Hogwarts Love Story Pt 32

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Let's see how your night wraps up after these last few minutes of the day! The closer to night fall, the closer Oliver arrives but before all of that, let's just go to bed and have pleasant dreams...well, try to at least.

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year?

Created by: natuhleegayle
  1. Intro message means one thing; a song! Here it is /watch?v=jsI5qCUNqnY&feature=related . The song is for question 9 till 13! Enjoy!
  2. "Cedric keeps looking at you, did you know that?" Luna said in her dreamy voice, you looked over your shoulder and caught him, he turned away and blushed. It was dinner time and you were sure that someone had to notice, surely someone did. "It must be nice having someone like Cedric, you're really lucky." A sixth year student said, Ebony spat out her food and tried to hide her laugh and it wasn't that good. You didn't know what to say, you covered your face and couldn't help but to laugh at the state you were in. You buried your face in your hands to hide your embarrassment but it was obvious to most. Lately, this was the first time you had a laugh, with Umbridge and her endless decrees, you felt that you were never going to be happy again; as if Umbridge herself, was a Dementor in disguise.
  3. Luna didn't really understand why you were so flustered about the subject, Ebony, at time to time, listened to music because she couldn't tolerate the loudness in the Great Hall and simply she couldn't stand the people. "It's lovely, don't you think?" Luna said as she was gracefully cutting her dinner into smaller bites, you scooped up some vegetables and looked at her "What do you mean?" You asked and took a bite out of the vegetables; you continued to scoop up some more food "How Cedric looks at you, how every guy looks at you." You nearly choked on your vegetables when Luna said that, Ebony quickly patted your back and gave you your glass of water to help digest the food properly; when you got your breath, you thanked her and sharply turned your head towards Luna "Every guy!?" This wasn't the first time you heard about it but you actually thought when Oliver meant that, he was just exaggerating.
  4. She nodded and gracefully took a bite out of her mash potatoes, when she was done she smiled. "They get this dreamy look in their eyes, and really focus on what you have to say. Unlike most guys, they're really inattentive to what others have to say. I've seen it." The way Luna said it, you couldn't help but to think if she was serious or she was just being her aloof self. "I'm pretty sure they're just trying to be nice though, I mean, it's me..." You said as you placed your forearms against the tables and held your hands in front of you. "What's not to like about you? You're a really nice person and you're really pretty." She smiled and you couldn't help but blush.
  5. You slowly turned your head and didn't know what to say to Luna's compliment, naturally, you were insecure about what you looked like and how you acted; you never thought of yourself as the likeable type; in your mind, you as a person and guys liking you never really connected or processed in your head. Dinner went on for a few minutes or so, until Professor Dumbledore said good-night; no one really cared what Professor Umbridge had to say, except the Slytherins; as soon as Dumbledore finished, all the Head Houses rushed their houses out the doors and to their common rooms. You said good night to some of your friends in the other houses, JJ just waved because you caught her in a yawn, Ebony didn't really want to talk because she just wanted to get through the crowd and sleep, Reese, however, said good-night as if he knew you were going to say good-night to him but...that was purely coincidental. Hermione and Ginny happily waved, along with Ron, Neville, Harry and the Twins. Draco was really secretive about it because Pansy was right behind him, you saw everyone, everyone except Cedric.
  6. You figured as much, since he was a Prefect that he started his prefect duty straight away; you entered your common room and head for your dormitory, the room was different from last year, it still had beds prompt up against the wall but this time, it had a fireplace in the middle accompanied with satin blue sofas and armoires on both sides. You took your usual corner and stretched your arms out, Ebony was on the opposite side, and it was unfortunate she couldn't sleep next to you because well, Ambrosia had that spot. You felt nothing but resent and hatred towards her; on some cases, she tried to be your friend but that didn't work out to well at least this time, she decided to ignore you. She had her back was facing you as she was getting ready to fix her bed, she hasn't spoken a word to you since you arrived back at Hogwarts, if she ever did speak to you, it was generally and it was that incident on the Quidditch Field. Somehow, you couldn't help but feel bothered.
  7. Your eyelids started to drop every minute that passed by, everyone else in the room was sleeping but you were awake in your bed, listening to the sound of the fire die down and crackle as its light started to dim the room. The room smelled of Applewood and it was comforting having your bed near the fire, you were nice and warm but you didn't exactly feel safe. It was midnight as you eyed a clock near the door with the hour and minute hand directly on the 12, it now marked that tomorrow will be Oliver's arrival and in all honesty, a part of you wasn't really excited for his return...a part of you anyways. You curled up in a ball with your knees close to your stomach and your hands lay on top of each other grazing your face, you were lost in a light slumber. "I'll focus on Quidditch when a match is announced but for now; I'd like to focus on you." A faint image of Oliver appeared and a smile formed from the corner of his lip.
