldn't change her opinion, and it wouldn't change her course aims either.
  11. For whatever reason, Umbridge reminded me of the look given to Cedric before the trains had pulled out of King's Cross. "What was that look that Mad-Eye gave you before we left?" I asked. Cedric barked a harsh laugh. "I've been told that I'm not allowed to let you get into anything stupid or dangerous," he said. "I do hope you don't plan to follow through with that?" I asked coldly. "Actually, I do," he said, causing me to let out a snarl, "Calm down, I haven't finished. I do plan to follow through with that. But I'll be judging what constitutes as stupid or foolish, and if it's worthwhile, who am I to stop you?" he asked rhetorically, with a lop-sided grin. I smiled gratefully at him as we reached the Griffendor common room. A quick glance at my watch told me that we needed to be in bed in ten minutes anyway. "See you later Cay," Cedric said. "What?" I asked. "I said-" "What did you call me?" Cedric blushed deeply. "I'm sorry," he said quietly, "I didn't even think about it." I shook my head at him. "Don't be. I was just surprised. No-one's called me 'Cay' except my brother," I said, finding myself slightly emotional at the thought. I'd loved my brother, and had been devastated when he was killed. I still didn't know why he was killed, but myself and my parents remembered him fondly. "I'm sorry Cailey, I didn't mean to-" "Cedric," I said, taking his hand in mine again, "I don't mind you calling me 'Cay'. I don't turn into a blubbering mess at anything that reminds me of him." Cedric smiled, and leant in to kiss me. Just before his lips touched mine, we were both thrown back by an invisible force. I looked around, as did Cedric, until we saw Umbridge standing there, wand out, smiling sweetly. "Public displays of affection are banned," she said in a sickly-sweet tone, "I expect better of you Mr. Diggory. You are, after all, a school prefect." I was longing to point out that she hadn't said before then that it was banned, but a quick, warning glance from Cedric told me to shut up. We both stood awkwardly, waiting for Umbridge to leave so that we could say goodbye. However, it was clear that she panned on going nowhere. "You need to be in bed in a matter of minutes Mr. Diggory," she said suggestively. Cedric looked surprised. "Have there been changes to my duties then?" he asked, a mischievous glint in his eye. "Not that I am aware of," Umbridge said coldly. "Then surely I'm still meant to be patrolling the corridors?" "Your duties are none of my business Mr. Diggory. I suggest merely that you follow the rules." "Goodnight Cedric," I mumbled, upon being glared at by Umbridge. "Goodnight Cay," Cedric muttered. I turned to leave, as did Umbridge, and I had to admit, the glare Cedric was sending Umbridge filled me with pride.
  12. (vulturemonem) Hi again! That was the longest edition I've posted in quite a while, and I've very pleased with myself for actually getting it out. I hope you liked the slight change I made, and I hope you liked the edition itself. I'd love some feedback. I'll take love or hate. 'See' you next time! xXvulturemonemXx

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