Hogwarts Love Story Pt 25.2 {A New Year}

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It seems like things are about to become serious the further we enter the fifth year! That's no problem, it means there's more of an adventure for us. Am I right?

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year?

Created by: natuhleegayle
  1. Guess what? There is a soundtrack goes with this quiz! You can find the music on my blog, play it for questions 12-15; it's only two minutes, so if you take your time reading and it stops, simply play it again. For those of you who cannot access my blog "watch?v=KgUgqbgBERo&feature=related" put that in the url for youtube. It's from a Japanese game so I really can't say the title or write it but yeah, you get the idea. I simply adore it! Okay, now onto the story!
  2. the breeze as you soared through the sky was refreshing. It was quite a laugh swerving through building, under bridges and letting your fingers create a rippled effect in the water. "Where are we going?" You asked Harry, he has his eyes on the route but peeked over and shrugged his shoulders. That was a first; we're being kidnapped by Professor Moody to go to an unknown location, always fun. "So, how was your summer so far?" You asked making light conversation, he stayed silent but then let out a cough "It was...decent. How about yours'? He turned around and stared into your eyes. "It was – HARRY WATCH OUT!" The second that Harry took his eyes off the road, the next moment you find yourself stuck in a tree. You let out a groaned as your stomach was rested on a tree branch with your arms and legs dangling in the air, Harry managed to land in the tree as if he was sitting on a patio chair. "Lovely." You ended off sounding very sarcastic
  3. As you tried to push your body up, you were careful or else the next thing your stomach will meet is the cold damp grass. From below, you watched as the Professors, Mr. Weasley and Tonks mounted off their brooms and fixed their eyes to you and Harry. "Nice flying there, Harry!" Tonks laughed as she stood with her hands on her hips, Professor Moody grumbled and walked over to a street where a bunch of townhouses stood in front of him. Mr. Weasley and Professor Lupin gave a hand trying to help you and Harry down but it didn't end off as well as you landed on your butt. "Are you okay?" Tonks walked over and extended out her hand, you smiled and grabbed it "Thanks and I'm fine, how can you live life if you don't fall down every once in a while?" You joked as you brushed off any excess dirt on your jeans. "I like your attitude!" Tonks smiled and winked, you blushed. Harry was now on solid ground and your luggage was levitated out of the tree. "Let's not keep Alastor waiting." Mr. Weasley said as he was already a few feet away from the four of you.
  4. You walked over to stand by Professor Moody as he handed Harry a paper "Now, you two remember this place." He said, you looked over Harry's shoulder and it read "The Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix may be found at number twelve, Grimmauld Place, London". You stared at it oddly for two reasons; one, there was no number twelve, the houses went from 11 to 13 and second, you never heard of the Order of the Phoenix before. "What's the Order of the –"Harry began but was cut off, Professor Moody ordered Harry not to ask any questions until they were inside. "Inside where exactly?" You asked. Professor Moody grabbed the paper and you and Harry watched it burned into flames, when Professor Moody strike his cane down on the ground, sure enough, something no Muggle could imagine happened. A new townhouse appeared between 11 and 13, and it was number 12. "Quickly now." Professor Lupin said and gestured you and Harry inside.
  5. You were asked not to go anywhere or touch anything, when you entered it was dark, mouldy and dusty. The second Professor Moody closed the door, lights turned on and footsteps were now heard throughout the house. Mrs. Weasley was the first to show her face "_______! Harry! Oh, it's wonderful to see the both of you again!" She smiled as she ran up towards you and gave you a motherly hug and kiss on the cheek. It was the first parental affection you've received in a year. She did the same to Harry and after the affection; Ron and Hermione came running down the stairs. You attacked Hermione and she was happy to see you as well, you gave Ron a hug which only made him blush. "Didn't expect to see you here ______, how are you doing?" Hermione smiled as she held a blue and white toothbrush in her hand. "Uhm, I'm good..." You ended off with an awkward tone "well, at least it won't be awkward anymore!' Ron smiled and laughed, Harry gave a face "How was it awkward?" Ron exchanged a look with Hermione; Hermione rolled her eyes and stared directly into yours "Cedric is here."
