Hogwarts Part 20

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Find out in this quiz. Starting in your third year, you will get the opportunity to become friends and more with Neville Longbottom, Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Oliver Wood.

*Recap* Last time you finished your time at Grimmauld Place. Harry arrived, and had a brief shouting explosion about being stuck at the Dursleys. Later, he had to go to his trial at the Ministry, and you ultimately kissed him "for good luck". Right after, you ran into Oliver, who had witnessed the exchange. After Harry came back from the trial victorious, the rest of the summer passed quickly and soon it came time to return to Hogwarts.

Created by: music826
  1. I stepped onto the train with Harry, Ginny, and Arianna as Hermione and Ron split off to the prefect's compartment. Arianna soon split off to go sit with some of her friends, and Ginny went to go find Michael Corner, her Ravenclaw boyfriend. That left Harry and I, since Fred and George evidently had some urgent mischief to attend to. "Shall we go find a compartment?" Harry suggested. "Lead the way," I said in response, allowing him to make his way down the corridor. I followed close behind, attempting and failing to ignore the stares being directed our way. With the Ministry ridiculing Harry constantly, I shouldn't have expected anything less. "Just ignore them," I muttered to Harry, casting my gaze around for an empty compartment. "Cassandra!"
  2. I heard the call from behind and whipped around. A grin of relief spread across my face. "Neville!" I exclaimed, throwing my arms around his neck in greeting. He grinned in return and pulled back, taking my trunk from my hand. "Trying to strangle me, are you?" he said jokingly, moving it up into a luggage rack. "Exactly. You Longbottoms are just too pesky," I replied with a laugh. I entered the compartment behind him and noticed Luna Lovegood, a fellow Ravenclaw in her fourth year. She certainly didn't lack Ravenclaw's trait of individuality, what with her belief in Crumple-Horned Snorkacks and her odd sense of fashion. "Hello, Luna," I said in greeting, and after receiving a dreamy response in return, I decided to leave her to her reading of the Quibbler.
  3. I noticed Neville was clutching an odd-looking plant in his hand. "Er, Neville, what is that?" I asked curiously. He immediately lit up in the way he always did when talking about Herbology. "It's a Mimbulus mimbletonia," he said admiringly, immediately launching into an extensive explanation of its rarity and distinctive plant traits. "It's got this brilliant defense mechanism, see, you just prod it, and-" "Neville, no!" I cried out at the last moment, but he had already pulled out his wand and poked the cactus-like plant. Stinksap immediately burst out of the boils on its surface, drenching us all in the smelly substance. Neville went bright red, and I quickly cleaned up the mess with a wave of my wand. "Let's not try that again," I said to Neville with a teasing smile. He couldn't help but grin embarrassedly in return.
  4. The time passed by quickly enough. Ron and Hermione joined us after a while, having completed their prefect duties. "Three guesses as to who's the new Slytherin prefect," Ron grumbled on entrance, plunking himself onto the seat between Neville and I. "Draco," I said immediately. "You're brilliant," Ron said sarcastically. "Well, since he's in love with Cassandra maybe he'll let us off easy," Harry said jokingly. I blushed furiously, while Ron's expression seemed to darken. "He is not!" I insisted, lightly swatting him with my book. "Then why is he always staring at you?" Hermione asked, actually joining in the teasing for once. "You're imagining things," I said indignantly, unable to keep the blood from rushing to my cheeks. They all laughed at my embarrassment. "Oh, please, I saw you snogging in the corridor at Christmas once-" Ron started off derisively, but I had gotten rather irritable at that point. "Look, he is the most conceited, arrogant, prejudiced-" I began, but I was the one interrupted that time.
  5. "Talking about me, are you?" Draco said cockily from the compartment door. I jumped violently and let out a nervous "No!". He smirked aggravatingly. "I am rather good-looking, aren't I? Unlike you, Weasley," he said with a superior look in Ron's direction. I could feel a mutual sense of hatred emanating from the Gryffindors around me. I wasn't feeling too fond of him at the moment either. Luna was still calmly reading her magazine in the corner. "Well, if you don't want that so-called handsomeness to be permanently disfigured, I'd suggest leaving," I said with a tight-lipped smile. He looked about ready to retort, but Pansy Parkinson appeared at his shoulder, also proudly bearing a Prefect Badge. "What are you doing with these Mudbloods? Let's go, Draco," she whined, tugging on his arm insistently. He shot a reluctant look at me, but relented. "See you around, Levell," he said with a smirk. Seeing the exchange, Pansy shot a rather murderous look at me and pulled Draco out of sight. An awkward silence followed, but Harry soon broke it. "How about a game of Exploding Snap?" he suggested tentatively. We all agreed with relief, and before long, the train stopped in Hogsmeade Station.
