A Hogwarts Love Story Part 3 (New Version)

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So this one is a bit short but i'm planning on the next one to be very long. I'm sorry about incorrect spelling I have a broken arm. This one doesn't have any moments sadly just back story

Your back story is exposed. Why wasn't your mother there during the summer? Why are you so afraid of what the boggart will be? Can you build up the confidence to tell Harry?

Created by: Mirimichelle
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  1. The weekend was over now. Your first few classes had been boring and un-eventful as usual, and now you were heading over to Defense against the dark arts. Your stomach began to do back flips as you remember Professor Lupin's words 'We'll continue with the lesson next time'. You paused to regain your strength, afraid of what your boggart would turn into. All you knew is it wouldn't be anything you can make look happy.
  2. Once you entered the Defense against the dark arts classroom you timidly sat by Hermione and looked around nervously. Suddenly Lupin walked in with a smile on his face. "Ok. So about half the class didn't get to see there boggarts. Will that half line up again?" he asked with a smile. You sat down hoping no one would notice you didn't get a chance to go. Suddenly Hermione nudged you. "Go on! You didn't go last time!" she whispered. "Y-yes I did." you stammered. She rolled her eyes and pushed you towards the line. Thanks a lot Hermione....
  3. Minute by minute, one by one, the time ticked slowly and people discovered there boggarts. Luckily you stood in the very back of the line, being as silent and as unnoticeable as possible. Soon enough there were only a few people in front of you and you felt sick to your stomach. You weren't really scared of what you're boggart was going to be, but if it was what you think it is...what other people will think. And then came the time. It was finally your turn. There was a lot more time left in class so you had nothing to save you. Professor Lupin was about to open the cabinet when you stopped him. "_______? Are you alright dear?" he asked. "D-do I really have to do this?" you whispered so only you could hear. "Everyone else did my dear. I'm afraid it is required." He said, not seeming to get your hints that you really couldn't do this. So as he slowly approached the cabinet you did the only thing you could do. You ran like bloody hell out of there.
  4. You ran at full speed, dashing out of corridors and finally into the winter snow. You quickly retreated to a very large rock and there you started to cry. ~Flashback~ You held your fathers hand tightly. "Daddy get mommy! Get mommy!" you screamed and struggled to loosen his tight grasp on your small, fragile 6 year old self's hand. "Don't you think I would if I could?" he growled. You hid your face from him. You had never seen your father like this. You could hear the screams of someone from the house next door and began to panic. There was fire every were and that was the house of one of your child hood friends, James. You began to struggle out of his grasp but he took the hint, knowing James's parents very well and you went to investigate. There you saw James and his beautiful mother Roset. Her long beautiful red hair strewn all over her face. "James!" you cried trying to reach out to him. He was crying with Roset over his fathers body. "Run Roset!" Your father screamed. Roset looked at you and quickly picked up James and ran away. Your father quickly repeated her actions.~ You hadn't seen James or Roset till this day. Your father was was never the same and had fled to alcohol. Who had started that all. The one and only Lord Voldermort. He didn't just destroy your friends and family but he also destroyed your whole town.
  5. Suddenly you heard footsteps behind you and you froze up. You quickly wiped away your tears and veered around to see Harry looking at you with worried eyes. "_____." he said gently, beckoning you to him. "I'm fine." you whispered, taking in a shaky breath. The winter wind hurt your chest and made your insides shiver but you continued inhaling it deeply anyways. "______. You know you can tell me." Harry said sternly. "Harry I just can't talk about it." you whispered. "Please." "I'm not ready too." you muttered. He nodded then walked off, filling you with a guilty mind and sad thoughts.
  6. The next few days you stayed quite to Harry as he gave you worried glances, along with lots of other people who were in that class. But finally you were ready to tell someone. A bit afraid to confront Harry you decided to tell Ginny and Hermione. "When I was about 6 I had a dreadful thing happen to me. My mum was tucking me in and right as she was turning the lights out we heard screaming. A large fire rose up from across the street. We could here a curse being shouted from across the street and long story short it was Voldemort. My mother died in the wreckage. It also killed my best friend James's father. I was scared my boggart would be my dead mum. Nothing can make that happy." You told them a short version of your story. You was saving the longer version when you could work up the courage to talk to Harry. Hermione gave you a hug and Ginny had began tearing up. To lighten the mood Ginny just had to ask "So...James eh? Sounds kinda cute." she said nudging you. "Ginny. We were 6." You stated blankly. She rolled her eyes and you laughed. "Young love." she screamed before running down into the common room.
  7. So ya! Don't forget to comment because comments actually give me more influence and improve and speed up my writing process!!
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  10. Bye loves see you later. Next time we get a longer back story and Harry and Ron moments

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