Hogwarts Part 36

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Find out in this quiz. Starting in your third year, you will get the opportunity to become friends and more with Neville Longbottom, Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, George Weasley, and Oliver Wood.

*Recap* Sixth year began in the last edition. You traveled to the Burrow and went to go get your supplies in Diagon Alley. George gave you a Pygmy Puff as a gift, and then the Golden Trio roped you into spying on Draco as he was lurking around Borgin and Burkes.

Created by: music826

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  1. It turned out to be very difficult to cram four sixth years under the Invisibility Cloak. I shuffled along in an awkward half-crouched position, trying to ignore how Ron’s feet kept tripping over my shoes. “Watch it!” I hissed as he nearly crashed into me. “Well, maybe if you would walk faster…” he grumbled. “I’m going as fast as I can, thank you very much,” I replied irritably. “Quiet,” Harry muttered as we approached the front of Borgin and Burkes. Through the window, I could barely see Draco and Borgin talking. “Well, it’s too late to follow him in. How are we going to hear them?” I asked, studying the exchange carefully in the small space between the window frame and a large black cabinet. “I’ve got something…” Ron immediately busied himself with fumbling in his pockets. He dropped something, but I was too intent on the scene within the shop to notice as my trio of friends bent to get the item. The Invisibility Cloak slipped off of me, but I still didn’t notice. I was too busy staring at Draco’s exposed forearm. He was showing it to Borgin over the counter. I couldn’t get a good enough look, so I tried to angle my head to see it. Borgin suddenly looked towards the window, and for a split second, his eyes met mine. I was too shocked to move, but Harry dragged me down to the floor and back under the Invisibility Cloak. “What were you doing up there? Did you see something?” Harry asked urgently, clearly eager to prove Draco was up to something. I had to catch my breath for a moment. I wondered if I should tell him about Draco’s arm, but thought better of it. Harry was eager – a little too eager, in my opinion – to accuse Draco. I wasn’t sure if I had seen anything anyway. I shook my head. “No, nothing,” I murmured, and then leaned down to the bottom of the door where the three had pairs of Extendable Ears trailing under the entrance.
  2. “What’s he saying?” I whispered. Hermione put a finger to her lips and wordlessly passed over another pair of Extendable Ears. I quickly shoved one end in my ear and snaked the other under the door. “…friends with Fenrir Greyback. I trust this item will be in good hands with you, Borgin. I can handle the other well enough,” Draco said in a low, threatening voice. “Yes, of course, Mr. Malfoy,” Borgin assured him nervously. I waited for more, but instead heard Draco’s footsteps thumping towards the entrance, right where we were all crouched with the Extendable Ears. We all stuffed the devices into our pockets and tried to get out of the way. As the door opened, I lunged forward, trying to avoid Draco in time. My foot momentarily peeked out from under the Invisibility Cloak and kicked against his leg. I landed with the others on the other side, safely under the Invisibility Cloak once more, but Draco wasn’t convinced. “Who’s there?” he demanded, looking quite nervous. I clamped a hand over my mouth, trying to stop my loud, shallow breathing. He narrowed his eyes, but then seemed to decide it was only his imagination before striding back down the street. As soon as he was a safe distance away, I let myself relax a bit. However, Hermione suddenly ducked out from the Invisibility Cloak.