  6. After riding in a carriage, leaving my friends to sit at the Ravenclaw table, and waiting through the Sorting Ceremony, it was finally time for the Welcoming Feast. I reunited with Padma, feeling rather guilty for spending all of my time with the Gryffindors. She had become a Ravenclaw prefect over the summer as it turned out. I listened to her recount of her summer, and then waited in anticipation for Dumbledore's usual speech. As he talked, I drifted off, rather tired at that point. That was, until a woman dressed in a pink cardigan interrupted Dumbledore. I could tell the other students were as shocked as I was by her disrespect. She was apparently the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, Dolores Umbridge. She started her own little speech, and I noticed students dozing off in their chairs again, but I got one thing out of her words. The Ministry was infiltrating Hogwarts.
  7. The first few days back at Hogwarts didn't come with the usual warmth of being home. Hagrid wasn't back from the mysterious job he had with the Order, Professor Umbridge was as unpleasant as I could have ever imagined her to be, and many students still refused to believe Voldemort was back, and therefore treated Harry and I with a certain amount of contempt. Homework was coming fast with the looming O.W.L.s, so I found myself venturing out of the common room less and less. To make things worse, Cho Chang frequently dissolved into tears since Cedric had died, which made more than a few Ravenclaws nervous about the upcoming Quidditch Cup. From what I had seen, it was turning out to be a rather miserable year.
  8. After being buried up to my nose in homework, being cut off from my Gryffindor friends for weeks, and being forced to listen to Cho's crying for hours on end, I finally snapped one weekend. I slammed my book shut, ignored the stares I had attracted from around the room, and stormed out of the common room. I ran into Neville halfway to Gryffindor Tower. "I'm going to do something fun if it kills me," I stated, and simply dragged him with me. About twenty minutes later, I had Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville, Fred, and George lined up on the Quidditch field, all clutching broomsticks. "So...what are we doing out here?" Ron asked. "We're playing Quidditch," I said happily, holding one of the old school brooms. "So, Gryffindors versus Ravenclaws, is it?" George said jokingly. "I don't think so. Seven against one doesn't seem like very fair odds to me," I said with a thin smile. "Well, we could always get Malfoy for you," he replied with a grin, referring to the snowball fight at Christmas so long ago. "I don't think I can play Quidditch..." Neville said uncertainly, looking at his broom as if it were a snake. "You'll be fine," I said with a reassuring smile, also waving off Hermione's protests. "So, um, I guess we should make teams," I started off. "Well, since you dragged us all down here, you should pick your own team," Harry suggested. "Okay, then you can pick the other. We'll switch off. Let's see..." In the end, my team consisted of George, Ginny, and Neville, while Harry's team was made up of Fred, Ron, and Hermione. The twins went off to find some Quidditch balls to play with, and then the game was on.
  9. I had been chosen as the Seeker of my team, so I went off looking for the Snitch after the balls had been released. Ron was chosen as the Keeper, and both George and Neville became Chasers since we had decided to keep the Bludgers out of it. On the other team, Harry was the Seeker, Hermione and Ginny were Chasers, and Fred was the Keeper. It was an interesting game to say the least, since Neville and Hermione didn't seem to know one end of the broom from the other. I kept a close eye on Harry, seeing as he was known to be an excellent Seeker. Sure enough, he soon went into a dive and I attempted to follow, but my ancient school broom was absolutely no match for the Firebolt. Harry was closing in too fast, but I tried to accelerate the broom anyway. I was doomed to lose, until Harry came to a dead stop in midair. Completely oblivious, I finally managed to get the Snitch and held it up triumphantly. My victory was short-lived, however. I followed Harry's line of vision to the field below. Standing on the grass, dressed in Quidditch robes, was Oliver. Again.
  10. *music826* I think this was the hardest edition for me to write yet. I would like to send a huge shout-out to @hp4evr for helping me through a rough patch in my writing and giving me some great ideas for the future, and especially just for the support. So, thank you :) Oh, and thanks to everyone who has followed me up to this point. It really means a lot. Oh, and I have a short break, so I'll try to get another edition out soon. Until next time :)

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