  6. Your heart skipped a beat and your jaw slightly dropped "C-Cedric's here?" You repeated what Hermione had to say, she nodded and Harry's face was the first time, difficult to read. The sound of wind snapping in your ears broke the silence "Hiya _____!" Two people said in unisons, behind you, Fred and George appeared. "Hey!" You smiled and you threw your hands around the both of them. Before you can say anything, Tonks, Professor Lupin, Mr. Weasley and Professor Moody made their way past the reunion and entered what appeared to you as the dining room. "So, how was your summer?" The twins asked how much you dreaded that question "It was good..." You said giving the same type of tone you gave Hermione, the twins didn't notice it as much as Hermione but no one asked any questions. "What about you guys?" You asked, they explained it briefly but it seemed like they were much more interested in something else. "C'mon, let's go upstairs!" George whispered in hush tones.
  7. You headed up the stairs with everyone and looked around "Where's Cedric?" You began to asked, Harry just stared for a while before he zoned into what the twins were up to. "He's in that room where our dad went with the Professors" Fred said as he took what appeared to be a plastic ear on a string out of his pocket and let it dangled. "New invention?" You asked as you leaned over the railing and saw the ear dangling "We call them extendable ears; it lets us listen to private conversations" George smiled "Like this one?" Harry laughed "Precisely!" They said in unisons
  8. You heard faint words from the ear that echoed the private conversation considering you were at the very end. Your attention was distracted by a small red head girl who you've seen around school, you know that she is a year younger and you know she is related to the Weasley's; you were just never formally introduce. "Hi, I'm ________!" You smiled as you were still leaning on the railing; she stared at you before slowly turning into a smile. "I'm Ginny, the youngest of the Weasley's and the brightest." You both laughed but her brother's rose up and in unisons said "Hey!" As you both ignored their response, she looked at you in a skeptical manner "What is it?" You asked; she took a pause before she laughed "Just curious, I'm looking forward getting to know the infamous ________ who my brothers keep talking about." She said making sure her brothers don't hear. You knew that Ron talked about you but you never heard about Fred & George as well. "Oh."
  9. Ginny smiled as she walked away to continue chores her mother gave her, you could barely hear what the Extendable ears heard; eventually, Hermione's cat, Crookshanks mistaken the ear for a cat toy "Well, there goes that idea..."Harry sighed, George and Fred apparated downstairs to retrieve their ear from Crookshanks. Hermione and Ron went upstairs, leaving you and Harry alone in the staircase. You gave an awkward smile before turning around and unpacking your suitcase for the time being "You don't mind me asking, do you?" Harry asked out of the blue, you stopped in your tracks and looked back "Sorry? I don't know what you're talking about..." He had his hands on the railing and motioned them as if he were playing a bongo before walking over to you. "Come here." Harry smiled as he gestured to an open room to your left.
  10. You followed Harry into the room; it was a portrait room where it had faces and names that went on for generations. You stared at the family tree on the wall; you zoned out and wondered about your own. "It must be nice." Harry blurted out once again as he too stared at the wall "What is?" He was hesitant before replying, he walked over to the wall and grazed his fingers on the painting "Having a family tree showing who you're related to." He gave a small chuckle, you didn't know how to respond, from what you knew Harry lived with Muggles who he didn't get along with and his Godfather is accused of being a murderer. "So, do you mind if I ask you...about your summer?" He asked as he turned his head to face you, you were three steps behind him and gave him an odd look "There isn't much to say really, why the sudden interest?" "You're a terrible liar, you know that?" He smiled as he walked up to you; you stared into his green eyes. Normally, they would be content or bloodshot red from previous years; this time it showed sympathy.
