A Hogwarts Story of Love

Hello people.Ok so this is my first quiz like this so i hope you like it and sorry for any spelling problems or other errors.I worked very hard on this quiz so please give me feedback and tell me if i should continue in the comments,thank you

Anyways i wrote this quiz because iv'e read a few like this so i made one of my own using a Hogwarts theam to it.any ways this first one is the beginig if your third year at Hogwarts and i didnt put much love or romance or anything in it cuz i wanted to see if im an ok writer.Anyways hope you enjoy.OH and before i forget this quiz was created and will mostly be understood by the girl mind,therefore making it a girls only quiz

Created by: Cherryflower
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  1. The first 2 years flew by so fast its almost like it was yesterday.You are now a third year at Hogwarts. You just arrived on the train when sudenly you hear "Hey ________,come sit with us." You turn around and break into a smile sitting there were all your friends from the year before Harry,Ron,Hermione,Fred,George,and Neville.You walk into the compartment and place yourself next to Hermione.You give a warm smile and say ....
  2. "I had a fine summer but i was driven crazy by my gran." said Neville."Ohhh,that sucks!"you reply.Hermione tries to say something but just then the compartment door was pulled open and a pale,grey-eyed,blond boy walks in with a sneer on his face.You...
  3. After Malfoy leaves everyone starts to talk about Quidditch as you listen intently.Harry,Fred,and George were talking about game stradagies when the train begins to stop and everything became suddenly cold."Whats going on?Why are we stopping?"You ask echoing Hermione's thoughts."I'm not sure" Ron said "maybe we've broken down." "Well what evers going on i hope nothing is wrong" you heard Neville say.Finding humor in obviosly something else George chimedbup and asked with a giggle "Has anyone else noticed the guy sleeping there or am I just going bonkers?" Your thouhts
  4. You all look back and see him as Hermione rolled her eyes "His name is Prof. Lupin hes our new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher." "SHE KNOWS EVERYTHING!HOW IS IT THAT SHE KNOWS EVERYTHING?"yelled Ron.Hermione gave him an annoyed look and said "Honestly Ronald,dont you ever pay attention to anything Dumbledore says?" "uhh...." "I thought not."she replied give him some sass.You let out a small giggle "Honesty guys you argue like a married couple." you said teasingly."So whats your favorite subject?" Harry asked out of the blue. You reply..
  5. "Oh thats cool" Harry replied obviousy wanting a reason to talk.You looked over at him and he was twiddling his thumbs.You take you hand and turn his head twords yours and say "Harry is something wrong?" you stare at his eyes as he hesitantly said "Um,nope,no probem,everything is just fine." he said suddenly smiling.You give him a smile and say"You know Harry, You really are a horrible liar" your thoughts (at this moment)
  6. He gave a bashful smile but then became dead serious."It's just that"he started off "this whole thing with Sirius Black has gotten me a bit shaken up. I mean because iv'e heard people say that hes coming after me." You look at him in shock but then change to sympathy.You look him dead in the eyes and say "Don't worry Harry we're all here for you.Right guys"you say "Absolutely,if you need someone we're all here."said Hermione with deep sympahy."Dont worry,Harry,as long as were here,"said Fred," We wont let anything happen to you."finished George.You all get in a big group hug,and then you arrive at Hogwarts.
  7. You all file out of the train and get into the carrigas that take you to the castle.The one with Harry,Ron,and the others was full so you told them youd ride in another and see them in the Great Hall."All right,see you then" said Hermione as they left for the castle.You ride with a few ravenclaws and leave last.As you are coming out you slip and start to stumble when a hand reaches out and takes yours to balence you.You begin to say thanks until you look up and see that its Draco.You...
  8. You meet up with the others in the Great Hall and sit between Fred and George.You sit and watch the sorting clapping and welcoming any new ones to your house. [Gryfindor obviously] After the feast was over you all headed to your commonrooms chatting about what they did over the summer.You didnt seem to interseted in doing any thing so you just sat on the couch and read a book.
  9. Just then Fred and George walk over and sit on both sides of you."oh great"you thought"here comes trouble"but shockingly nothing happened.You just read for about 20 more seconds,then your curiosity got the best of you and you looked over at Fred who just sat there reading over your shoulder,then George who was just staring at you.(creepy right) You move your uperbody twords George and say "What?" He blinks as if leaving from a dream "Ohh uhhh...... nothing." he says bashfuly and just sits there playing with his thumbs.You start to get tired,so you bid him good night and head to your dormitory.You are feeling...
  10. Ok so ima stop there.So what did you think ?It is my first quiz that may or may not have a sequal.Please tell me in the comments what you think and if i should continue.Also sorry for any spelling errors its my first one and i tried.I would like it also that if i do so choose to continue that you would give me feedback thank you. Stay enchanted x

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