  3. “What do you think you’re doing?” I questioned, glancing around nervously to make sure no one was looking. “I’m going to find out what ‘item’ Malfoy was talking about,” she said, and then pushed confidently through the doorway before I could argue. Harry, Ron, and I all dove for the Extendable Ears again. I tuned in just in time to hear her comment on being friends with Draco Malfoy. Evidently, she was shopping for a birthday present for him. I would have giggled were the situation less precarious. “Is this necklace for sale?” her voice rang out. She continued to point out items, but soon Borgin grew tired of listing prices. “Get out of my shop,” he ordered coldly. Hermione came out of the door, looking rather flustered. “Well, that didn’t work,” she commented, joining us back under the cloak as we headed back to the shop. “A birthday present? For Malfoy?” Ron asked disbelievingly. For once, I had to agree with Ron. Hermione was a horrid liar. She went slightly pink. “Well, at least I tried something,” she said defensively. As we walked, the conversation quickly shifted to Draco’s suspicious visit to the shop. The trio quickly set about accusing Draco of a variety of deceitful activities, but I was quick to interject. “The Malfoys are wealthy. They probably have a lot of things they want protected,” I said, desperately wanting to believe Draco had changed for the better. Hermione and Ron seemed to accept it well enough, but Harry still looked skeptical. I beckoned the others onward, trying to change the subject. “We’d better hurry. Mrs. Weasley’s probably frantic.”
  4. Mrs. Weasley was indeed frantic. But we all insisted we had been in the back of the shop the whole time and she couldn’t have looked properly, and avoided any loud lectures from Ron’s mother. We returned home with our new supplies for the year, and the last week of the holidays passed fairly quickly. However, a gang of well-wishers caught me unawares one day.
  5. “Surprise!” a bright exclamation rang in my ears. I blindly waved the visitor away and planted my head on my pillow in stubborn protest. How could anyone be so cheerful in the morning? “Now, we can’t have that.” I registered the voice for a moment, and then dragged my head off its feathery cushion. “Oliver?” I asked sleepily, blinking to clear my eyes. It seemed as if most of the household was crammed into the twins’ old room, but one person stood out from the rest. Oliver grinned. “Happy Birthday.” I looked around at the Weasleys, Harry, Hermione, and Oliver. “Wait, is this for me? You didn’t have to do that,” I said softly. “Well, you never told us your birthday was today, dear. We missed the last couple!” Mrs. Weasley exclaimed, seemingly a bit frustrated with herself. “Oh. Well, thank you. But who told?” I asked, a bit confused as to how they found out. Oliver smiled sheepishly. “I remembered from when we used to…well, from before. I thought you deserved something better than nothing this year. You only turn sixteen once,” he said cheerfully. I raised an eyebrow. “You only turn fifteen once. And for that matter, fourteen too,” I said with a smirk. “Ah, well, I only remembered this year,” he said. “I really should’ve asked sooner. How could I have missed this?” Mrs. Weasley exclaimed. “It’s fine, Mrs. Weasley. Really,” I reassured her. She smiled and then became a bit worried again. “I’m afraid this was on quite short notice. I’ll have to make dinner and a cake and oh, what about the presents?” she began to list things off. “Don’t make too much of a fuss, Mrs. Weasley. This is perfect,” I said, utterly happy right then. Almost everyone I cared about was there. Granted, I wasn’t on good terms with every single one of them, but it was good enough. As Mrs. Weasley shuffled off to go make breakfast (or lunch, more like), the remainder of us went off to the yard to start up a game of Quidditch.
  6. When we got outside, even Hermione picked up a broom, but Ron hesitated. He shuffled off to the side as if to just watch, but I shoved a broomstick into his hands. “It’s my birthday. You’re playing,” I said simply, and left him with a surprised look on his face. He looked at the broom and again to me, and then hesitantly joined us in the middle of the yard. I smiled; sometimes it felt good to take charge, especially when I was usually the one tagging along. As was the obvious choice, Harry and I were playing the two Seekers, Oliver and Ron were the Keepers, and Hermione, Ginny, and Arianna were switching off as Chasers. The game was quite competitive, but friendly, and by the time my team walked off the field victorious, no one cared who had won. That evening, Mrs. Weasley prepared a savory dinner and a small, but equally delicious cake, and I spent a nice night enjoying the sensation of having a family. Oliver reluctantly Apparated after dinner, and I eventually retired to my room, my pockets filled with various gifts of candy, chocolate, and joke shop items. I went to bed, absolutely content to revel in that day forever, but I eventually dropped off sleep and within a few more days, it was off to Hogwarts again.
