A Hogwarts Love Story Part 2 (New Version)

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So here is part two! Much more drama this time. Oliver and ________'s date! Will it end with a blissful kiss or a crying girl? Will love be found or will more fights start

Number 2 in my newly improved series. This one's best moment is most likely the Draco moment. I think next time i'm going to have a big Ron moment! Enjoy

Created by: Mirimichelle
  1. Today was finally the weekend. The first week of school was over and you were more than ready for Hogsmede this weekend. You sat in-between Hermione and Ginny as they both stared at you giggling and across from Harry, Ron and Neville. Neville had heard about your 'date' with Oliver but Ron and Harry were completely oblivious. "Ok, this is getting annoying! What in bloody hell are you girls laughing at?" Ron asked. "Didn't you hear! ______ has a dat-" you cut Ginny of by putting your hand over her mouth. "A date with Oliver Wood!" Hermione finished for her with a giggle. You turned red as a tomato while Harry looked shocked and Ron looked disgusted. "It's not a date." you muttered. Ron just shot you a glare and he stomped off with Harry at his side.
  2. After that awkward encounter Hermione and Ginny rushed to get you ready. You refused to wear the many skirts they threw at you, seeing that it was snowing outside and you decided on a large grey sweater and some skinny jeans. Hermione rolled her eyes at your choice of clothing and Ginny threw some very hard boots at you. You put the on and they were gray high heeled boots that went to your knees. You decided they wouldn't let you leave the room if you didn't AT LEAST wear that so you reluctantly slipped them on and curled your hair. Once you were ready Hermione and Ginny hovered over you, patting down loose hairs and questioning the appropriate amount of blush. Once they had calmed down and decided you were perfect it was already 3:20. Geniuses. They quickly pushed you into the common room where Harry, Neville and Ron were conversing but you were to busy to take Ron's death glares into account. "HURRY UP TEN MINUTES!" "DON'T MESS UP HER HAIR!" "WALK QUICKER!" "_______ USE THEM OR LOOSE THEM." After all that screaming you made it to Honeydukes at 3:30 on the dot. Hermione and Ginny waved you off with exited smiles as you reluctantly entered the candy shop.
  3. When you entered Honeydukes the soft aroma of sugar and the loud chatter of exited students filled your ears. You scanned the room to see no Oliver so you took it upon yourself to look at candy. While you were looking you were near to the door and could here some loud voices from outside. You turned around to see Oliver and some of his friends talking him into going in. Luckily he was facing the other way. You giggled and rolled your eyes but soon enough Oliver came in and noticed you. You approached him with a smile. "Hey Oliver!" you said. "_____. You actually came." he said, a bit flushed. "Of course why wouldn't I!" you said cheerfully. "Want to look at some candy?" he asked. "Sure"
  4. You finally decided on a giant lollipop that changes colors (and flavors) with every lick Oliver laughed at you choice and as he neared the register he insisted he'd pay for it. "No! It's fine! I can't make you pay for me!" you retort. "Yes but I dragged you out here against your will." he said with a goofy one sided grin. You rolled his eyes and after about ten minutes of bickering about who would pay for the damn lollipop he stole it from your hands and payed for it. Once you got out of Honeydukes you and Oliver walked through the streets as you happily licked your lollipop that was now changing from cherry to grape. "Hey want to go somewhere beautiful?" Oliver asked. "Sure." you answered. And somehow that simple yes resorted into you getting blindfolded and lead by the hand to a special spot Oliver wanted you too see. You laughed as he kept trying to spark up a conversation as you walked. "Can I look now." you whined. "Nope. Almost." "How about know?" "No." "Now?" "Not yet." "Please." "No." "How about-?" Finally he gingerly took off my blindfold. We were in a meadow of frozen little flowers trying to poke there way out of the snow. There was a forest up ahead and it was far away for the noise of Hogsmede. "It's beautiful." you said mesmerized, your hand still in Oliver's. Suddenly you could smell his peppermint breath close to your face.
  5. You were staring deeply into his eyes and he was staring into yours. Your faces were only inches apart before something made a large rustling noise in the forest and Harry and Ron popped out from behind an invisibility cloak."Don't touch her!" screamed Ron. Ron was staring angrily at Oliver while Harry gave you a 'Ok that were a very gitty thing for me to do' look. Your first reaction was to be mad but for some reason your heart stung. You let tears slide down your face and before you knew it you were running quickly back to Hogwarts, many voices screaming your name.
  6. You were running up the staircases towards your dorm room now, your face flooded with tears now when you ran into someone. You fell back onto the stairs and curled your self into a fetal position and began to sob. You quickly looked up to see who it was and you met eyes to eye with a stunned Draco. "I-" he started but you interrupted him. "Just get it over with! Insult me." you sobbed. Instead though he came to your side and let you sob into his robes. He kept saying soothing words and gently combing through your hair. He smelled like green apples and it calmed your senses. "What happened?" he asked, as if talking to a child. "Ron-, Harry-, Invisibility cloak- , Oliver-" you muttered. What you said made no sense but Draco just nodded and continued to let you cry onto him. When you finally finished crying Draco was soaked in tears and you were a blotchy red mess. He stood up and offered you his hand. You took it and once you were fully standing you hugged him tightly and breathed in his scent. "Thank you so much." you whispered. "It's fine. Would you like me to walk you to your dorms?" he asked. You nodded and slowly released your hug. While he walked you to the Gryffindor Dorms you explained to him the full story of why you were crying. As he dropped you off and started to walk away you gave him another huge hug and a peck on the cheek. You then gave him a weak smile and disappeared through the portrait whole.
  7. When you walked into the common room Neville noticed your blotchy face and ran over. You vented to him about the whole incident (leaving out the about to be kiss with Oliver and the sweet moment with Draco in the halls). He nodded and gave you a wondering look, as if searching to see if you were alright. You gave him a reassuring nod and a firm hug before you ran up to your dorm room. There you were greeted by Ginny and Hermione who had a million questions (mostly about your blotchy face). Once you explained the situation Hermione looked as if she could pound some one. And she did. Ron to be exact. When you ate dinner in the great hall that night you could see he had a small bruise forming on his cheek. You giggled but also felt bad for him. As much as it hurt to know he didn't trust you, you may have over-reacted a bit. At the end of dinner you were pulled aside by Harry who blabbered for a half-an-hour about how sorry he was. You just giggled the whole time. After he was finished with his rant he expected a slap but you gave him a soft hug and a ginger kiss on the cheek. He turned red and averted his gaze and you just silently waved and headed towards the common room.
  8. So I broke my arm this weekend and i'm writing this with a broken arm so i'm sorry but it hurts to type so much so sorry I think i'll be able to do at least 2 or even more parts this week. I post mostly on weekends though!
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