  11. "Yeah, what of it?" You said as you place a strand of hair behind your ear, he made a sour face which softly changed into a smile "I saw your Mum...the day we came home, you didn't seem happy." He softly said, your heart skipped a beat and you heard the words from your Mum replay in your head "I-I can't lose you too..." You shook it off and smiled "I just didn't expect her back so soon from her trip, that's all." You said as you made your way to sit on a mouldy couch; Harry walked over and sat beside you with his arms on his knees, leaning forward. "So, why did you run away?" was the next question he asked, the temperature of your hands dropped "How did you know that I-"He laughed and rubbed his hands together and rested his cheek on the back of his right hand. "In the third year, before school started, I ran away from home...because my Aunt Marge insulted my parents, the Muggle family I lived with weren't too pleased that I did magic but I didn't care, I couldn't live with someone who insulted my parents. But, that place is home, I grew up for the past miserable 11 years in that house, despite what I've been through I've become quite attached to it. And I know that, you don't run away from home, no matter what hardship comes your way." Harry explained as he zoned out and talked about his personal experience
  12. "Are you trying to guilt me into telling what happen?" You teased but he shifted his head to look you in the eyes "It just wouldn't seem fair if I asked you without you getting something in return." He said you felt bad for what you assumed; what Harry did was sweet even though you never asked him but he really shows that he cares and the least you can do is show him that you appreciate it. You took a deep breath and got ready to explain to Harry "I don't have...a family." You said Harry gave an odd look and sat up "Are your parents...dead?" He awkwardly asked, you shook your head "Are you a foster child?" He asked and you shook your head once more "Then...how could you not have a family?" You braced yourself before explaining "I have a Dad...but he left for another woman and I have a Mum but she was never there for me, only till now after he-who-shall-not-be-named returned. I left home because she didn't want me to come back to Hogwarts, I haven't seen her in three years, she worked nonstop after my parent's divorce, she made me live with my Grandmother...you know, after those three years I was starting to forget who she looked like..." You said as tears formed in your eyes
  13. "I ran away because I couldn't live with someone who left me for that long and expects me to act as if none of it ever happened, the first two years at Hogwarts when you didn't know me...I was obviously alone, there were times when Slytherins picked on me for being that freaky weird silent girl in the corner, I never cried and I was only 11; same thing happened in our Second Year and Third Year...meeting all of you...was probably one of the greatest milestones in my life. I...I couldn't leave this behind. So I left." You stood up and took a breath; you didn't want to let out two months of sadness and sorrow on Harry which actually was 4 years of sadness held up. You walked over to the family tree "I have parents...but we're just not...family." You softly said as you touched the painting on the wall. "Does it make me a bad person Harry?" You asked as you continued to stare at the wall "Leaving her? No, in the end, your Mum has to let you go and you still have a family, in her and..." Harry walked over and turned you around; your misty eyes stared into his "in us." He ended off and smiled. "Don't ever think that you're alone anymore, you're with your family. Everyone in this house right now, we're your family."
  14. Hey guys, so here is 25.2. I have to admit, it was hard for me to write the beginning up till meeting Ginny but after that you can see I really put a lot of emotion into it. Honestly, I was actually crying while I was writing this because I had the music that I asked all of you to listen playing in the background. This is the type of music that REALLY fits and you'll be hearing this music piece a lot in the year. I really want to have a sentimental moments, don't worry, I already planned one with Cedric, the Twins, Neville and Draco. I'm really having a hard time with Ron because everyone portrays him as a jerk and I'm trying to find a way out of that but that'll take some time. I absolutely love this release because it's my first sentimental moment that I've written, usually, I just have sweet romantic or heartbreaking moments but I love the moment Harry and ______ share in this, it's not about them, it's about their parents and having the sort of connection about wondering what it's like to have a family like the Weasley's. Anyways, enough of this ramble; time for me to work on 25.3! Thank you so much for your support and etc! Be sure to submit your application before March 18th! Character Contest Application can be found in the Literature Forum called "Hogwarts Love Story – Character Contest Year 5" or on my blog with the title "Revise Contest Application" Have fun! x

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