  8. You were back in your third year, it was free period and you met Oliver in the courtyard, he was excited for your date and this was when you didn't have feelings for Oliver but this was the moment where everything changed. "Sorry, I'll tone it down. I don't want to lose you..." Oliver's voice trailed off, he started to fade away and you tried to reach out and grab him but he faded, now standing in front of you was a handsome and built seventh year who had tamed brown hair and amber eyes. It was Cedric. "To be honest," He was finishing off Oliver's sentence "You're...actually the most precious person to me this year." Your heart stopped but you still wanted to reach out to Cedric however, he turned away and started walking, Cedric started fading away and replaced with the pale, platinum blond hair boy you knew as "Draco..."the words escaped your lips, he turned around and smiled but it faded "But you don't feel the same way." That's what Draco said last year during your date under the tree, you wanted to cry, it was starting to get unbearable, looking into his grey eyes you could see the pain expression he was hiding. "Maybe, I should just leave. Just forget about me and I'll forget about you!" You cried but he faded once more and you were now outside Great Hall, it was back to third year.
  9. The lights were dimmed, meaning it was night and this was one of those memories you didn't want to recall, now standing in front of you was whom you shared your first kiss with on that night, with his eyes as light as a morning dawn and hair reminding you of the ember fire, it was Ron, with his hands entangled in your hair. "You'll only hurt me more..." You pushed him away, something you should have done that night; you couldn't believe this was happening right now, you just couldn't accept this. Suddenly, you felt a tug on your right arm whoever grabbed you spun you around. "You just can't accept it, can you?" You bounced back to last year the day after the Yule Ball, Harry with his forest green eyes staring down at you. You knew what the next line was but you just couldn't bring yourself to say it but with or without it, he said the next line "That someone like me wants to be with you." You slowly moved back with your hands covering your face, your eyes were bloodshot red and you knew the way the wind, despite being in a dream, that bounced off your face was damped with tears. You turned around and bumped into someone, a smell of roses filled your noses. You closed your eyes and muffled in yours hands "Please...no..."
  10. You looked up and saw Neville, third year Neville, holding a bouquet of your favourite flowers and he smiled. "Just like you told me, you were feeling down and I didn't want to say JUST words to make you feel better." You wanted to grab the flowers but it wasn't long before he too, faded and in his spot was not one but two ember coloured twins with bright smiles "Do you think girls like this stuff? I mean, we've been meaning to ask this girl-"Fred asked and smiled. It the beginning of first year now, the first time you met everyone because of this incident, you ran away crying and everyone you knew from this day gathered around you, what happened if you heard what the twins had to say? It would probably be nothing because you really didn't hear it yourself. "But we thought it was better if we showed her instead." George added that's not what happened but did you want it to happen? Was it something you want to hear? This time, they didn't fade away like the rest but the rest came back and stood side by side with smiles and their voices were in unisons. "It was always you." Your eyes flew open, you were greeted by a familiar cold sweat; you shot your body up and gave a deep breath, you eyed the clock, you were only asleep for 10 minutes.
  11. The fire has died down and you wished it hadn't, even with a room with people, you felt cold and alone. You went to sleep in a tank top and sweats; you ran your hands up and down your bare naked arms hoping you would warm up. It didn't do much but it was pleasant for the time being, you grabbed your knees and hugged them to your chest, resting the right side of your head on them. Everyone was still fast asleep and you couldn't understand, in your mind, there was a 100% chance that you were screaming but it was evident you weren't. You wanted to la y back down but it was if a barrier was suddenly built behind you that made it nearly impossible to sleep. You rubbed your face and sighed, now that you stopped breathing, it was complete silence; however there was the sound of sound echoing throughout the room. It wasn't you but it was near, you slightly turned your head over to Ambrosia's bed and saw a hunched figure in the blankets, which you knew was Ambrosia and you saw, she didn't notice you were awake but when she turned to lie on her other side, she met your eyes and you met hers. Her eyes were puffy, bloodshot and she was hysterically crying into her pillow.
  12. Hey! Before we get to the updates, I can guess that majority of you don't really care what happened to Ambrosia. Personally, I can't blame you, she isn't the best character but like everyone else, I have to create a sympathy link towards her right? Okay, so I'm pretty sure that the next release will be a special with Cedric or Harry, but right now, I really don't know what I can really say about Harry or Ron or the Twins right now; so that means, I need to include a whole lot of scenes with them in Pt. 33 if I want to create a special, so I think I'm going to stick with Cedric. Haha! Oh! And those, who've been asking about my other series, I honestly don't really know. I'm sorry; I need to clear my head for that series! Anyways, thanks you so much everyone x

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