  7. Before I knew it, the trunks were packed and I was once again boarding the Hogwarts Express, off to another year at Hogwarts. Ron and Hermione immediately headed off to perform their prefect duties, and Ginny went off to see her boyfriend, Dean Thomas. “Shall we go find a compartment?” Harry suggested. I smiled playfully and linked my arm through his. “Lead the way.” It didn’t take long for either of us to notice the stares being directed at us as we made our way down the corridor. Or rather, at Harry. He reached for his Invisibility Cloak, but I stopped him. “Just ignore them. Look, Neville and Luna are right there,” I pointed out, leading him over to their compartment. I poked my head in and grinned at them both. “Mind if we join you?” I asked. Neville grinned back, while Luna looked up from her magazine absentmindedly. “Not at all,” Neville said cheerfully, moving his bags aside to make room for me. Harry sat next to Luna, and nodded occasionally as if he understood her comments on Crumple-Horned Snorkacks. As I started a game of Exploding Snap with Harry and Neville, Hermione and Ron appeared at the door, done with their prefect duties. Just as they settled in, a girl appeared at the door. “Are Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom, and Cassandra Levell here?” she asked, holding a number of scrolls. We all nodded, and she handed us each a scroll. “Professor Slughorn has invited you all to lunch in his compartment,” she explained quickly, and then left to deliver more scrolls. I exchanged confused glances with my other compartment companions, but Harry didn’t look all that bewildered. “I met him over the summer. He likes to make friends with all of the ‘special’ students so he can get the benefits later on,” he said with a bit of disgust towards the professor. Hermione and Ron looked a bit indignant, but we just reassured them that it wasn’t a big deal and made our way to the compartment indicated on the scroll. I had to admit that I was a bit flattered at being invited, even if I felt bad about leaving the others.
  8. The compartment we entered was completely packed. Most of the occupants I didn’t recognize, but I did notice Ginny squashed in the corner, looking utterly uncomfortable. I sat in between Neville and Harry, but considering how little space there was, I might as well have been on the floor for all the comfort it provided. Professor Slughorn beamed at all of us and after some introduction, started questioning us about our family connections. As he went around the compartment, I started to get a bit anxious. Exactly what was I supposed to say about my parents? ‘My mum’s a Death Eater, and my dad’s an undercover member of the Order of the Phoenix.’ That sounded pretty impressive, didn’t it?
  9. “Ah, Cassandra, is it? Triwizard Champion along with Harry over there. Top of the class, too, I hear. What about your parents? What do they do?” he questioned excitedly. “I…I live with my grandparents. They’re Muggles,” I said, going pink at how insignificant it sounded against everyone else’s distinctive backgrounds. But I didn’t think the other explanation was going to earn me any points with Professor Slughorn. “Ah, well, I’m sorry to hear that,” he said sympathetically, but I could tell it was a mask for his disinterest in my family. He directed his attention at the others for a while, seemingly trying to figure out which ones were worth being his favorites. I didn’t really get the spotlight after that, but Professor Slughorn did seem to possess a certain nagging interest regarding my parents. All in all, lunch wasn’t so bad. Soon, it got dark and everyone dispersed. Harry soon parted from Neville and I. “I’m going to go on ahead,” he said, looking around at the stares from students in other compartments. I nodded and let him continue on. I walked back with Neville, poking fun at Professor Slughorn and visiting with some other former DA members as we went along, and then realized that the train had arrived at the station. I entered our compartment to get my luggage and get off the train with everyone else. “Where’s Harry?” I asked Ron and Hermione, scanning the area and noticing that a certain friend was missing. “He wasn’t with you?” Hermione questioned. I shook my head. “No. In fact, he walked back quite a while ago. I thought he came back here,” I said, beginning to question why Harry had left in the first place. Hermione interrupted my thoughts. “Well, maybe we should go look for him. You know Harry. He’s not really one to stay out of trouble…” she said anxiously. “There’s no need for all of us to go. I can look for him. You guys can take the luggage and I’ll have Harry back at the Gryffindor table in a few minutes,” I suggested, and they all agreed, unable to see anything wrong with the plan. Freed from my own luggage, I walked along the corridor, armed with a purple Pygmy Puff (they aren’t blue, as it turns out) named Alvin and my wand.
