Before A Hogwarts Love Story (vulturemonem's)

This is a quick insight to 'your' life before year three at Hogwarts. I hope this answers any questions you may have, and if not feel free to drop a comment and ask!

Just read the quiz below and it gives you a quick summary of 'your' life. Some was planned before in the back of my mind, a some just came out when I wrote. I had to add the bit about Cedric at the end, and I thought that not liking Draco to start with fitted, as the relationship between the two of you progresses through year three and year four. He wasn't the greatest fan of you at the start of my Hogwarts Love Story! I hope you enjoy this, and I apologise, there are no results for this, as it wasn't really a part, just a brief insight. Thank you once again for taking the time to read this!!!

Created by: vulturemonem

  1. Hi there readers! I've had a few readers ask how 'you' became friends with the Golden trio, and what happened at previous moments in your life. So I thought I'd do a quick biography of your life. I won't do this in story format, but I will cover the main points. I haven't planned any of these particularly, but they have been in the back of my mind as I shape my main story. I hope you like it! vulturemonem xX
  2. Before Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry...
  3. You lived with your mother, father and older brother, Matthew in a pretty house in Sussex. Matthew was in his last year of Hogwarts when you got your Hogwarts letter, just after your tenth birthday. He wa training to be an auror. As briefly mentioned in year 3, a Death Eater attacked your home not long afterwards. After killing Matthew, he left suddenly for a reason that is currently unknown, leaving your mother, father and yourself unharmed.
  4. Your first year at Hogwarts...
  5. You sat with a boy called Neville Longbottom on the journey to Hogwarts, and you quickly took a liking to him. The sorting hat mentioned that your brains were good for Ravenclaw, but your loyalty and sense of humour put you in Griffendor without a doubt. A few days into the term, you learnt that what Matthew said about blood-status' was true. You were a muggle-born yourself, and hated the Slytherin's for their quick, uncanny ability to insult others for their blood-status'. You met Pansy Parkinson when she insulted Hermione for being a 'mudblood'. After standing up to Pansy for her, you and Hermione became close friends very quickly. You met Ron and Harry in your charms class, and we're mildly surprised that Harry wasn't the big-headed, arrogant boy you expected him to be. He seemed to be very good friends with Ron Weasley, who seemed to take pleasure in insulting Hermione. Granted, she could be a but know-it-all, but you hated him for upsetting her. The relationship between yourself and Ron was off to a rocky start. You soon found out about the Philosopher's stone, and Harry explained about his trip to Gringotts with Hagrid, the friendly gamekeeper. After that, you became rather good friends with the famous Harry Potter, although you were still a little hostile towards Ron. Harry quickly proved himself to be a great quidditch player like his father when Oliver Wood chose him as Griffendor seeker. When the troll infiltrated the castle, yourself, Harry and Ron were quick to save her. Ron gained a large chunk of respect for Hermione when she lied about why she was in the bathroom to spare the three of you. She proved her Griffendor qualities that day, and a thick and firm friendship sprung up between the four of you.
  6. Your first encounter with Draco Malfoy was after a visit to Hagrid. Your first encounter was not a happy one. Draco was with his bodyguards, as the majority of people called Crab and Goyal. Draco and Harry had become quick enemies, and Ron and Hermione both detested him for his insults about 'mud-bloods' and 'blood-traitors'. You yourself had yet to meet the all-famous Draco Malfoy, but you were struggling to keep an open mind. After a bucket-load of insults and mocking tones, Draco hadn't done much to make you like him. It wasn't going well.
  7. Skipping on through the year, (because you've all read Harry Potter, right?) Hermione works out the mystery behind the Philosopher's stone, and Nicholas Flammel. The four of you embark on the dangerous adventure to stop Snape stealing the stone. You are the the one to work out how to get past the Devil's Snare, and you stay back with Hermione when Ron sacrifices himself in the game of wizard chess. You send an owl to Dumbledore, and Harry defeats Lord Voldermort for the second time. The first year at Hogwarts is over, but the second is looming upfront.
  8. About a week before the start of the year, you receive a letter inviting you to the Weasley's house. After a quick acceptance, you arrive a few hours before the twins and Ron save Harry in their Dad's flying car. After cracking some jokes with the twins (who you took a quick liking to) and annoying the hell out of Percy, a girl a year or so younger than you walks down the stairs, asking Mrs.Weasley for the whereabouts of her jumper. Upon seeing Harry, she froze and went bright red. Ron explains that it was his younger sister Ginny, who had been talking about Harry all summer. You wander upstairs to grab your stuff before going to Diagon Alley, and run into Ginny again. After a short introduction, the two of you hit it off well. You find out that Ginny was starting her first year at Hogwarts, and she filled you in on her family. After an eventful start to your trip, you go to a book signing. On your way, you run into Hermione and Neville. You are introduced to your new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, Gilderoy Lockhart, who makes a show of signing Harry a million and two books, and posing for a picture with him. Ron is distinctly unimpressed by him, as are everyone else, save for Mrs.Weasley. During the car journey to King's Cross, Harry explains in hushed tones about Dobby, the strangely eccentric house elf, and his warnings about Hogwarts this year. Ron is unconvinced, but you feel a little uneasy, particularly as you can have a good guess at the masters of Dobby. Harry and Ron are held back at the platform, and receive detentions when they bash into the Wamping Willow. The next day, Harry begins to hear voices in the walls of Hogwarts, and there is an uneasy feeling going round the castle. During the first week or two, Ginny and yourself grew particularly close. This is, however, thrown down the bin when Ginny begins to distance herself from everybody. Once, you walked in on her writing in a black book with tears streaming down her face.
