Hogwarts Forever Part 1.5

Before I mention anything else, I just want to say that I am soooo sorry for this being late. Between chores, homework, and sleep, I couldn't work on it much.

So, if this is your first time on a Hogwarts Forever quiz, i suggest that you take the others first, THEN come back and take this one. Just try not take so long.

Created by: liz_king97
  1. Hi! I'm back! So...how excited are you about this latest quiz?
  2. So, have you been enjoying the Hogwarts Forever series?
  3. "_____? Can I talk to you?" Hermione looked you with pleading eyes. "O-okay," She took your arm, and dragged you over to a bookcase. "It's about...the boys." You started to walk back to Elixa and Hailey. "_____, come on!" "No, Hermione, I don't want to talk about them right now." Hermione pleaded. "Please! It's serious, really it is!" You folded your arms. "Make it short. I still have to finish Professor McGonagall's homework." Hermione tucked a few strands of hair behind her ear. "Listen, _____, I know that Ron and Harry can be difficult, but they mean well. Harry- he has a sensitive past. More dark and painful than anyone else's." "You don't think I don't know that? I'm going to tell you something, Hermione. Only Harry knows this." You leaned in towards Hermione. "My parents were the Potter's best friends. Harry and I used to have play dates together. I think I know how painful his past is." Hermione was taken aback. "Just-just go easy on Harry, please? He's having a hard time as it is, and"- "Harry? Take it easy on HARRY?! Even though it was Ron who nearly DIED, you want me to be easy on HARRY?!" Madame Pince glared at you. "Be quiet!" she hissed. "This is a LIBRARY, for Morgana's sake!"
  4. You quietly stormed off back to your table. "What was that about?" Elixa asked. "Nothing," you said curtly. "______, tell us?" "Not right now, Lix. In fact, I'm feeling a might hungry." You dumped your stack of books into your school bag, and stalked out of the library.
  5. "You're not eating." Stella frowned. "________, what's going on? You haven't been yourself all day." You pushed your plate away, feeling sick. "I'm not feeling well," you mumbled. "She had a row with Hermione in the library," Hailey explained, through a mouthful of steak. "Well, what was it about?" You glared at Stella. "I don't want to talk about this right now." Terry glanced over at you. "I'm hazarding a guess that it was about Harry and Ron." You sighed, and stabbed at your steak. "I think I'm going to go to bed early tonight." You stood up, and bumped head-first into Draco Malfoy.
  6. "What now, Draco?" You pushed your way past him, and walked quickly to the doors. "I just want to apologize. For this morning." "You? Apologize? Hah! Go bother someone else, will you?" Draco grabbed your elbow. "______, stop it! I really am sorry. I hurt your feelings, and i didn't mean for it to go that far." you laughed sarcastically. "Yeah, right, Draco. And I'm sure that Pansy wants to be my best friend as well?" Draco scowled. "See, this is why none of my friends like you. you're always thinking that you're better than me, and everyone else. You only think about your own feelings, and you don't care to listen to what other people are saying about you." you spun around, and your long, dark brown hair whipped him in the face. "WHAT did you say?"
  7. Draco gulped nervously. "I-I said...um...I uh," you shook your head. "Never mind. I have to go." Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Fred and George walking towards you. "Hello _____. Malfoy." Draco nodded curtly, and stared at you, pleadingly. You rolled your eyes. "Okay, fine, I'll see you later, Draco." you turned to Fred and George. "Yes?" "Well, we just want to congratulate you-" "-on making your house Quiddith team!" You stood there, in shock. "H-how did you-?" Fred (or was it George?) waved his hand. "Quinn's been bragging about it for a while now. He's super excited, too." "He won't stop talking about how great your team's going to be with you as the Seeker."
  8. Okay, I'm having a little writer's block, so we're just gonna skip to the last week at Hogwarts until school lets out for Christmas break. Okay?
  9. You stared at the sign-up sheet, and sighed in frustration. "Can I get back to you later on this?" You asked Professor McGonagall. "Yes, of course, take all the time you need." She smiled kindly. You handed back the slip of parchment, and scowled at your desk. "I just wish I knew where to go," you complained to Hailey. "I can't decide whether to go home, and visit my cousins in America, or stay here." Hailey snorted. "Stay here, _____. You'll be able to fix your boy problem if you're at Hogwarts." You felt yourself blushing, and stared at the chalkboard. "Alright, I'll stay here. But"- you held up a finger. "If my "˜problem' isn't solved, then don't expect me to stay for Easter break." Hailey stifled a laugh. "It's a deal,"
  10. 1.5 is over! Next up: CHRISTMAS AT HOGWARTS!!!!

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