Hogwarts Love Story Pt 25 {A New Year}

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Well, seems like this year back is off to a very emotional roller coaster. You had a "pleasant" summer but now that the gang is about to reunite, things just got a lot more interesting.

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year?

Created by: natuhleegayle
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  1. Lets just start off by saying your summer break wasn't as all as you expected. You sat at your kitchen table with the TV on in the living. You didn't pay much attention to it, for you, it was a typical day of your summer break. You were now on our Fifth year at Hogwarts. A lot about you has changed; the length of your hair, height, and certain body parts grew slightly bigger and your attitude is somehow sourer. Unlike last year as you spent the summer at your ex-boyfriend’s house, you were back in Doncaster, your home. Your Mum has come home early from her trip in Australia, you just wish she stayed.
  2. You thought about how your year ended off, the farewells and smiles and the rising of He-who-shall-not-be-named. With all this plus your mother, you were thinking about going back this year; your thoughts were interrupted with the sound of a wind chime, your Mum just arrived home from work. "_______, I'm home." She yelled out, you said nothing nor did anything but turns off the TV and met her in the kitchen. "Did you do the laundry?" Your Mum said as she rummaged through the fridge and pulled out a pitcher of lemonade "Yup." You bluntly responded "Dust the house?" She asked as she pours some lemonade into a glass "Twice." Before she could respond, she took a gulp of lemonade. "I see."
  3. There was an awkward silence surrounding the both of you, you leaned against the marble counter as you stared right at her. You were good at reading people and as you read her face, you knew she had something to say. "I think it's best if you don't go back to school this year." Your eyes widen and your jaw clenched, it was the first time your Mum ever mentioned school since the day she picked you up at the Platform when your fourth year was over. "I don't think you really have a say to decide what's best for me, last time I checked, when dad left...you did nothing and we both knew that going after him was the best." That was also the first time you said more than a syllable to your Mum ever since that day. She seemed as if she was about to crush her lemonade glass in her hand, instead she placed it on the table "Don't bring your father in this." She breathed to relax herself "Why? Did it anger you seeing him with a new family? He's doing just fine without us and his new daughter that I see every day. He seems happier with them-" "SHUT UP!" Your mother screamed, you flinched but you didn't cower down. "Whatever, no matter what you say. I'm going back, that place is more of a home than this place ever is." You screamed back at her, you felt the blood rushing to your head. "I'm your Mum and what I say goes!" She rebuttal, you laughed when she said "Mum" "If you're my Mum, where were you for the past three years!? When Dad divorced you, you were always at work, I lived with grandma for those past three years, never have I set foot in this house since then and now that I have, you managed to find the audacity to tell me what to do!?" You snapped.
  4. You both stared at each other; she opened her mouth "It was complicated." She said as she sat down by a chair that was always prompt beside the kitchen arch. You were furious that out of all things to say, she tells you it was complicated. "Complicated? Two years ago, I was used because someone wanted my boyfriend and yes, I had a boyfriend. He was four years older than me and we broke up that same year. Last year, I spent the summer with him and watched him lay in a coma, I watched my best friends risk their life in this tournament, I had 3 guys confess to me that same year, had to be rescued from the bottom of a lake, cried my eyes out to one of my best friend, save one of my friends from death and watch he-who-must-not-be-name rise. Now, before you tell me how complicated your life was with work and a divorce, would you like to know what else you missed out of my life?" You sarcastically asked. Never have you snapped as bad as that in your life, but she pushed you to your limits. "I already said you're not going. Don't make me say if again." She said, completely disregarding what you had to say.
  5. You dug your nails underneath the marble counter where some of it rested in your nails. You shot her a look and stormed out the kitchen and headed upstairs, you were in your room; your pastel colour room of a light green. Everything was nicely put away but after that conversation you had with your Mum, you couldn't hold back your anger. You grabbed a comb and threw it at your wall mirror; you ran your arm down your desk knocking everything over. You kicked anything that was on the floor and ripped up any posters that were on your wall; by the time you were done, it was tattered, a desk lamp blinked every so often and your room was just a complete mess.
  6. You sat at the edge of your bed and brought your hands to your face. You haven't cried in two month, no matter how much you wanted to, something told you not to. If you did cry, you would release two months of sorrow, you need to find a way out, literally out. By your closet, you saw your burgundy colour trunk, it was almost the start of school and the leaky cauldron was just a knight bus away, why not? You placed your trunk on your bed and grabbed everything you needed, some stuff that you just thought you may need. By this time, you realized your Mum froze your Gringotts account if she wasn't letting you back; thankfully you have your emergency funds.
  7. Your trunk was filled; you shut the lid and sighed. As you thought about the current situation, an owl flew to your window. You stared at it with misty eyes, it was brown, shaggy like and it was Oliver's owl. You walked over to it and stroke its beak "Thank you, be sure to get back to Oliver safely." You smiled and said after taking the letter from his beak. As it flew off, you stared at the letter, you decided to open it but if you did now, you felt he would only tell you to stay home. You shoved it in your trunk and grabbed it and your wand and took a breath before heading out the door.