  9. Not long after, Harry gets into a duel with Draco, who conjures a snake. When the snake tries to attack Justin, a second year Hufflepuff, Harry begins to speak parsletongue. After impatiently explaining to him that he was speaking 'snake-language' not English, the three of you say that Salazar Slytherin also spoke Parsletongue. When people start being petrified by seemingly nothing, Harry is suspected by the majority of the school. A message is written on the wall, next to Filch's cat, that the Heir of Slytherin has returned, Enemies of the Heir Beware. After being told by Dumbledore that Harry is not his suspect, Ron decides that he reckons Draco is the heir. Hermione comes up with the idea of Polyjuice potion, and you meet moaning Murtle. A week after you begin making the Polyjuice potion, you are chosen by Griffendor's Oliver Wood to replace last years chaser on the quidditch team. You take a great liking to the sport, and soon become a great player. In a grossly played match against Slytherin, Harry has the bones in his arm removed, and then re-grown by Madame Pomfrey. After interrogating Malfoy (disguised by the potion), Harry and Ron come to the conclusion that the heir of Slytherin is someone else. However, the chamber of Secrets has been opened before, fifty years ago. Rumours fly about the castle that Hagrid opened it this time, as he opened it before. The four of you feel uneasy, as you knew that Hagrid was currently hiding a dragon in his hut. One lunch, Hermione makes a sudden trip to the library. Just before a quidditch match against Ravenclaw, she was found petrified in the library.
  10. The three of you use Harry's invisibility cloak to sneak out and see Hagrid, planning on asking him about the chamber, as another two people had been petrified. Before Hagrid can say anything, the Minister for Magic removes both Hagrid and Dumbledore from the school vicinity, sending Hagrid to Askaban. Well, the school governors decide that it was time Dumbledore 'stepped down', to your disgust. Hagrid hints that you should follow the spiders, so yourself, Harry and Ron follow the trail into the Forbidden Forest. You encounter Aragog, the giant spider, who explains that Hagrid did not open the chamber, and says that a girl was killed in the girls bathroom the last time. Owing partly to your quick use of spells, you were able to escape the lair of hungry spiders, and return to the school with several more clues. Later that week, Harry finds a crumpled piece of paper in Hermione's hand, which leads you to believe that the monster petrifying people is a Basilisk. Between you, you work out that you only die if you look it directly in the eye. Hermione had written pipes on the paper, and Ron is horrified to realise that it's using the plumbing. You work out that moaning Murtle was the girl who died. When you go to speak to her, she was floating above a flooded bathroom. She tells you that she remembers a pair of yellow eyes by the sink. While Harry looks at the sink, you ask her what happened. She says that somebody threw a book at her, and you see the black book that you'd seen Ginny writing in sitting on the floor. When Harry picks it up, you freeze, but say nothing, wondering why Ginny wanted to dispose of it so badly.
  11. Not long after, another message is written on the wall, and it says that a girl has been taken into the chamber, and will die. You overhear McGonnagle telling Madame Pomfrey that it's Ginny. While Harry and Ron aske Lockhart to come with you to the chamber, you run to the hospital wing to check for any last clues that Hermione had. You find none, but run into Draco. Despite the bad start you got off to, he catches you before you fall flat on your face. You blush, thanking him, and he asks if you know that it's Ginny Weasley. You reply that you do, and do a double take when he uses your first name. From that moment on, you became, suddenly, friends.
  12. As you walk down to the bathroom, Harry explained that Lockhart was a fraud, and that he was 'gifted' with memory charms. As soon as Harry opens the chamber with parsletongue, Lockhart is forced down first. After attempting to erase Ron's memory, his spell backfires, erasing his, and blocking himself and Ron off from you and Harry. The two of you go on, and Harry recognises the boy that stands in a slightly ghost-ish form beside the unconscious body of Ginny Weasley. He introduces himself to you as Tom Riddle, and you freeze, knowing that that was Voldermort's name. He explains this to Harry, and says that he used the book to get close to Ginny, and that she had stolen it back from Harry. He was now draining her life to return. He releases the basilisk, and you and Harry run, attempting to stay alive. Fork, Dumbledore's Phoenix drops the sorting hat, from which you see the sword of Griffendor. You lift the sword from the battered hat, a ray of hope growing in you. However, the basilisk makes quick work of you, and you lay on the floor, your arm and face bleeding from a single swipe from it's tail. Harry takes the sword, and defeats the basilisk, but he has a fang in his arm. As the venom spreads, Harry stabs the book with the fang, and Tom begins to disappear. Forks heals Harry's wound, and Ginny wakes up. The four of you and Lockhart return to Hogwarts as champions, and Hagrid and Dumbledore are returned to their positions as gamekeeper and headmaster.
  13. Harry frees Dobby from slavery with the Malfoys, and the hear is over. On the journey home, Draco and yourself exchange a quick conversation, that ended with smiles. You walk smack bang into a fourth year Hufflepuff that you don't recognise. He catches your arms to steady you, and the two of you apologise quickly. He introduces himself as Cedric Diggory, and you shyly tell him who you are. You recognise him as the Hufflepuff seeker. Your summer is spent with your family.
  14. I hope you enjoyed that little insight, and I quite enjoyed sharing it all with you. I hope this answers any questions you have, and please drop a comment and feel free to ask anything else!

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