  10. I spotted Draco striding out of a compartment, looking rather smug about something. I hesitated about approaching him, but quickened my stride to catch up with him anyway. “Hello, Draco. Did you have a nice summer?” I inquired casually, masking my suspicion with a smile. His smug expression disappeared in an instant. “It was…fine,” he said shortly, avoiding my eyes quite noticeably. “Er, have you seen Harry at all today? Well, I guess it would be Potter to you. I seem to have lost him,” I said with a sheepish smile. His eyes flicked nervously to his compartment and then to the door. “No,” he said flatly. “Listen, I should probably get to the castle. I’ll talk to you later,” he said, and then stepped off of the train. I watched his tall, thin figure for a few seconds and then retraced my steps back to the compartment Draco had been in. I stuck my head in and looked around. Empty. I stepped in tentatively to take a closer look and the bottom of my shoe met something that was clearly not the floor. I quickly retracted my foot, but there was nothing on the ground. I carefully lowered my foot again, but it stopped well away from the floor. I reached down and felt the silky material of the Invisibility Cloak. I pulled it off to reveal a petrified Harry. I gasped, seeing his blood-covered face and broken nose. I unpetrified him and gingerly helped him to his feet. “What on earth have you been doing?” I demanded, completely shocked at his current state. And even worse – Draco had clearly been the culprit. He went a bit pink out of embarrassment, but quickly got over it. “I’ve got to tell you something,” he said in a low voice. I wasn’t really listening, however, as I was being distracted by a new arrival. “Tonks?” I asked in bewilderment, ignoring Harry as the Auror came down the corridor. She looked at us with that same disinterested look she had before, but then took in the damage on Harry’s face. “Malfoy,” he explained shortly, answering her unspoken question. “I’ll fix that for you,” she said, pulling out her wand and making his nose pop back into place with a sickening crunch. “Let’s get you two back to the castle. Security’s tight this year,” she said grimly, leading us up to the castle as quickly as she could.
  11. We ran into a bit of trouble with Snape, but made it through to the Great Hall with Tonks’ help. I slipped into the first open seat I saw at the Ravenclaw table, hoping to avoid the stares that were currently directed at Harry. Unlike him, I hadn’t been so adamant about proving Voldemort’s return, and now that our story was finally confirmed, he was the one getting all the attention. I didn’t really mind, though; fame was never anything I had really desired around Hogwarts. The Sorting Ceremony had already finished, so everyone was seated and ready to eat. I absentmindedly deflected some questions regarding the Department of Mysteries and tuned into Dumbledore’s new announcements for the year. He first announced Professor Slughorn as the returning Potions master, which surprised me. If Snape wasn’t teaching Potions…”And Professor Snape will be taking over the Defense Against the Dark Arts position,” Dumbledore finished. My eyes widened a bit in surprise, but it was nothing compared to the Gryffindor’s open looks of disbelief and horror. Then again, Snape never really had anything against Ravenclaw. Gryffindors were always his victims for the most part. I smiled faintly; Harry was going to love that.
  12. *music826* Just a forewarning – the results may or may not make sense. I wrote them before I wrote most of this edition. I also apologize for the delay in posting and the horrible options, but I just haven’t had any time to write since I got back from my vacation. Nevertheless, I hope to wrap this entire series up by the end of July, or by the time school starts (mid-August for me) if all else fails. I just can’t afford to continue this through the school year as I’ve mentioned previously. Any suggestions or ideas to help the process speed up would be greatly appreciated as always. Until next time :)

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