  8. When you reached the foot of the staircase, your Mum shot up from the living room couch as she took a glimpse of you, she was now drinking a Corona Beer. "Where do you think you're going?" She looked at you as she crossed her arms over; she was a mess, her hair was now everywhere, her make up smudged and her nose and eyes red from crying. "Isn't it obvious?" You had a snappy response, she placed her beer on a nearby end table "I thought I made it clear that you're not-" "I don't care what you said, anywhere is better than here." You said staring deeply in her eyes, you turned to head for the front door, as you turned the knob, words you never wanted to hear escaped her lips "I-I can't lose you too..." Your heart skipped a beat, you eased your grip on the door knob but you remained still for a minute "Sorry Mum." You said before heading out the door and into the cold streets of Doncaster.
  9. Your breath was visible, even though it was a summer evening in England; the evenings were very cold indeed. You honestly did not know which way it was to the Knight Bus stop but you did know that your Mum was not following you. "Figures..." You mumbled to yourself, you walked over to a parkette to sit at a vacant bench. Your hands were freezing, you wore nothing but a red pull over sweater, navy blue skinny jeans and black low cut converse, your hair was in a messy bun and you blew into your hands to keep them warm.
  10. As the minutes passed, you concluded that a bus wasn't going to come for a while. You walked over to the curb and looked in both directions to check of there was a bus coming, sure enough there wasn't one. You sighed and turn back to see a dog standing by your trunk. You smiled but then frowned because it was a Golden Retriever not a black dog. "You wouldn't happen to know Sirius, would you?" You asked as you playfully scratched behind the dog's ears. It panted and let its tongue hang out of its mouth, you chuckled "I didn't think so...Are you a stray?" You asked as you sat on the bench and inspected the dog, there was no collar on the dog or ID "Did you run away from home?" In amazement, the dog whimpered as what you asked seemed true. "I know how you feel, I left home too...I don't know if it was the right choice but it felt right." You mumbled to the dog
  11. The golden retriever smiled and you smiled back. You realize that a bus wasn't coming and it was no use sitting there waiting for something to happen. When you stood up and said farewell to the dog, it followed behind. "Sorry boy, you need to stay." You said meeting the dog at eye level, it whimpered and you sighed "Alright, but only until we reach London." You sighed, for there was no use in telling it otherwise. As you stood up, the golden retriever followed stood by your side "Do you know the song "Who let the dogs out?"" You laughed; the dog replied with two barks "Of course, you do!" As a beam of happiness vanished the darkness, you began to smile and laugh with the dog.
  12. You've only been walking for five minutes and you realized that you were too optimistic with walking to London. You sighed and the dog panted, you looked around and there was still no sign of a bus. You gave the dog a bearing smile and he looked at you clueless, suddenly, the dog was alarmed and moved back from behind you. You heard something coming from behind you, a broomstick? But there was more than one, you slowly reached into your sweater pocket, clenching your wand, you waited till the sound was closer, when the sound was ear blasting, you swiftly turned around and had whatever was behind you at sand point. "Put that wand away, I already have one eye! You don't need to go around poking the other one out!" A familiar voice grumbled
  13. You slowly eased off to meet face to face with Professor Moody, the REAL Professor Moody. "Professor!" You smiled brightly; there were a few other people that you remembered "Mr. Weasley!" "Hello ______, you're looking lovely as ever!" Mr. Weasley smiled who was on the left of Professor Moody. On the other side, was a Professor you never thought you'd see "Professor Lupin!" "______." He gently smiled, beside him was a hot pink hair girl "Hi, they call me Tonks." "Nymphadora Tonks." Professor Moody interrupted but the girl known as Tonks, yelled as he said that name; her hair turned into a blazing fire red. "Tonks, it is!" You laughed as you were overwhelmed, on the last broomstick beside Mr. Weasley was an old friend, a very dear old friend. "______, didn't your Mum ever tell you not to be roaming the streets at this hour?" A clean cut Harry smiled, your face lifted with euphoria "When was the last time I followed what I was told to do? Nor did you ever do the same!" You smiled “Fair enough." He jumped off his broomstick and ran to give you a hug. You held him tight and it felt you haven't see Harry in more than two months. "Save your hugs and kisses later, we have to hurry. _____, ride with Harry!" Professor Moody ordered, your trunk was levitated but before you got on, you said good-bye to the dog. Strange enough, it was hard to depart. You made your way back to Harry and sat on the broom with your arms wrapped around his waist. "Ready for another year?" Harry looked over his shoulder, he smelled like a fresh pine forest "Only if it means more adventure!" You smiled, when Harry kicked the ground and rose into the air, it was amazingly fast and your grip tightened "Good answer!" He roared in laughter. Yep, another year with Harry and the gang. I wonder what waits us this year?
  14. If you haven't notice by the title, it means I'm going to make 25.2,3 & 4! Yep! I should take my time with this year since this will be a very dramatic year. I honestly can't wait to write seeing everyone at Hogwarts! Yes, that scene with your Mum was what I had planned when I wrote part 18. Yeah, it's quite upsetting but I'll make up for that. Well, at least I started this year off with a happy note! No drama for the time being! Be sure to hand in your entries for the contest! Information is in my blog! Anyways, off to write 25.2!

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